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The Argolf Avalon is a mid-sized mallet putter with a clean look that is sure to appeal to anyone seeking consistency and quality craftsmanship.



Hopefully you are a frequent reader of PIG and excited for your third lesson in the Arthurian legend.  If this is your first time reading about an Argolf putter – bonjour (they’re made in France).  All should feel free to look back at the Lancelot and Pendragon reviews as a refresher.  Today we learn about Avalon, the island of apples, with two significant events to note.  Avalon is believed to be where Excalibur itself was forged as well as the final resting place of King Arthur himself.  Now let’s get into Avalon, the mid-mallet putter.



With a simple half moon shape and clean lines, the Argolf Avalon beautifully captures the look of a traditional mallet putter at address.  All 304L stainless steel, the putter doesn’t have any distracting alternate materials or graphics like many of the big brand offerings.  The two sight lines are well spaced, complementing the overall design.

I like the subtle planes that were created on the sole.  The matte finish and c-cut face milling is very visually appealing.


Sound & Feel

This may sound absurd, but the face feels firm but somewhat soft at the same time.  It’s a delicate balance that the Argolf designers were able to achieve with the Avalon.  I attribute this to the combination of face milling and material selection.  Impact sound is a mid-volume, staccato tock.  Using a pendulum stroke, this face balanced putter flows effortlessly, regardless of the length of the stroke.



Consistent was the one word that came to mind at the end of several testing sessions with the Argolf Avalon.  When consecutively hitting two balls at the same target they always came to rest beside each other.  With the inconsistencies of my stroke, that’s an impressive and desirable outcome.  Even when purposefully hitting off the toe or heel, the results were nearly the same.  I was equally impressed at how quickly the ball got rolling off the face.



With the Lancelot being the lightest and the Pendragon being the heaviest, the Avalon head at 350 grams is the perfect middle ground in my book.  There’s something about the relative dimensions of the Avalon design that really fits with my analytical mind.  The $399 price tag is right in line with other premium putters.  The Avalon is another great example of Argolf’s commitment to precision manufacturing and high level performance.

Matt Meeker


  1. This is a really nice putter. I seem to fit well with half-moon shapes, and this mid-sized mallet is perfect. Not too cumbersome and blade-like in that regard but offers the stability of a mallet.

    I am impressed with the Argolf lineup. I like the Pendragon as well, but the Avalon was the one I kept coming back to. Drained putt after putt. I have a slight arc stroke but this face-balanced putter worked great. Easy to line up and start the putt rolling online. The review is spot-on. The sole design never catches on the backstroke.

  2. Peter Gordon

    ARgolf has terrible customer service. I have asked repeatedly for a copy of their return policy and the company will not send me one. Think twice before you deal with this company. Make sure you’re getting the product you want. They do not stand behind any of their products. They have not returned my phone Nor send me a copy of their return policy. Peter Gordon

  3. Hervé Laniez

    This putter is certainly the best one I owned after various Scotty and Odyssey for 20 years.
    It’s very stable, distance is permanent and you gain a lot of confidence putt after putt.
    It will stay in my bag for many years.

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