Nippon Modus 3 Tour 125 Shaft Review


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The Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 125 has the same great Nippon feel with a different bend profile to better cover a wider range of players in the Modus Tour lineup.



I have been gaming the Nippon Modus Tour 130 iron shafts for quite some time now and have had better results with my irons than ever before.  So, like any good golf gear tinkerer, I decided it was time to try out something new.  This brought me to the Tour 130’s brother, the Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 125, which are designed to have more of a mid launch, spin, and trajectory.  The introduction of the 125 shaft provides another option in the NS Pro Modus Tour line to make sure more golfers can be optimally fit for the right shaft and still get that great signature feel.



My absolute favorite characteristic of Nippon shafts across the board is their feel.  To date, I’ve never felt one that didn’t feel good in the swing, and the Modus Tour 125 is no exception.  Where my Tour 130’s seem to have a tight kick to them, the 125’s feel a little smoother and like the kick is a little more gradual.  The Tour 125 is still very responsive and stable throughout the swing.



The Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 125 is designed to have mid launch, mid spin, and mid trajectory, however, all golf swings are different and you may experience different results.  On paper, the Tour 130’s are supposed to be higher launch with the lowest spin rates, but I actually felt like I had a more piercing flight with the 130 than I did with the 125.  I found that the flight with the 125 was a little more of an early arch for me which resulted in distance loss even though both shafts had about the same peak height. To simplify that statement, I seemed to balloon the 125 a bit.  However, I was able to hold greens a bit more with the Tour 125 because of the additional spin.

This is the appropriate time to give the classic PluggedInGolf pitch of “it’s important to get fit.”  This couldn’t be more true and important here.  Based on specs, I think the Pro Modus Tour 125 looks like it would fit my game better, but putting the shaft into play just did not mix well with my swing, and I had trouble playing it.  Initially, Nippon offered only the Tour 120 and Tour 130 which were two very different shafts, but the introduction of the Tour 125 gives a third option to find an optimal fit for a wider range of golfers.



Though the Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 125 shaft was not the best fit for my game, it was still one of the best feeling shafts I’ve ever put in an iron.  I firmly believe that Nippon could have the best feeling iron shafts in the game and it’s just a matter of finding the right specs for you.  In a day and age where club fitting is readily accessible, more golfers may choose to take a look at Nippon’s NS Pro Modus Tour range and find the right set of shafts for their game.

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