Fripp Island Resort – Your Next Golf Destination

A Hidden Gem – For Now

When your neighbors are two of the best-known golfing destination in the country – Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach – it can be hard to get the recognition you deserve.  Tucked between these two giants is Fripp Island Resort – a gem that I don’t think will be hidden for much longer.

The Location

Fripp Island Resort is a private island just north of Hilton Head, South Carolina.  It’s a one hour drive from either Savannah or Charleston, making it easy to get to from almost any major airport.

Most importantly for our purpose as golfers, the climate at Fripp Island is conducive to year-round golf.  The locals might argue that the summer is too hot and the winter too cold, but they’re spoiled.  For a northerner, the whole year is open for golf, though I will agree that the spring and fall are the best.  Whether you’re looking to start your season a little early or keep it going through November, the weather at Fripp Island is just what you’re looking for.

Fripp Island Resort

The Golf Courses

There are two 18-hole golf courses at Fripp Island Resort – Ocean Point and Ocean Creek.

Ocean Point Golf Course was designed by George Cobb and opened in 1964.  It features gorgeous ocean views with several holes that take you within spitting distance of the water.  Ocean Point review HERE

Ocean Creek Golf Course is significantly younger, having opened in 1995.  It was designed by the team of Davis Love III and Paul Cowley.  Ocean Creek offers a different type of beauty, featuring South Carolina’s lowland marshes.  Ocean Creek review HERE

The two courses share some common features, most notably a high level of difficulty off the tee, but they have enough differences to make for a compelling day of 36 holes.  Because the courses are only open to those staying at Fripp Island, pace of play is brisk, and the course conditions are excellent.  Fripp Island Resort also makes itself a family friendly golf destination by allowing kids to play for free.

Where to Stay

Fripp Island is home to about 2,000 private homes, roughly 800 of which can be rented through Fripp Island Resort [check it out HERE].  Whether you’re heading down with your significant other or multiple foursomes, they have a place that will feel like your personal home away from home.  Booking through Fripp Island Resort ensures that when you’re there, you’ll be just like a club member with full access to all the resort’s amenities.

For our PIG retreats, being able to rent a house is the best.  Everyone has room to spread out, and we have a quiet space to be together.  When we want to go out to eat or drink, we have those options, but renting a house gives us the ability to recharge, cook our own meals, and debate course rankings without interruption.

The Extras

Fripp Island Resort might cringe at every other part of their resort being labeled “Extras,” but this is Plugged In Golf, not Plugged In Family Vacations.  That said, the “Extras” are extraordinary and allow you to make Fripp more than just a golf trip.

The highlight at Fripp is the three miles of continuous beach.  Even at the height of summer, you can find a place to spread yourself out on the sand and enjoy the ocean.  There are thirty beach access points across the island, so you don’t have to worry about golf cart traffic jams either.

If you like the water but not the sand, Fripp Island Resort has you covered with numerous pools at both the Beach Club and the Cabana Club.  The Beach Club also has an adults only pool, if you’re looking for a quieter swim.  Additionally, several homes have their own pools, so you can rent one of those if you want a truly private experience.

For those that want to experience the water with an intermediary, Fripp Island Resort has a full service marina.  You can rent all sorts of boats, paddleboards, kayaks, or charter a boat for a cruise or fishing expedition.  Whether you go out into the ocean or stay in the marshes and inland waterways, you’re sure to get amazing wildlife views.

Finally, Fripp Island is a great place for families.  Because it’s a private island with more golf cart traffic than cars, you can give your kids a longer leash than you might otherwise – something they’ll love.  If they want organized activities, Fripp has daily camps and activities for kids where they can interact with nature.

What’s Next

Fripp Island Resort is already a great place to visit, but they’re in the midst of making it even better.  In 2024, the Dye Design Group is renovating Ocean Point Golf Course with new bunkers, expansive waste areas, and the elimination of cart paths.  The goal is to give the course more modern playability and a feel that’s more closely connected to its beach environment.

The golf course renovation pales in comparison to what’s happening at the resort broadly.  Every restaurant is being revitalized and new ones are being added.  The Beach Club is being redesigned in 2026.  A new tennis clubhouse is being built and more pickleball courts are on the way.  A PopStroke-style mini golf course course is being built as I write this, and the Cabana Club is being modernized.  If you haven’t been to Fripp Island Resort in a few years, you might not recognize the place when you return.

Don’t Wait

The problem with uncovering hidden gems like Fripp Island Resort is that they don’t stay hidden.  If 36 holes of golf paired with miles of beaches and countless amenities sounds like a win for your next trip – golf or family – book it now.  Fripp Island is a wonderful destination that’s only getting better.

Visit Fripp Island Resort HERE

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  1. Years ago (late 80s), my college golf team had our “spring training” at Fripp. We would drive down from NYC. We played the Ocean Point course– the hope was that it would be warm enough for the alligators to roam. Wonderful place. Curious to see how it manages with the advances in equipment. Beaufort, SC has some nice courses- IIRC, Dataw Island was the best at the time

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