2024 Spring johnnie-O Apparel Review

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The johnnie-O Spring 2024 apparel collection offers an impressive variety of styles and fabrics.  West Coast vibe, geared towards the fitness minded.


While at the PGA Show in January, Matt and I had the pleasure of receiving an in-depth preview of many of the new products on the johnnie-O horizon.  We were amazed at the diversity and impressed with the details.   The variety of fabrics also captured our attention.  As it’s been a few years since we brought you a johnnie-O review, we thought it was a good time to revisit the brand.


Whether you’re looking at their golf specific apparel, casual wear, or even something a bit more elevated, these pieces exude the laid back, west coast vibe johnnie-O is known for.  What I appreciate about the latest collection is the brighter colors, fun prints, and modern styles.  That’s not to say that you can’t find the 100% cottons or solids and simple stripes you may prefer, but that the choices are even more abundant.

A feature I’ve always liked about johnnie-O performance wear is that it looks stylish off the course.  The tropical drink print Briley is a great example.  Constructed entirely of synthetic fibers, it doesn’t appear shiny like so many performance polos.  And I’m a huge fan of the self-collar that adds to the top-shelf look.  The floral print Pederson polo adds a contrasting yoke and hidden buttons under the collar – exemplary details.

With hoodies being all the rage right now, I wasn’t surprised to see johnnie-O offer several.  And what could be more apropos than the ¼ zip hoodie named Nicklaus I tested.  Also trendy, the 5-pocket Osprey pants are on point.  Johnnie-O also offers plenty of stylish accessories like the multi-colored cotton stretch belt.


Going along with the west coast theme, the fit is best described as for the fit.  I’m not talking Muscle Beach ripped, but the clothes are cut for those that at least pretend to work out occasionally and try to eat healthily.  I’m 5’ 10” and around 165 lbs., and johnnie-O is a wonderful brand for me.  In my typical medium size, the polos have an overall pleasing look – no excess fabric in the body or arms.  The shoulder seams land right at my actual arm and shoulder intersections, while the sleeves cover my biceps.

I was happy to find that johnnie-O offers shorts and pants in my odd, 33”, size, and the fit at the waist was perfect.  Length wise, I had some issues.  The 8” length of the Jupiter shorts wasn’t truly an issue as much as a mental hurdle.  Most all my shorts across brands are 9” length, and that missing 1” made me feel darn right naked.  That said, I’m confident that there’s some comparatively shorter golfers out there that would find the length a blessing.

My issue with the Osprey pants is that they are only offered in one length – 34”.  For me that’s just too long to be wearable without alteration.  I did like the tapered legs and the polished look the pants offered.


Staying with the bottoms, both the shorts and pants had nice stretch.  They feature a performance driven 53% cotton/40% nylon/7% spandex blend that offers plenty of comfort and seasonal versatility.  As both are featured in the johnnie-O Golf Shop, I have to ding the buttons on both rear pockets.  Whether for yardage books or gloves, golfers need a button free slide in and out pocket.  And don’t be tricked by the close up photos on the johnnie-O website, the ones of the model wearing the shots are the accurate ones.

Speaking of stretch, both polos had plenty for my golf swing.  I haven’t reached truly hot weather yet, but the fabrics felt comfortable and breathable.  Johnnie-O designers know how to find the sweet spots of fabric blends.  While the Briley is a modern, all performance blend, the Pederson is cotton based at 63% cotton and 27% lyocell with a 10% spandex kicker.


I love the Emergency 9 hat shown above which captured the moment when the PIG crew had just enough time to squeeze in 9 before dinner after arriving at Fripp Island on a recent golf trip [check out the review HERE].  Johnnie-O truly has you covered from head to toe – and yes, they have shoes.  I’m thrilled with my new printed polos, which help me stand out in a sea of solids, and the hoodie has been great for cool mornings.  If you haven’t explored johnnie-O apparel, the Spring 2024 collection is a great place to start.  And if you have some older johnnie-O in the closet like me, it might be time for some fresh additions.

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Matt Meeker

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  1. Re: the fit, I will note that the XXLs fit like true XXLs, not like these slim fit versions. I have a polo and two qzips and all fit great. Big fan of all their new offerings.

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