PXG 0311 T GEN4 Irons Review

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The 0311 T (T for Tour) is the slim, blade-like model in the PXG GEN4 line.  Packed with new tech, the iron looks and feels as good as it performs.


You can’t set your watch to PXG’s product release calendar the way you can with many OEMs.  If you did, you’d never make your tee time!  The Scottsdale-based company only releases new clubs when they want to.  And they only want to when they have something demonstrably better for golfers to use.  I hit the new 0311 T and dove into all the tech behind it to find out what PXG’s new tour-inspired irons have to offer.


So, so good.  Cosmetically, they’re just packed with sex appeal.  From the satin finish to the intricately detailed milling on the back of the club, the aesthetics are off the charts.  You may also notice a different look to the back weighting, with one large weight now present in the center.  More on that later.

At address, you’re looking at a compact blade length with minimal offset and a thin topline.  This is exactly what better players want to see when they prepare to hit a shot.  Looking at the three GEN4 irons next to each other gives a good sense of how compact the clubhead is compared to the others and what type of player each iron is meant for.  Above, the T is on the left, the P is in the middle, the XP is on the right.

Sound & Feel

One of the improvements of GEN4 technology is the new proprietary XCOR System inside the clubhead.  While the GEN3 irons had two materials injected into the clubhead, XCOR is the result of a multi-year R&D project with a goal of creating the perfect injectable polymer that would increase ball speed and enhance feel.  Because the clubhead is the smallest of the three GEN4 models, there is comparatively less XCOR inside, but there is still enough to make a positive impact on feel.

Another game-changer for GEN4 is the large changeable weight at the back of the clubhead.  This precision weighting system allows PXG fitters to dial in swing weight to better suit the player’s preference.  This is a new innovation in the world of irons and gives fitters more options for getting players into the ideal iron setup.  The weights are locked in place and cannot be changed after the fitting process.

Regarding the goal of creating enhanced feel: mission accomplished.  While the XCOR technology is undoubtedly part of this, so is the extremely thin face and 5x forged clubhead.  The feel of a quality strike with these is different than a one-piece forged blade but provides an equally pleasurable sensation – buttery soft and explosive at the same time.


The 0311 T GEN4 is a player’s club.  For those low handicappers who want to package some forgiveness with their clubs’ ability to flight balls low, send them sky high, or curve them either way on demand, these irons perform.

This is a key difference between the T and the P and XP.  While the others will help create straighter flights and higher trajectories on all kinds of strikes, the 0311 T will respond like a finely-tuned sports car.  Hit it off the toe, and your ball flight will tell the tale.  And as you can see in the comparison photo above, there is considerably less room on the face for margin of error.  That’s not to say that they are punishing.  In fact, there’s considerably more forgiveness built into these than you’d get with a one piece forged blade.

Some golfers thinking about buying these clubs might be in the position of comparing the T to the P [0311 P review HERE].  In terms of numbers, OEM testing showed that the T spins more (about 400 revs) than the P and carries a few yards less.  It should come as no surprise that the T also produces slightly less ball speed.  Both launch in practically the same window and achieve the same peak height.  Another key difference is the lofts.  The T comes with “traditional” lofts while the P is stronger.  Keep in mind, lofts can always be changed per the golfer’s request.


If you want to game PXG’s GEN4 0311 T irons you’re going to have to get out the checkbook.  While they obviously won’t fit into the “bargain” category, they will tick every box that a better player is looking for.  Looks, feel, and performance-wise, they are the total package.


PXG 0311 T GEN4 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Bob E. Smith

    If pxg is so good why aren’t more pros using them??

    • Dylan Thaemert


      A lot to unpack there. What tour pros play has little to do with how “good” the clubs are. It has more to do with how big the check from the OEM is. PXG maintains a modest stable of mostly mid-level tour pros and devotes relatively little of its budget to paying big name pros. On a related note, unless you happen to be a + handicap, what tour pros play should have little to no bearing on what you play.


  2. This is extremely timeley! My 4-pw of the Gen4 T’s will be here today! CANNOT WAIT!

  3. I was looking to buy these with PXG hero plan, but decided on the 0211 .
    I can’t believe how much better PXG is compared to other.
    Evan how they build the clubs there’s no better built in golf.
    When things get better with the Covid-19 that’s, when I will truly get fitted with there finest clubs players clubs.

  4. Gen4 vs Gen3 T model demands an upgrade ? Thanks

    • Dylan Thaemert


      That’s entirely up to you. The new models spin a bit less and carry a bit more. My advice would be to test them and see for yourself.


  5. Keith Finley

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but I think they’re kind of ugly from the back. Those tiny screws obviously don’t have much functionality and the big one looked ugly on the Taylormades 10 years ago and wrecks the new Callaway…

    • It’s about dialing in swing weight – I’d rather have the screw there than a bunch of tungsten power in the hosel.

  6. Jason Gansauer

    Whoever the gravelly-voiced guy who does the commercials is, he’s annoying. Sounds like he’s selling barbecue or shares in a mink farm. Totally classless for classy clubs.

    • Dylan Thaemert


      That’s Bob Parsons and that’s genuinely how his voice sounds.


    • Had to laugh a little at that question. Parsons is not for everyone, and rumor has it that he constantly changes his own clubs and shafts within his lineup. A curious dude, that is certain. And what a velvety voice.

  7. G. B. Austin

    “Cosmetically, they’re just packed with sex appeal.” Really? What does that even mean? Does that make me want to buy them or take them on a date? Sounds like another PXG TV commercial…..

    • Dylan Thaemert


      It means that some clubs are more attractive than others and I found these to be about as good looking as I’ve seen. While looks aren’t important to everyone, for many they are.


  8. I have the 0311P Gen 2’s. They are different from any iron I’ve ever hit. They absolutely live up to the hype. The price isn’t for everyone, but the fell and performance is. Pro golfers get paid to use clubs…PXG is years behind the big names in golf on that front.

  9. I just went through a fitting (driver & irons) and decided to keep my Gen3 0311T as I didn’t care much for the Gen4 irons plus $350/club is too much in my opinion. PXG sells a really good product but so does every manufacturer nowadays. All comes down to each individual and what they want to see, feel and hear each time they hit the ball and whether it performs for you.

  10. Ignoring the Gen3 Vs Gen4 differences, I see a lot of PXG sponsored tour players play the P model (Pat Perez, Lydia Lo and more); why do you think they choose the P over the T (and ST) models? (Should note Zach Johnson plays the T model but that’s not relevant to this question)


    • Dylan Thaemert


      Really great question. I can’t confidently say why but I think it’s just down to personal preference. Something in the fitting process told those players that the P would work better for them. Maybe the spin numbers they like to see, a little extra distance, visual preference. Could be any number of things. Thanks for the question.


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