2023 TaylorMade P770 Irons Review

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The 2023 TaylorMade P770 irons blend a traditional silhouette with modern technology.  Outstanding forgiveness and lots of distance.


The TaylorMade P770 irons are meant to bridge the gap between the hugely popular P790 and the player-oriented P7MC and P7MB.  If you want a more traditional look at address but don’t want to sacrifice the distance and forgiveness that modern technology offers, these are made for you.

taylormade p770 irons address


Visually, the 2023 TaylorMade P770 irons are an excellent blend of old and new.  TaylorMade packs in a lot of modern design and technology, but it fits within a very traditional silhouette.

In the bag, they have a look that is very similar to the current P790s [review HERE].  They both have a triangle of shiny chrome in the toe, futuristic branding used very sparingly, a Speed Pocket in the sole of the 4I-7I, and a weight in the toe.

Where the two models differ substantially is at address.  The P770 irons are shorter from heel-to-toe and have a thinner topline and less offset than the P790.  Zooming out, the P770 sits toward the larger end of the players iron spectrum.  When it’s next to the P7MB, it’s obviously larger, but it’s a step larger not leaps and bounds different.

Sound & Feel

The look of the P770 irons mixes old and new, but when it comes to feel, you can’t have both.  This iron clearly chose to go old school.  Impact is fairly quiet and low pitched, getting slightly louder and moving toward a mid-pitch on longer shots.  The feel is medium-soft with a strong, connected sensation.  It doesn’t feel like the ball is trampolining off the face; it feels like a solid smash.

taylormade p770 irons soles

With a “blended” set like this, I’m always careful to check the feel difference between the two irons on either side of the divide.  In the P770, the irons 7 and longer have the Speed Pocket, the scoring irons do not.  I was pleased to find that I could not feel the difference between the 7I and 8I.  These irons felt the same on both pure strikes and mishits.

The feedback on strike quality comes primarily through the hands.  A bad thin strike will sound different than a flush shot, but the impact sound is so quiet that it’s not the primary mode of feedback.  Your hands will tell you everything you need to know about where the ball met the face.


When testing the new TaylorMade P770 irons, the first thing that jumped out to me was the ball speed.  Comparing the P770 to the other sets in my database, they are near or at the top when it comes to peak ball speed.  This is also seen in the smash factor, which was consistently over 1.4, even in some of the scoring irons.  What produces this high speed is the thinnest P770 face yet supported by SpeedFoam Air.

taylormade p770 irons

Regular readers know that peak ball speed is great, but the key to scoring is consistency.  The P770 has that, too.  Thanks to the combination of the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and the mass relocation afforded by the lighter SpeedFoam Air, the P770 is exceptionally long all across the face.  I hit a shot with 1.47 smash, thought it was great, then looked at my face tape and realized it was a heel shot.  Similarly, I hit a toe shot that made me groan, looked down at the launch monitor and saw that it was within 30 feet of the target.

taylormade p770 irons set

The P770 separates itself from the P790 with weaker lofts.  As in the previous version of the P770 [review HERE], the lofts are as much as 2.5 degrees weaker than the P790 with the gap shrinking to 1 degree in the scoring irons.  This gives the P770 higher launch, more spin, and more predictable distance.  Throughout all my testing, I did not hit any “jumpers” or “fliers” where the spin dropped off and the ball flew far beyond normal.

Speaking of spin and launch, the P770 has a very steady, predictable progression throughout the set.  This is thanks to TaylorMade’s FLTD CG which moves the CG lower as the lofts get stronger.  This promotes higher launch and more playability in the long irons and more spin in the scoring irons.  It also helps to create sensible, even distance gaps from the 4I through the AW.

taylormade p770 irons


The 2023 TaylorMade P770 irons prove that you don’t need a massive iron to take advantage of the best technology.  This set is long and forgiving from top to bottom despite having a traditional look at address.  It also provides predictable launch and spin throughout for shot making and control.

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TaylorMade P770 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Do you like these more than the i525s?

  2. How would you compare these to the i230 you just reviewed? Which would you pick?

  3. How would you compare these to the i230s? Thanks

  4. Thanks for the review! Curious how these would compare to your GEOM MOE Irons in terms of size and forgiveness?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re similar in size but not really comparable irons. The GEOM is a traditional cavity back, not something loaded with technology.


  5. Really appreciate your style of club reviews! Are these in the same category as the Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro?

    • Matt Saternus

      They’re both going after the same idea, but it’s worth noting that the lofts of the Hot Metal Pro are significantly stronger. I also think the HMP is a bit larger and may have more offset.



  6. Any big difference in your opinion in this version vs the prior 770? I see the progressive CG change and speed air. Highly noticeable?

    • Matt Saternus


      Almost any time you’re talking about one generation of club to the next, the difference is incremental. There will be people who see objectively big gains because the new version fits them better. Most will see a measurable improvement, but “noticeable” can be foggy. I think this new version is meaningfully better, specifically with the progressive CG, but others may not feel that’s worth the upgrade.



  7. Matt,
    How do these compare to the P790’s as to SPIN & DISTANCE?

  8. Do you think I’d see significant improvement over my ’17 P770 irons? These are the originals that have no speedfoam but are forged with tungsten for more MOI. I love these irons but I’m certainly intrigued as to how much more forgiving the new P770 could be. Specs are pretty much the same but I’ll have to go do a fitting.

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on A) what is “significant” to you and B) what areas you’re looking at. I think this new version is a substantial improvement in terms of forgiveness and launch/spin progression.



  9. Hi, Are these more forgiving than the T100S?

  10. I have a set of Callaway Apex Pro 19s, how do these compare? In a 10 handicap, I hit the ball plenty far but could benefit from the forgiveness.

  11. Hi Matt! For someone who doesn’t like a large club head nor a lot of offset. Do you feel the New P770 is closer to the P790 in terms of forgiveness ?
    Also, would you pick the i230 over the P770 in terms of forgiveness and consistency?
    Thank you sir!! I Love your detailed reviews!! ~ Joe

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always going to be getting a fitting.
      That said, to your first question, closer to the P790 than what?
      In comparing the i230 to the P770, the i230 is more consistent but I think a lot of people will regard the P770 as more forgiving, plus it’s longer.



      • Sorry Matt! In the first part of my previous question I meant to ask if you think the new 2023 P770 is now closer to the current P790 in terms of forgiveness?

        I like the looks, shape, size, offset, higher spin of the 770 more, but as an average ball striker, I wonder if it would be smarter to go with the bigger 790 and bend them half a degree or a degree weaker to gain a little spin and take away a little bit of the offset?


        • Matt Saternus


          I think the difference in forgiveness between generations of the P770 or P790 is very incremental.
          My advice would be to test both irons in a fitting and see what performs better for you.



  12. David LaBarge

    I’m a 14 handicap and have a set of sim2, in your experience how fo they differ to the p770, love your detailed reviews

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