2021 Titleist T100 & T100S Irons Review

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The 2021 Titleist T100 and T100S irons are some of the finest players irons in the game.  Shocking levels of forgiveness in an iron this compact and attractive.  Great feel.  T100S gives more fitting options.

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The Titleist T100 is the #1 iron on Tour, and it’s not difficult to understand why.  From their looks to the impact feel, they have all the subjective elements that better players crave.  When you add in the fact that Titleist keeps raising the bar for forgiveness in a players iron, it makes the T100 a no-brainer choice for the best golfers in the world.

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At address, the biggest change from the original T100 is the finish.  The 2021 version has a brushed chrome finish that will reduce glare.  Beyond that, not much changed because nothing needed to change.  The T100 remains a near-perfect players iron: thin top line, minimal offset, and compact blade length.

There are some progressive elements to the design of the T100, but they’re very subtle.  As you move from the long irons to the scoring irons, the blade gets slightly shorter.  There’s also less offset, which is standard.  Finally, there’s a very minimal rounding of the leading edge as the loft increases.

What has improved markedly is the look of the T100 irons in the bag.  I liked the original T100, but the new version is much cleaner.  Part of that comes from the aforementioned brushed chrome finish, which gives the head a more modern look.  There’s also a lot less going on in the 2021 T100 – just a simple cavity and very minimal branding.  From every angle, the 2021 Titleist T100 irons are gorgeous.  

Sound & Feel

Titleist made a significant effort to improve the feel of the T200 [review HERE] and T300 irons [review HERE], and they succeeded.  However, neither of those irons feels as sweet as the T100.  On center, the T100 is soft and crisp, like a ripe apple.  It’s an addictive feeling, and I suspect I annoyed my fitter with the number of shots I hit with this club.

Feedback from the T100 irons is clear but not punishing.  There’s no sting or shock to a mishit, but you’ll get a clear picture of whether the shot was struck on the heel, toe, or bottom groove.


Beautiful looks and satisfying feel are great, but plenty of irons offer that.  Where the T100 sets itself apart is by offering more forgiveness than almost anything else at this size.

This forgiveness is driven by the use of denser D18 tungsten and a dual cavity construction.  Titleist is able to put the weight where it will create stability and position the CG for optimal launch and spin.

Tech talk aside, what you’re going to see on the course is that the T100 is more than happy to take a thin shot and throw it onto a playable trajectory.  You can hit the ball off-center and still retain excellent ball speed and distance.  Slight heel or toe strikes will hold their line rather than careening toward the woods.

All this forgiveness comes without the loss of workability.  Titleist actually raised the spin in the 4-7 irons slightly to improve trajectory, stopping power, and shot shaping.  This is a very minor tweak – the T100 can still go – but it’s something that the high level players will likely notice in head-to-head comparisons.

Now let’s talk about the T100 vs the T100S.  The T100S is almost the exact same iron at the T100 but with lofts that are two degrees stronger throughout the set.  Titleist stresses that the T100S is designed stronger not simply bent to this spec.  It also has a Muscle Channel meant to add speed and launch.  The T100S has loft specs that are very similar to the T200, and, for me, it produced almost as much distance.  I found it about half a club longer than the T100.

It’s very important to note that stronger lofts will not always produce more distance.  For me, the T100S is clearly longer 6-GW.  I would see slightly less of a gap in the 5I.  In the 4I the gap would be small, perhaps insignificant, and the 19 degree 3I (T100S) might be shorter than the 21 degree (T100).  All this is because I tend to hit the ball a little lower, and I have good-not-great speed.  You should work with your fitter to determine whether the T100 or T100S will produce the best, longest, most consistent shots for your swing.


The 2021 Titleist T100 irons are easily one of my favorite sets of the year.  Titleist kept everything I liked about the previous version, such as the satisfying feel, while improving the look and performance.  For the player that wants to play T100 but needs more distance, the T100S is a perfect fit.

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2021 Titleist T100 Irons Price & Specs

2021 Titleist T100S Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Matt, how do these compare forgiveness-wise to the apex tcb?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s very close. I couldn’t give the nod one way or the other without a lot of head to head testing.



  2. Great review, Matt. I hit T100 for the first time this weekend and absolutely loved them. Looking at these, Apex TCB, and ZX7 to replace my Z785 next year. Any thoughts on how the T100/T100s compare to the Z785?


    • Matt Saternus


      They’re all in the same range. I think the ZX7 is nice step up from the Z785, but there’s not going to be a world of objective difference between any of them, at least not one that applies to every golfer.



  3. Justin Oshinsky

    T100 vs 0311T in terms of forgiveness for these smaller profile heads?

  4. Hey Matt I’m pretty much sold on the zx7 irons but the t100’s are so nice too. I found the zx7 to still be fairly forgiving. How would the t100s compare in the forgiveness department to the zx7. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Great write up as usual, thank you! I’m very interested in upgrading to these but am also strongly considering the Srixon ZX7. In both reviews you raved about forgiveness. My I ask, in your opinion, which one offers more help on a miss hit and which you prefer in general?
    Thanks again!

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re too close to say anything without a lot of head to head testing. In terms of preference, I think I like the T100 just a little better.


  6. Matt,

    I enjoy your reviews and this was another good one. Wondering if you could speak to which iron gave you better numbers for your game between the T100 and Callaway X-Forged CB? Do you prefer one of them over the other?


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have head to head numbers for those irons, but I prefer the T100. Both are good, but something about the T100 really resonates with me.



  7. Which golfers should use the T100 vs. T200 vs. T300? I just used the Titleist Iron fitter on the web, they suggested the T100 or as an alternative T100s– I currently use game improvement irons as a 9 handicap with a 90mph driver swing speed. I figured the T300 would be more my bag.

    • Matt Saternus


      It all depends what you want from your iron. The T300 will be more forgiving. If that’s your priority, there’s no reason you can’t play that.


  8. Can confirm, these are the real deal. Lived all over the lower grooves my first time out, and the ball still launches high, straight, and distances are not far off.

    Look incredible down by the ball, feel incredible.

    Very impressive.

  9. Matt- torn between the Callaway Apex pro, ZX7, and T100s. Love the feel of soft forged of them all, and the compact T100s is the best looking of the three but a little intimidating. What do you think of the forgiveness of the three?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re all in the same range. I’d recommend a fitting to see which performs best for your swing.


  10. Hey Matt,
    Loved the article. I am a 7 handicap and previously play the P770 irons. Didn’t have issues hitting those just curious is that forgiveness rating close in the T100S and P770 or are they completely different?

  11. Jeffrey Sprau

    Hi Matt – how would the T100 compare against Ping i210?

  12. Hi Matt,
    I know you use to game ping iblades and you had great review about them. I also game iblades at the moment and I was wandering if it will be any benefit to upgrade to t100. Thank you in advance .

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know that there would be a large benefit for all players, but some will fit the T100 better, prefer the look, etc. Overall, they’re very similar.



  13. Kirk Hawthorne

    Hi Matt,
    Been playing Mizuno MP32 since 2004. Currently an 8 handicap. At 52, ready to buy a new set. Thoughts on moving to the T100 or T100s? I realize a big technology change over the past 17 years. Curious what you may recommend?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get a fitting, especially when you haven’t bagged new irons in 17 years.



  14. Hi Matt,
    How would the T100 compare against the Wilson CB in terms of feel and forgiveness?

    Regards, Oliver

  15. Matt,
    Looking for a list of top 5 irons to try and will ultimately get fitted. This is a question for my son. Currently freshman golfer at UNI. Current clubs. Titleist 716 CB. scratch to +1 golfer. 7 iron 180 -190. Looking for the same buttery feel of 716 CB, with minimal offset but a little more height and little more forgiveness. The Head can be the same size or a little larger. Recommendations? Thank You in advance. He liked the T100

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice would be telling the fitter what you want in an iron and letting them give you options.



      • Matt,
        Your knowledge exceeds the basic fitter. By comparing forgiveness, flight, offset. I trust your feedback because it is spot on. I love reading all your reviews. When selecting irons you should always hit several or as many as you can on different days, because you never have the same swing. Once you narrow it down to your top 3 you go get fitted for the best iron and shaft. That way you waste little time trying irons suggested by a fitter that you know you already don’t like . Can you PLEASE rank T100, Calaway X forged, TCB and Ping i-210 , TM P 770 by forgiveness. Thank You

  16. Lawrence Williams

    Not a question but a statement…..
    The T100 2021 series is not an evolution of the ap2 series……nope……these are revolutionary irons !
    To put this much technology and forgiveness into an ultra great looking , thinnish iron(blade like) is just an amazing feat !

    Well done TITLEIST ……well done

  17. Is it odd that a fitter would want someone with very high swing speeds in the t100s? Said that too much spin is created from my swing and wants to keep the ball flight lower and t100s was better at doing that than any head we tried. Better than the t100 somehow. Said we’d have to loft Jack the T100 to reduce height and spin and that would cause more problems than just going into the t100s

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think there’s anything too unusual about that. If it gets the results you want, go with it.


  18. Kevin Tucker

    I’m about to order the T100’s. Have you heard anything on what Titleist’s lead times are right now? One place on their website says 8+ weeks, another says 6.

  19. Brian Murphy

    Hey Matt,

    I need a new set of irons (4-G) and I currently use the Taylormade M3 irons, my handicap is a 9 and I am unsure if the T100/T100s are a good club for me. I went and hit the 7 iron of both sets at a pga superstore and noticed that the T100 was a little harder to hit than the T100s. Also, I was hitting the T100 7i around 165 meanwhile I was hitting the T100s 7i around 185. From that I have been in favor of the T100s as a front runner for my new set. But, my question to you is if you have any thoughts/recommendations about what brand and model of clubs I should get if I prefer forgiveness and feel in a club?

  20. Graham Peterson

    I’m on 2 hcp playing maverick pro’s, 60 years old with swing speed now only about 100mph
    Would t100 be a better performing iron?

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on the fit. They’ll be better for some, worse for others. It’s why we always preach fitting.



  21. LatestModAPKs

    I’m a big fan of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons. They’re well-made and perform well. I highly recommend them.

  22. I play the gen3 t’s but am curious to try these, would I see a drop off in forgiveness?

  23. Hey Matt – always love your reviews BTW and nice work on the site. Quick question around Miz 223 vs T100s vs PXG 0311T. I have to Miz 223s – they’re great irons – however there is a massive drop off between the 4-7 and the 8-P. 4-7 is a smaller JPX, 8-P is a slightly stronger blade from the 221 line. Plus the lofts start to fold in more and more to the 221s as you get to the short irons. So yes they are a progressive set – but slightly aggressive progression. It’s really a mixed bag.

    Looking for some more continuity and was thinking either T100s which is similar to the 223s but with a more graceful introduction to the short irons OR 0311T which are hollow – which come with their own pros/cons.

    I like the 223s but the short irons can be a bit challenging and aren’t frankly the greatest on mishits which can create to unintended gaps in real course play.

    Looking for your personal opinion since you’ve hit both.

  24. Matt

    I have the CB 718 (bent 2 strong). Beautiful looking and feeling club – but would move to the T100S if it gave me more forgiveness

    What are you thoughts on forgiveness between the two ?



  25. Hi Matt,

    I believe the previous generation T100 (my current set) only had tungsten in the heads of the 3-7 irons – the 8-W were almost classic cavities – but now Titleist makes a more general statement in their advertising about tungsten in the product, suggesting it’s in all the irons now.

    Is the tungsten weighting now used in all of the T100 irons?


    • Matt Saternus


      That’s my takeaway, yes. I haven’t taken a T100 apart to verify, but it appears that it’s used in every iron.


  26. I’m a big fan of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons. They’re well-made and perform well. I highly recommend them.

  27. I’m a big fan of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons. They’re well-made and perform well. I highly recommend them.

  28. I’m a big fan of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons. They’re well-made and perform well. I highly recommend them.

  29. Hey Matt- thanks for all these great, unbiased reviews.

    Been gaming the 716 AP2’s (modus 120x) for 5+ years now. Love them, but feel like I could find improvements in ball flight/speed. The AP2’s launch slightly higher than I like, and they go nowhere in terms of distance. Would you say the 2021 T100 are a significant upgrade to my AP2’s? I absolutely love the look of the t100’s, but is the performance really that much better?


  30. Matthew Ward

    What is the difference between the 2021 and 2023 t100. Is there a noticeable difference in feel, sound, and performance?

  31. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the great review. I am trying to decide between these and the Apex Pro 19′. I play blades and have been struggling with the 5-3 irons. Could you recommend one or the other from a misshit standpoint in those numbers? Thanks!


    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is always to get fit. Objectively these irons are pretty comparable but one may be better for your specific misses and swing.



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