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johnnie-O Women’s Golf Apparel Review

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With silky soft fabric and a fit that evokes confidence, the johnnie-O women’s golf collection puts the “Oh!” in clothes.


One of the few surviving and thriving shopping malls is an 11-minute drive from my house.  Nonetheless, I do at least 90% of my apparel shopping online.  Why deal with parking and crowds when I can sit and click my way to a new outfit?  That said, shopping online brings uncertainty.  How will these pants actually fit?  How will the fabric feel?

I’m here to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that johnnie-O clothes fit flexibly and the fabric kisses the skin.  Each piece is super soft and breathable without sacrificing form, thanks to the modal spandex fabric.  Pieces not only fit true-to-size but have forgiveness, so you can shop and wear with confidence.


Athletic apparel has become a staple for any time of day.  Why?  Because it has the potential to be both comfortable and attractive.  Before the days of athleisure, we embraced discomfort to get the desired look.  Or we accepted frumpiness in favor of comfort.

johnnie-o women's golf apparel

Gone are the days of sacrifice.  johnnie-O pieces fit like a dream.  The shirts are flowy but not baggy.  The tennis dress is flexible yet structured and form-fitting.  I love the cutout feature in the back.  It’s another way to keep cool, and I still felt like I was dressing my elder millennial age.  The colors in johnnie-O’s new collection are vibrant and reminiscent of the classic Team USA uniforms.  Crisp, clean lines with bold yet simple contrast.  johnnie-O’s aesthetic is stylish, classy, and ready for competition.  But don’t take my word for it – go browse the many options and find your perfect fit.


At its best, trying on clothes is a luxury.  The feel of the fabric is the first thing you notice.  When trying on johnnie-O apparel, the first sensation is cool, soft fabric.  It’s like climbing into silky bed sheets on a hot summer day.  A luxury indeed.

Beyond the initial feeling, comfort is about wearability. What does it feel like after a few minutes or a few hours in the sun?  To test this, I took a trip to the park to play a round of tennis against my much more fit husband.  After shaking the dust off my racket, learning to ignore the myriad pickleball lines, and remembering to always hit to his backhand, I was able to muster a comeback.  We ended at 2-2 to keep things comfortably friendly.  Despite working up a sweat in the Illinois heat (yes, it’s a thing sometimes), my johnnie-O dress looked just as good by the end of the match.  I was dripping sweat but not sweating through the white dress.


While johnnie-O performs beautifully in the comfort and looks categories, we couldn’t talk about golf clothes without talking about performance.  johnnie-O uses fabric that is highly flexible and moves with you.  It’s perfect for a hot summer day, and that means that while everything feels durable.  The breathability means a bit of visibility with white pieces as well. Garment appropriately.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you may remember that I am a stickler when it comes to pockets in women’s clothing.  You won’t find them in johnnie-O’s Performance Sport Mini Dress, but the Performance Skirt has three good-sized pockets, two of which are cleverly hidden in the undershorts.


johnnie-O is a brand for many sports and activities.  Their new Performance Collection keeps you looking, feeling, and performing your best.  If you see me on the course this summer, I’ll most likely be wearing the Maisie Polo and Gabby Performance Skirt, with my phone, golf balls, and keys all tucked away in the pockets, of course.  

Visit johnnie-O HERE

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