2021 Titleist T200 Irons Review

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The 2021 Titleist T200 irons look more like players irons while performing more like distance or GI irons.  Excellent consistency.  Wonderful in combo set application.

Check out the 2023 Titleist T200 irons HERE


In the 2021 family of Titleist irons, the T100 is undoubtedly going to be the headliner.  That’s the iron that will get the most play on Tour (Jordan Spieth is already gaming them) and the most chatter on forums.  However, the iron that more recreational players need to check out is the T200.  With more forgiveness and substantially more distance in a similarly appealing package, this iron gives you the best of both worlds.

Players seeking maximum forgiveness can find a full review of the 2021 Titleist T300 irons HERE.


Titleist heard the carping about the cavity of the original T200 [full review HERE] and responded with one of the cleanest backs you’ll find on a major OEM iron.  The brushed silver back plate is framed by chrome and only modest “Titleist” and “T200” branding are seen.  In the bag, the only hint that these irons have forgiveness is the moderate sole width.

At address, the 2021 T200 irons look notably better than their predecessor.  The original T200 wasn’t thick in the top line, but it had a significant amount of offset.  That’s been dialed down substantially in the new model, and the top line and blade size have remained fairly compact.  The offset in the T200 is actually the same as the T100 and T100S [review HERE], making it easier to blend sets.

Sound & Feel

The 2021 Titleist T200 irons have a forged face as part of a multi-material body.  This, combined with the “Engineered Muscle Plate” on the back, helps to minimize the difference in sound and feel between the T100 and T200.

Impact with the T200 feels solid, though not quite as soft as the T100.  What enhances the feel difference is the audio difference: the T200 is a little louder with a bit more “crack” than “thud.”  To be clear, the T200 is very close to the T100 in the big picture, but you come here to read my nit picking, so pick I will.

Feedback from the T200 irons is very good throughout the set.  I had no problem locating impact and distinguishing pure strikes from mishits.  Pleasantly, mishits don’t sting, they just aren’t as satisfying as centered strikes.


The headline here is that Titleist has made the T200 look better and feel better while maintaining a very impressive amount of forgiveness and distance.  This is a great iron for a player who wants that classic look but may not have elite ball striking or speed.

Titleist refers to the T200 as “The Tour’s Distance Iron,” so let’s talk about distance.  In my testing, the T200 carried 10 yards farther than the T100 and had a steeper landing angle.  That’s a wicked combination.  This is achieved by pairing lofts that are 2-3 degrees stronger than the T100 with a lower CG for easy, high launch.  The T200 set ends at a 22 degree 4I, and, as always, I recommend getting fit so you don’t end up with long irons that don’t have meaningful distance gaps.

Another option, especially for those looking at combo sets, is what Titleist is calling the T200 Utility Build.  This is the same T200 iron offered in 17, 20, and 22 degrees with a graphite shaft at $249/club.  My Titleist fitter told me that this option is becoming extremely popular on Tour because of the way that it combos with the T100 irons.  I tested it in my fitting and, if you pair the right shaft with this head, it can be one of the best and best-looking utility irons available.


Whether you’re putting an entire set in the bag or dropping in some long irons for added forgiveness and length, the 2021 Titleist T200 irons are outstanding.  Titleist delivered on every front: better looks, sound, distance, and forgiveness.

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2021 Titleist T200 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Nice review Matt, with regarding to the T200 utility build. Do they have the same build as the lower irons, and are you planning on an independent review of these. Thoughts of the T200 utility vs the Srixon Zx and P790 udi as these are all a slimmer profile if you could pick a winner?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t plan on doing a separate review as the Utility Build is the same head with different shaft options.
      Among the three you mention, I’d lean toward the T200 but that’s a gut reaction, not based on any head to head testing.


      • Trent miller

        I recently bought the T200’s with the DG X100 shaft. I hit the 8 thru PW well but the 5 thru 7 balloon… way too high. Is this common or do you have any suggestions. Thank you!

        • Matt Saternus


          I have not heard of this being a common issue with the T200. When you say the ball is way too high, what is that based on?


  2. These are looking more appealing the more I read! Was originally looking at 6 & 7 T200 then T100s 8,9, W but the more I read I am tempted by a full set…perhaps 1* weak to match the T100s

    • Love this range of clubs, compare to the Sim my choice would be T200

      • I did a full set fitting and wound up going with T200s throughout the range. I was coming from a blended set of Apex/Apex Pro from 2016 and a Mizuno blended set of MP59/69s before that. I was tempted to go with a blended set of T200/T100S. But, after hitting both, there is so little difference in the looks between the T200 and T100S at address, but the T200 is more forgiving. So, I stuck with T200 all the way and haven’t regretted it a bit. Love them.

  3. matt,
    how would you compare the t200 to tour edge c721? and also the new tm p790?

  4. How would you compare these to the Srixon zx5?

  5. Hi Matt, great review, keys differences between this and the honma and which did you prefer?

  6. Matt,

    Curious what irons you feel like belong in this category? Would you put Apex Pro and T200 in the same category??

    • Matt Saternus


      No, the Apex Pro is much less forgiving. The standard Apex is similar. The P790 is in the same range. The new PING i59 might be, but I haven’t hit that yet, so I don’t know for sure.


    • I am 55 years old, a stage three brain cancer survivor and an avid golfer. My cancer caused me to miss 5 years of golf. Before diagnosis I was a 2 handicap. I have played Titleist Gold DCI’s since 1992, up until now. I just went through a custom fitting and tried both the T100 and T200 irons. I liked both clubs very much. I chose the T200 set of irons and just purchase them 2 days of go. I chose them because they were more forgiving and I gained more distance obviously from my older set and the distance was slightly more on average with the T200 for me then the T100. I figure at my age this would be a good set for me. I gained on average 15 yards for each club that I was hitting. I was going to hit the Callaway Apex irons but I never got around to doing that because I thought maybe I would just stay in the Titleist family since I have been hitting Titleist irons for 30 + years. Have you done a comparison of Apex irons against the Titleist irons?

  7. Matt,
    Now that you have reviewed the 2021 P790. Which one do prefer feel and forgiveness wise? Does either iron stand out in terms of front to back distance dispersion?
    Also, I am curious. Did you do any chips or pitches with the T200 vs 2021 P790? If so, which was better for the short game?
    ~ Joe

    • Matt Saternus


      The P790 is a bit larger and slightly more forgiving, though both are in the same ballpark.
      With regard to chipping and pitching, I would prefer the T200 for the thinner sole.


  8. Matt,
    I never seem to find any reviews about the Modus 125 shafts? I have a quick tempo and a quick transition and probably swing too hard. No Ernie Els here unfortunately. Driver swing speed is 104 to 108. Anyways, I have hit the Modus 120 stiff several times and my brother plays it and likes it. It does have a smooth feel, but I feel it bowing in the middle of the shaft. I don’t like that. Feeling that bowing in the middle of the shaft means the shaft is a little weak for my swing type or that is what you are supposed to feel with the Modus 120 stiff. I feel like that shaft requires a longer and smoother swing tempo? I could get extra stiff obviously, but they didn’t have it either time I went so I wouldn’t want to assume that the extra stiff doesn’t bow in the middle too even though I think it would less so. I was told that the Modus 125 might be better for me and it plays similar to a Dynamic Gold only smoother? Thoughts? Like I said. I can’t seem to find reviews on the Modus 125.
    Based on my swing type I was looking at Modus 125, Project X LZ, C- Taper Light and Dynamic Gold 120. One other observation I’ll add. Years ago I played Dynamic Gold S300 and liked it. I tried the Dynamic Gold 120 in an X flex once and it felt harsher to me than regular Dynamic Gold. You notice that too or do you think it was just to stiff for me?
    Throwing a lot at you again! Thank you for your thoughtful advice Matt !!

    ~ Joe

    • Matt Saternus


      We have a review of the Modus 125 here: https://pluggedingolf.com/nippon-modus-3-tour-125-shaft-review/


      • Actually, I lied. I did read Bill’s review one time quite a while back. Not sure why it didn’t come up when I did a search recently? I can’t seem to find very many reviews on it at all though. Anyways, you seem very knowledgeable and I appreciate your feedback. I know I sent you a long comment, but please feel free to comment on the shafts I listed for an aggressive swinger with a quick tempo and quick transition and who tends to come over the top sometimes. I don’t like a boardy feel like the regular Project X.
        Thanks again!

  9. Sorry Matt!! I tried the search before on here before and it didn’t come up!! My apologies!!

    ~ Joe

  10. Do you think this in a 3 iron has more forgiveness than a PXG gen3 T 3 iron? I’m looking to replace my PXG 3 iron with a graphite utility iron. Thanks

  11. is t200 comparable to pxg gen3 p?

  12. Would the T200 provide significant forgiveness compared to my old 680 irons? If so, would a blend of T100S PW-7 iron and T200 4-6 possibly make up a good blend?


    • Matt Saternus


      I think so, yes. As far as a blended set, my recommendation is always to work with a fitter to make sure you get the specs right.



  13. Mark Kuyawa

    I am looking for new irons. Been life long Ping guy.
    Age 66, lost distance and strength due to back issues and neck surgery. Looking at Ping, PXG and Titleist. 6 handicap last season but probably going up this year unfortunately. I did a Gen 5 PXG fitting that went poorly and I’m concerned about lower spin there. I’ve hit Titleist 200 and 100 and went well. Bought Ping I525 but too light in Alta Graphite unfortunately. Had been long time Eye 2 guy and still get them out time to time. Thinking Ping G425s might be answer and stay in steel shafts but R flex now ?

    Appreciate thoughts


    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is always to get fit. The T200 is a great set as is the G425. The key is getting the shaft and specs dialed to what you need.


  14. I’ve been playing the Titleist T-MB 716 105 g shaft for about 3 years and not playing particularly well and I’m thinking of getting the T200 irons . Is there a significant difference in theses irons? I was a 5 now an 8 and 65 yrs old.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I think they’re meaningfully different. My advice is always to get a fitting before buying a new set.



  15. I purchased the t200 5-P and wanted to add a 4 iron. Should I ad the 4 iron utility or the regular t200 4 iron. I’m a mid handycapper. Thanks for your expertise.

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to be fit. The biggest element you’re changing is the shaft, and I would never recommend jumping into a new shaft without trying it first.



  16. Hey mate, would these be more forgiving than my old mizuno mp58 and mp52 set?

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