Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI Shaft Review

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The Aldila Rogue 130 MSI is the latest generation of the Rogue.  New materials make this stable profile even stronger.


When I wrote my review of the original Rogue 125 MSI, it’s stats for play and wins on the PGA Tour were already impressive.  Since then, the shaft has continued to pile up trophies and may be the winningest design ever.

Now Aldila has released the Rogue 130 MSI with new materials and a more consumer-friendly price.  Can it possibly reach the heights of its older brother?


The shiny silver finish on the Rogue 130 MSI makes it look like something out of The Matrix.  While the futuristic graphics are fairly busy, the dark colors keep them from being distracting at address.  Overall, this is my favorite look: subtle, almost plain, at a glance but loaded with interesting details.


The hallmark of the original Rogue was that it felt extremely smooth without feeling unstable.  That same sensation is back in the Rogue 130 MSI.  I didn’t feel a single kick point or bend point, but there’s a strong sensation of energy flowing from the grip to the tip.  Somehow, the Rogue also manages to feel very stout in the tip.  There’s no feeling of twisting or “loose-ness” near impact.


Regular readers may anticipate, based on my description of the feel, that this shaft would perform well for me because it’s exactly the feel I like.  I do best with a stable shaft that I feel I can swing hard, but the telephone pole feel leads me to overswing.  The Rogue 130 MSI hits that sweet spot, which led to consistently good swings.

Another important note about the Rogue 130 MSI is that it’s counter balanced.  This means that there’s more weight in the butt end than normal.  The counter balancing is not extreme, but it’s noticeable.  The reason for counter weighting a shaft is to offset the heavier driver heads that are produced today.  It’s also a way to help some players release the club more easily.

Overall, I found the Rogue to be an impressive, consistent performer.  Unfortunately, the testing coincided with my recent club head speed gains, so the fit and the numbers are not as good as they could be.  That said, the ball flight was predictable and very playable.


The Aldila Rogue 130 MSI is as good as any shaft at balancing the competing interests of stability and feel.  It uses an even stronger carbon fiber than its predecessor but carries a price tag that’s roughly half of the original.  If you think that this may be a good fit for your swing, check it out at your local Aldila fitter.

Matt Saternus


  1. Casey Crooks

    How does this shaft compare to the Tensei PO?


  2. Ramiro Contreras

    How does it compare to the 125 msi that you previously tested? Some are saying that this new Rogue is lower spin.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s very similar. My memory of the 125 is that it felt a little more active, but I tested it quite a while ago. Like any shaft, the new version may be lower spin for some, maybe most, but won’t be for all.



  3. what head was this in? ball speed seems a little low for your SS.

    I was averaging 108mph and similar ball speed in the new epic flash sub zero.

    • Matt Saternus


      PING G400 Max.

      Club speed and smash factor can vary depending on the launch monitor you use.



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  5. mike buzzell

    If i swing at a 108 swing speed do you think this would be a good shaft for me? Im in between rogue, hzardus smoke black and the mitsubishi tensei av blue

    • Matt Saternus


      Swing speed is only one factor in fitting. I would suggest working with a fitter to find the best shaft for you.



  6. Hi Matt,
    How would you compare this to the Ventus Blue? Different profiles I know but I’d still like to get your thoughts.


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