2022 Kinona Women’s Golf Apparel Review

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Kinona elevates your wardrobe and your mood with comfortable, flexible pieces that take you here, there, and everywhere.


Combining form and function is the ultimate goal for any business.  Kinona adds flexibility to the mix so you can move any way and get the most out of your clothes anywhere.


Kinona has a knack for clean lines that straddle the line between simplicity and interest.  Each top piece can hold up on its own but also has layering potential.  The lightweight fabric doesn’t feel bunchy or heavy, so you maintain flexibility and ease of movement while staying warm.  Personally, I go for solids and subtle prints, but Kinona also serves up options for those with bolder tastes.


The fit of Kinona clothing is perfect for the function of each piece.  Shirts are made to flatter without any tightness.  Jogger pants are made to, well, do anything.  They aren’t too baggy, but they are incredibly comfortable and soft.  The jogger pants might be my favorite Kinona item. The trouser pants are more form-fitting, but they are also very flexible and could honestly double as yoga pants.


When we’re out on the course, there is a fairly limited number of ways our bodies need to move. Kinona has you covered there, of course, but the clothes can take you well beyond the golf course.  Want to do yoga in their trouser pants?  You can.  Want to go hiking up a mountain and need cool sun protection, layers, and pockets to hold your snacks?  Kinona has that.  We all have those single-purpose items, but Kinona’s versatility is second to none.


Each time I try Kinona, I find something new to love.  This season, I’m struck by how many ways I can think to wear each item.  These are golf clothes that layer well and aren’t limited to the course.

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