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50 Words or Less

Proven on tour and gaining visibility in the USA, the Argolf Lancelot is a putter crafted by master machinists with precise deep milling that provides a soft feel and a great look.

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Golfers in Europe are familiar with Argolf putters, but chances are this is a first look for those of you in the Americas.  The company was founded by two golf fanatic French aeronautical engineers who supply parts to the aviation industry, and the precision milling of the putter heads is evidence of their backgrounds.  What may not be so obvious is the Arthurian names of the putters.  That’s right, along with the Lancelot there’s also Arthur and Merlin in the blade family.  The mallet line tests your knowledge of the legend with names like Pendragon and Uther.  And your quest wouldn’t be complete without the holy grail – Graal, a titanium masterpiece ringing in at just under a thousand dollars.

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The first thing I thought upon seeing the Argolf Lancelot putter in person was, “Man that thing is sexy”.  Then remembering it’s named after a medieval dude I changed to “good looking”.   The rounded ends and deep milling give the putter visual appeal.  And the matte finish on the 304L stainless steel is a winner in my book.  What I’m not a fan of are the two sight lines.  Argolf USA tour rep Mike Biviano told me they provide you options for heel or toe setup and that the two parallel lines offer additional feedback for squaring up.  OK, I can buy into that somewhat.  When I show the putter to golfers they either comment on the two lines immediately or they don’t even notice.

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Sound & Feel

The Lancelot is the lightest blade in the Argolf family at 330 grams, and noticeably lighter than most similar styles I’ve handled lately.  But the putter is very well balanced and easy to stroke.  The deep milled lines on the face make the putter feel very soft – similar to a polymer insert.  The milled face area provides an ample sweet spot, and missing it on either the heel or toe provides strong feedback.  The sound is a firm but slightly muted click and consistent across the face.

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I found the overall weight of the Argolf Lancelot really allowed me to control the putting stroke, and the heel/toe weighting was great for my slightly arced club path.  Mike Biviano told me that many professional golfers are returning to putters in the 300-330 gram range for better control on increasingly fast greens.  One interesting discovery was that the putter really exposed decelerated efforts.  I attribute that to impact of weight on momentum.  I won’t bore you with the physics, but it did serve as a good reminder about stroke flow.

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We’re inundated with stats about pro golfers, but who received the biggest paycheck is the only one that really matters.  Jesper Parnevik shaved 4 shots off his 2015 putts per round average after making the switch to the Argolf Lancelot, but validation came with winning the 2016 Prosperity Invitational.  Sometimes finding the right putter can make a world of difference, and the Lancelot offers a beautifully crafted putter for a smooth stroke and a soft feel.

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