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50 Words or Less

A mallet putter with a solid look, the Argolf Pendragon is great for alignment and deadly from five feet.

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With all Argolf putters, the names are inspired by Arthurian legends.  Although my Welsh and Latin is a bit rusty, I was able to determine Pendragon means head of the dragon and King Uther Pendragon was besties with Merlin and the father of Arthur himself.  Who Arthur’s mother was and Merlin’s involvement is more than this author can comprehend, so let’s just focus on the Argolf Pendragon.  For background on Argolf the company, check out my Lancelot putter review here.

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If your eyes are telling you the Argolf Pendragon is a solid, heavy putter, they are correct.  Although expertly milled from aluminum, the putter head comes in at 405 grams, the heaviest in the Argolf family.  From a top view, the strong and wide parallel lines really help with squaring up your body to both the putter and the target line.  This look can certainly instill confidence.

The top lines, as well as diamond Argolf logos, can be paint filled in five colors for even more visual impact.  I’ve grown fond of the all black look. The sole of the putter has some simple ridges down the center.  The face has some beautiful deep milled horizontal grooves.

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Sound & Feel

Although heavy in your hands, the Argolf Pendragon has a soft feel at impact.  I think it must be the spacing and depth of the face grooves that produce that soft feel.  The weighting is very balanced, and you really feel the club path.  If you strike the ball on the heel or the toe you will know it for certain.  The sound is a simple ‘tock’ which I found to be on the quiet side.

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Unless you purposely manipulate the path, the Pendragon head will be delivered where you aimed.  The Argolf Pendragon exhibits the perfect attributes of a pendulum.  I handed the putter to a friend on the practice green and he went 3 for 3 from five feet without taking two breaths.  With the long sight lines, the putter is that easy to aim and the weight delivers a full stroke.

However, that weight required me to adjust on longer putts.  My normal stroke has a slight arc and, with the longer swing required for distances, I was fighting the path.

On mishits, the putter is very forgiving with minimal distance loss.  Hits off the heel seemed to put a little side spin on the ball so that it ended up back on the target line.  The Pendragon face incorporates Argolf’s patented C- Claws Technology that “reduces backspin and improves touch on impact” – I concur.

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With so many futuristic designs in the putter space these days it’s nice to have one that harkens back to the beefy lines of ‘70s muscle cars.  If you have a straight back, straight through putting path, the Argolf Pendragon is well worth a look.  Stealing a quote from my Lancelot review, the Pendragon is also “beautifully crafted” – well done, Argolf.

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