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The Argolf Uther is a large mallet putter that provides forgiveness and a soft feel.  The unique design is available in multiple colors with a variety of customization options.


It’s been a while since we reviewed an Argolf putter and thus bestowed upon our faithful readers another lesson in the Arthurian legend.  If the name Uther sounds familiar, you may have read our Pendragon review and recall that King Uther Pendragon was Arthur’s father.  The identity of Arthur’s mother is cloaked in conception deception conjured from the magic of none other than Merlin himself.  King Uther is believed to be buried at Stonehenge, a place putting is prohibited, so let’s segue to current times and the putter Uther.

The Argolf Uther comes in two versions – standard (black) at $299 and colored edition at $339.  The colored edition offers golfers the choice of seven head colors, including the dark blue version I selected for this review.  I opted for the white paint fill after reviewing the color options on the website.  All the other options are identical between the two versions, with an extensive list of specs and grips.  With either version, Argolf lets the golfer truly customize the putter.


The large mallet head has a unique shape with a gentle taper from front to back.  The milled out body evokes images of a four leaf clover or the suit of clubs.  The long white lines on the top form wonderful alignment aids.

Face on, the Uther has the silhouette of a heavy English mustache.  The deep milling on the face looks fantastic in the same blue as the body.  The matte finish on every facet of the putter gives it a clean, contemporary look.

Sound & Feel

The Uther head feels large, but not heavy.  I realize “large” really isn’t a feel characteristic, but I use that term because the 380 grams of the head are well distributed.  The Argolf website states that the Uther is face balanced, but there’s a subtle toe hang – about 3:30 for those of you who speak clock.

The high grade, 7175 aircraft aluminum body produces a high pitched metallic ‘tink’.  Like no other putter I’ve encountered, sound is also produced striking balls with the back side.  Putts struck on the deep milled face have a very soft feel.


Argolf’s patented C- Claws Technology that “reduces backspin and improves touch on impact” imparts a wonderful roll on the golf ball.  The soft feel seemed to encourage acceleration through the hitting area.

The Uther is extremely forgiving, which isn’t a surprise based on its size.  Contact towards the toe and heel still produced near center strike roll-out.  As mentioned above, alignment is greatly enhanced by the parallel lines on top – both in terms of target aim and for body positioning. 


Argolf has been steadily growing their presence in the U.S. with a stable of beautifully executed putters.  The precision milling and balanced design of the Uther truly reflects the aviation backgrounds of the designers.

As a consumer, being able to customize a product online with nominal upcharges is a great way to create something unique and personal.  An interesting design may garner attention in your foursomes, but it’s sinking more putts with the Uther that will keep it.

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