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50 Words or Less

The standard version in Callaway’s 2020 driver trio, the MAVRIK delivers strong, consistent performance.  Great looking from every angle.


As I walked onto the driving range, the MAVRIK driver headcover served as a beacon and proved that, at a minimum, the Callaway marketing hype was effective.  I ended up being the fourth person to hit the driver and the wait was a good chance to watch ball flights and listen to the reactions from my golf friends.  With “whoa” and “hot” being common proclamations, expectations were fairly high when I was finally able to make my own swings – and I wasn’t disappointed.


Although I’m not a big fan of the shiny orange segment on the headcover, I do like the deep metallic orange color on the head of the MAVRIK.  The matching pinstripe color on the trailing edge of the crown and outline of “Riptide” on the shaft make the club look cohesive.  Callaway also offers over 1,400 color combinations for a true custom club.

Face on, the standard MAVRIK has a tall, rounded presence that to me is quintessential Callaway.  Looking from behind, the head is symmetrical with an aerodynamic shape.  The high gloss coating on the composite crown looks stunning, but the reflectiveness can be a bit distracting depending on the sun location.  Wonderful shaping overall.

Sound & Feel

In similar fashion to what Matt S. noted with the Sub Zero model [LINK] and Dylan on the MAX [LINK], the standard MAVRIK has a very pleasing sound.  Mid volume, the resultant “thwack” resonated between a metallic and woodsy tone with a pleasant baritone pitch.

When I asked for clarity on “hot” as noted in the intro, the golfers all reported the face feeling springy and that the ball felt like it was being shot off the face.  For me, that feeling was exemplified hitting urethane cover balls.  Although there wasn’t much feedback on strike location, the feel is very satisfying.


Looking over the launch monitor data collected at Club Champion, two performance results of the MAVRIK stood out – great ball speed and consistency.  Both of these can be attributed to some degree to the technologies of Flash Face SS20 and Jailbreak.  Neither design feature is completely new, but the longevity of the concepts is a testament to their impact on performance.

By connecting the crown and sole of the club behind the face, Jailbreak concentrates the impact forces on the face.  And that face is now made from FS2S titanium, which is “6 grams lighter than traditional titanium,” allowing designers to redistribute weight for higher MOI.  To optimize the face design with the new face material, Callaway again utilized artificial intelligence to maximize ball speed and forgiveness.  With performance expanded across a larger surface area, the resultant Flash Face SS20 gave me the noteworthy consistency – an attribute that can benefit most every golfer.

Fitters’ Take

Fitters’ Take is a new feature that we will be adding to select reviews.  A panel of Master Fitters from Club Champion will share their thoughts based on their own experiences and what they’re seeing during fittings.

With regard to the Callaway MAVRIK driver, one of our fitters noted that it is low spin and that many golfers may not need the SZ model just to shave off some RPM.  “Great forgiveness” was a common refrain among numerous fitters.

Multiple fitters – and their clients – have commented on the improved sound compared to the Epic Flash.  The fitters were also impressed with the shape, one stating it’s the “best looking Callaway head” in some years.

Finally, one fitter gave very strong, in-depth praise of Callaway’s Flash Face SS20 Technology.  He stated that each model and each loft has a unique face designed to help different types of misses.  Because of this, he stated, “We can literally fit any golfer who walks through the door into a MAVRIK driver.”


With a new color scheme, improved sound and consistent performance, the Callaway MAVRIK is sure to find its way into many golf bags in 2020.  While this standard version will suit the needs of the average golfer, it’s important to remember that ‘average’ has a ton of nuances that aren’t easily quantified.  Don’t be afraid of trying the low spinning Sub Zero or the ultra-forgiving MAX versions to see what suits your swing best.

With this review completing the trilogy of MAVRIK drivers, you were probably expecting a cheesy Top Gun reference.  But this driver deserves nothing but respect.  That said, the best – and real – call sign I’ve ever heard is FUNGUS.  Keep it family friendly if you know or want to guess what it stands for in the comments.

Callaway MAVRIK Driver Price & Specs

Matt Meeker
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  1. Fernie Gomez

    Iam a Callaway fan 💯, my bag is 100 o/o Callaway, retired on a fixed income, your prices on your new equipment is to expensive and would never be able to buy?????. Your taking the excitement of buying new clubs ☹️

  2. Dale Sichau

    It’s nice to have new equipment but who can afford it same with irons good job manufacturer’s

  3. Great driver. I have the max 10.5. Got it set at -1 with a draw bias. Haven’t lost a ball in 5 weeks. Hitting it long and where I want to place it. Very forgiving. Haven’t hit it off the deck yet.


    Hi I’m just a bit confused with all of the new equipment that Callaway and TM launch every year claiming that each new model outperforms the previous one .
    I have tried the Callaway Mavrik and Max version and tbh they did not perform any better than the epic flash or rogue drivers . Distance was the same .
    I used to be a marketeers dream customer buying all the latest models thinking they would make me hit it further and become a better player . I’ve come to my senses and realise it’s now only worth upgrading your equipment every 3-4 years rather than falling into the trap of spending more cash every year for absolutely no game improvement benefit .

  5. You mention each model and loft has a face designed to address a specific miss, where would someone find this info on which does what?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t believe Callaway has made that information publicly available. I would suggest getting a fitting, testing the different models, and finding the one that works for you.


  6. How does this driver compare to the Rogue? Is it an update of the Rogue?

    • Matt Meeker

      Sorry Lee, but I never spent any significant time with the Rogue driver. The MAVRIK is definitely more than just an update in respect to both design technology and construction.

      – Meeks

  7. Hiram Montero

    It look good .I like it

  8. Raymond Ptak

    Don’t like the thud sound when hitting the ball. I hit my X2 Hot 8.5 degree further than the Mavrik 9 degtee so far. Will go to the range and see if I can get it to work. Off course may be better for evaluation. Only played 2 rounds with it.

  9. Ronald Luxenburg

    Have had my Mavrik MAX drive for 2 weeks just love it . I have never been so confident with a driver as I am with this one. I started out looking for a 3W that I felt comfortable off the tee with when a driver was to much. I wanted a big headed 3W so I tried the Max 60gram shaft stock and just loved it so why not give the driver a try it is prefect match for me !!!!!

  10. Jeff Wilcox

    I just ordered a Mavrik with regular shaft and I can’t hardly control it. My ping has a stiff shaft and I control it well. SS 90-95. What would be a good shaft to replace it with?

    • Matt Meeker

      Hard to imagine ordering a regular shaft when you’ve been gaming a stiff shaft unless you’d been having issues or a fitting revealed it being better for you. But if you had been fitted, or hit the club with the regular shaft you would have discovered the control issue prior. The only thing I can suggest is utilizing the same shaft you gamed with the Ping. Other than that, or for full optimization, you need to work with a qualified fitter.

      – Meeks

  11. Mark Delbert Tryon

    For all of you out there who want performance equipment without spending all your fixed income, I suggest looking at used equipment. Every club in my bag is used with the exception of my Callaway Big Bertha irons-they were my Christmas gift to me in 2019. You don’t have to buy new technology right when in comes out. Wait a few months and you will find that new driver hundreds of dollars less on sites like Global Golf(my favorite), Rock Bottom Golf, Face Book and Callaway’s pre-owned website, just to name a few. My son found a Callaway Epic Flash driver for less then $300.00 on Face Book and it looked brand new!

  12. Great little feedback with the reviews. Considering upgrading my Rogue to the Mavrik Sub Zero. Any thoughts?

  13. I agree with Mark Tryon.
    Sites like Callaway Pre-Owned have most of these clubs a year or less at dramatically reduced prices. My bag has Callaway 7 wo od Epic, Callaway Mavrik Max Driver, Callaway Max 3 Wood, and Callaway Max 5 wood. Irons Big Bertha , Putter Callaway Odessey.

    All purchased separately from various sites. Putter from a local Golf Shop. Driver and woods from Callaway ( used site) Actually they were more like a new site, clubs were pristine..

    Fitting , I made positive adjustments to the swing weight myself on a few Irons.

    The Driver needed a lot of weight in the grip end of the club, ( personal feel). I added weights, the Tour Lock Pro System, in the shaft until the ball hit straight, consistent, and true.

    Putter I added 50 G to the grip end of the shaft ,( again Tour Lock Pro), and my putting was 20 % more confident.

    I should add that I thought that my putting previously was quite good. I’m confident that more qualified fitters would be an excellent alternative , however an. investment of $100.00 for my entire bag adjustment was very cost effective.

    Maybe right maybe wrong , however , it seems to have worked for me.

  14. FUNGUS might not apply to you 2 years after your post! I recently started playing golf consistently, so much to learn and many fitters are not prepared to educate- not teach, but educate about the details needed to understand the different attributes related to a golf club. Where is the new guy manual for club selection?

    However it goes, I am the guy that went from 120s 6-months ago to a 20.2 handicap now. I play Callaway Mavrik Max irons and now the Mavrik driver – I do have the PXG 0811 XF, looking forward to setting up the launch monitor to show a full comparison with my swing and these two drivers.

    I did see a few comments about price. Callaway preowned is great, if you are a Veteran everyone gives you a discount – I bet if you just ask nicely they might give you that 10% off. I bought my clubs at an affordable rate, I went to a golf shop and hit a bunch, the pro knew I didn’t want to spend 2 grand, so I went with a model from 2020 and I play better with these clubs than a lot of folks who’ve played for years and spent a ton. That Mavrik driver brand new today is less than $200 and it is pretty awesome! Or, keep looking at the latest and greatest at triple or more the cost. Inflation right…

  15. I’m a big fan of Callaway drivers. I’ve had a few over the years and they’ve all been great. The MAVRIK is no exception. It’s a great driver for those who like to hit it far

  16. i hit mavrik 8 deree senior flexdraw face way to high why

  17. Bob Reinert

    Bought the Mavrik Sub Zero with a Rogue 70 stiff 10.5 and set it at -1 neutral. This is one of the longest straightest drivers I have ever played. Got rid of my Sim2 max for this driver. Great driver for playing in windy conditions.

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