Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid Review

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Powerful and forgiving, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 hybrid is designed to bring consistency to your golf game.  A time honored name and great looks add to the appeal.


Flipping the calendar to fall, I fully expected Callaway to take a breather after their amazing success with the MAVRIK family of clubs amid a pandemically challenged year.  But as I learned with testing the Big Bertha B21 driver [full review HERE] and irons [full review HERE], Callaway designers simply never rest.  Integrating technology across models seems to be part of their D.N.A.  The Big Bertha B21 hybrid is chock full of design features that will seem familiar if you’re a frequent reader of our Callaway reviews or just an avid Callaway fan.  If you don’t fit either of those categories, enjoy the read – this hybrid may be your ticket to better scores.


For a hybrid in the SGI category, the size of the Big Bertha B21 head is very modest.  Slightly toe-centric, the rounded shape of the crown sets up well with the ball.  And kudos to Callaway for integrating the exposed carbon fiber weave in blue, completing a unifying look across the B21 woods.  There’s no way to overlook the strong offset, but as you’ll learn in discussion of performance below, that’s just fine with Callaway.

The sole of the Big Bertha B21 hybrid also has several visual similarities to its bigger siblings, with numerous recessed areas and plenty of branding.  The face of the B21 is tall with an almost square toe.  All in all, it’s a hybrid that any player would be happy to have in their bag from a looks perspective.  

Sound & Feel

Even though my first strike wasn’t the purest, it still felt explosive.  Hitting more balls, I could sense in my hands when I made centered contact, but the feedback differential wasn’t big.  Fairly consistent across the face, the Big Bertha B21 hybrid produced a bright metallic ‘tink’ sound that was both distinctive and pleasing to my ears.


With the strong offset, I fully expected the Big Bertha B21 hybrid to be anti-slice, and I was correct.  What did surprise me, however, was how slight the draw bias was for my normal inside-to-out swing.  The B21 hybrid produced a fairly straight ball flight.  That’s not to say that the B21 will straighten out a big time slice, but it may help you convert it to a more manageable fade.

Offset doesn’t get all the credit for ball flight, low spin also plays a part – and provides for nice roll out.  My launch monitor data also revealed the power and consistency of the A.I. designed Flash Face SS21 combined with the proven Jailbreak Technology.  Strong ball speed and tons of forgiveness add to the playability of the B21 hybrid. 

The 2019 Big Bertha hybrid [full review HERE] included an adjustable hosel, but I don’t think golfers in the SGI arena will miss that feature.  Golf has enough variables and sometimes simpler is better.  The weight savings in the hosel allowed the Callaway designers to position tungsten for a more optimized COG.  What I observed was more head stability and ease in getting the ball in the air.


Callaway designed the Big Bertha B21 hybrid “to help reduce your slice or big miss.”  I applaud Callaway for actually using the word “slice” as it’s what so many golfers struggle with.  Besides being full of technology features to make the game easier and more enjoyable, the Big Bertha B21 hybrid is also really nice looking.  And with six loft options, there’s plenty of opportunity to configure your bag of clubs to fit your needs.

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Nice looking club , not much of a big fan of the offset . I guess that’s what you get with Max feel good club.
    I wish a golf company make a high Moi club with hardly any offset.
    Unless there is a club like that .
    Nice review to.

  2. Of all the hybrids you have tested, which ones, maybe three, would recommend for mid-handicappers? Thank you, Mike

    • Matt Meeker

      The good news Mike, is that most all the OEMs are producing great hybrids for the mid-handicap golfer. I looked back, and it turns out I didn’t test very many hybrids in 2020 – but the Titleist TS2 earned a place in my bag. Callaway, Cobra, and Ping all have new hybrids coming out and have been historically very good.

      – Meeks


    I’m a 20 handicap and considering purchasing 3-7 hybrids. My decision is down to either the Calloway Mavrik Max or the Calloway B21. Any thoughts/recommendation would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      I would strongly recommend that you get fit before spending the money to buy all those hybrids. Both that you mention are great, but there are other options you might find that are an even better fit.



    • Matt Meeker

      I agree with Saternus. Both are great hybrids and fairly similar in general – but may perform differently for you. Hit them both and let the results guide you. And don’t be hesitant to factor in personal preference on looks and feel.

      – Meeks

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