Antigua 72 Spring 2017 Apparel Review


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Antigua’s Spring 2017 collection continues to their reputation of providing a quality golf shirt, at an affordable price point.


Let’s face it, golf definitely isn’t getting any cheaper, and purchasing a new golf wardrobe is no exception.  Thankfully, Antigua’s new 72 Spring 2017 line offers a high quality performance golf shirt without the sky-high price tag.



While almost every golf shirt you come across advertises a new “performance” fabric, then certainly don’t all perform the same.  The “Endure” and the “Sustain” shirts from the 72 Spring line provided the performance I would expect from a high end golf polo.  The fabric isn’t the softest, but it is both breathable and moisture-wicking.  Both styles are constructed with Antigua’s DesertDry material (a micro polyester/spandex blend), designed to keep you both cool and dry on a hot Spring afternoon.

The “Sustain” polo has a perforated material in the chest area, making it extra breathable, while the “Endure” had a classic pique polo construction.  The shirts had different performance styles, but both kept me comfortable on a hot fall afternoon in Chicago.


Style & Fit

I’d summarize the the style and fit of the 72 Spring 2017 line in one word: classic.  The shirts have both a very traditional fit and style to them.  No extra-tailored cuts or restricting sleeves here.  This polo is designed with everyone in mind, and would be great for any build.  The traditional fit added to the comfort and breathability of the shirt.

In terms of style, the Antigua lines offers mostly basic colors and patterns with both solid and striped options but does have a variety of color options for those looking to step outside of the box.  These shirts are designed for those looking for a more conservative, classic look, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.



The Antigua 72 Spring 2017 line offers a classic design with modern performance, all at reasonable prices.  At approximately $55 per shirt,  Antigua is perfect for anyone seeking a great looking, great performing shirt, without spending the ridiculous prices we are starting to see from other apparel companies.

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