PXG 0311 XP GEN4 Irons Review

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The PXG 0311 XP GEN4 irons are the longest and most forgiving of the new GEN4 line.  Stunning looks.  A logical continuation from the other irons in the line.


If you haven’t heard about PXG’s new GEN4 line of clubs yet, you clearly aren’t a regular reader and don’t watch much golf on TV.  I’ve already reviewed the P and T irons (HERE and HERE, respectively).  Today, I’m reviewing the XP, the company’s most forgiving model, to see how it stacks up to the others and what kind of golfer it might be good for.

Check out the new 0311 XP GEN5 Irons HERE


The GEN4 irons have a unique and beautiful look.  Thankfully, the XP doesn’t depart from that at all.  The milled back surface and stepped, angular muscle back lines are total eye catchers.  If you bag these, get used to catching people staring at your set.

As attractive as they are aesthetically, the look at address is even more impressive.  Where I struggle with many “super game improvement” irons (my term, not PXG’s) is with the way the club looks.  Frequently, the top line is very chunky, there’s a ton of offset, and lots of visible tech protruding from the back.  Much like the P as compared to the T, the XP is subtly dialed up in terms of the size of the face, blade length, and offset.  However, at address, the club looks very clean and attractive.

Sound & Feel

One of the major talking points of GEN4 technology is the new proprietary XCOR System.  While the previous iteration of PXG irons had two materials injected into the clubhead, XCOR is the result of a multi-year R&D project with a goal of creating the perfect injectable polymer that would increase ball speed and enhance feel.  As the clubheads get progressively larger in the GEN4 line, there’s more XCOR material in the cavity.  As a result, hitting the XP GEN4 feels great.  It’s remarkably soft and springy at the same time.  Mishits are punished much less than they might be with other irons, and feedback through the hands is less noticeable than with the T and the P.

The other big change for GEN4 is the large changeable weight at the back of the clubhead.  This precision weighting system allows PXG fitters to dial in swing weight to better suit the player’s preference.  This is a new innovation in the world of irons and gives fitters more options for getting players into the ideal iron setup.  The weights cannot be changed after the fitting process.


In PXG’s testing, GEN4 gained over 2 mph ball speed versus GEN3.  With the same club head speed, that resulted in more than 5 yards of additional carry and a just a touch more spin.  Compared to the P, the lofts in the XP are about two degrees stronger through the bag.  Interestingly, OEM testing has them spinning only a fraction less than the P, with a slightly higher peak height, carrying some 8 yards further.

If you’re someone who has typically played game improvement irons in the past and looks for something that’s going to offer maximum distance and forgiveness, the XP should pique your interest.  If you’re someone who would like those things and also wants buttery soft feel, you’re really going to want to find a way to try them.

Performance-wise, the 0311 XP GEN4 is the total package.  In addition to performing well, the clubs have an eye-catching, player-friendly look that irons in this category typically don’t.  Personally, I appreciate the decision to make all three irons in the GEN4 line visually consistent.


PXG is all about innovation and have always stood out with its approach to design, in both aesthetics and construction.  With GEN4, its irons have taken another significant leap forward.  I’m convinced the XP is as good as a “super game improvement” iron can get.  The new XCOR material delivers in terms of performance and feel.  Bagging a new set isn’t cheap, but the experience of hitting them is very persuasive.


PXG 0311 XP GEN4 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Michael Lubarsky

    I have hit these clubs and the review is accurate; waiting for a detailed fitting to place my order. However the chart that you have included with specs is not correct according to the PXG website.

  2. Mark Kuyawa

    I did a fitting with the Gen 4s a week ago and while I’m a 6 handicap at age 66 I’ve lost distance due to back troubles and age. The XP gives me a lot of that back plus the confidence at address as well. I’ll be ordering this week!

    • Are these clubs actually giving you distance back, or are you just hitting a 5 iron masquerading as a 7 iron?

      • Jesper Jensen

        I did the fitting, and I added almost 40 yards with my 7 iron. My concern was the same as yours, but… The ball still impacts at 45 degrees and the roll was between 5-8 yards. So even though the loft of the iron is lower, you still get the height of flight and impact angle at target that you’re used to.

        • Christopher

          How can you tell if used irons have been pre fitted?

          • Christopher,

            If you’re concerned that a set of irons is not built to the original stock specs, any club builder (or even a big box store with a repair shop) can check that for you.



      • Good question. That does help but the 7 iron flight is the arc path of a 7 iron. It’s the best best of both worlds for those aged impaired or game impaired.

  3. Patrick Gondek

    I wish they had a trade in program. I would like to trade in my Gen 1 irons for the Gen 4s.

  4. I got fitted and purchased PXG Gen 4 P irons (5 thru G) a few weeks ago. Love solid feel when I am striking the ball. Still dialing in my distances. Previous clubs were Ping G400.

  5. Are those loft right!? I thought my Forged Tecs were strong, these are almost a full club stronger. Actually, the 5 iron listed at 20* is the same as my TSi3 3-Hybrid… Just crazy.

    Also, I’m not saying that they don’t work, I haven’t hit them, and I know it’s all about getting your gapping right. It’s just surprising to see them THAT strong.

  6. Bruce Griffiths

    Where in Michigan can I try these out. Planning on getting a new full set next year..

    • Matt Saternus


      You can check PXG.com to find one of their fitters or you can get fit for PXG at any Club Champion location.



    • Noel LEVESQUE

      I have black Gen 4 fitted at the Atlanta store and they hit long. 4-9 ,then gap, no PW. Sugar daddy 2 54,which is a sand wedge and a 60 and 62. The 62 is my new 60 ,the 60 hits as long as a sand wedge, and the 54 is my new gap wedge. The gap wedge is my new PW. Then the 9. They hit stronger.

  7. Glenn C Keller

    That 349.00 price is that a club or a set of irons

  8. Dylan:

    I love my mixing 919 hot metal ironw with promodus 105 stuff shafts. I was fitted for them and they were the best performing my fitting, edging out the Apex irons. I need an honest opinion how you think these perform compared to my irons. If i but i would order with the pro modus over the elevate 95’s but i need to know if they are worth making the move. Thank you

  9. Have Gen. 3’s and got fitted into these early this afternoon. Hands down compared to other irons. For Gen. 3 players you’ll notice a difference in hitting the Gen. 4’s. Kept my same SteelFiber i80 shafts. Ordered the ultimate black or whatever it’s called. Can’t wait.

  10. I play mizuno MP 20 and when I tried Gen 4 i was hitting 10-15 yds longer consistently and liked the look and feel better than my Mizzies I was shocked. I might switch in March before season because if I do this I’m going to need to re calibrate my entire bag. I also read where Gen 5 launching in July. Any truth to this?

  11. Stephen Underwood

    I scheduled a fitting last week with the intent to purchase a full set of PXG Gen 4 P irons. Initially, I was a bit scared of the nearly 6 degree stronger lofts of the PXG Gen 4 XP compared to my 10 year old clubs. To my surprise, I actually hit the XP irons better with more forgiveness compared to the P irons. The distance was insane. My normal 7 iron goes 160 yds and I was hitting the XP 180+ yds. Spin and launch were on par for each iron. I ordered the full set of clubs with the awesome special PXG is offering right now. I’ll have them in my hands in two weeks!!!

  12. Hi Matt, I currently game Mizuno 921 HM’s – I was fitted with KBS Tour 95 – because Mizuno offered only a SEL set in this model which for me was a too ambitious set. I miss the feel of a Forged head and find the HM’s whilst a great club offer me a flight that is too high and has a low spin. I am looking at the Gen4 XP and the P but have some serious concerns over the lofts if the XP – a gap at both ends of the bag with my current wedge and hybrids. I do not see how a blended set would work as the lofts are 3degrees apart.
    Is there a noticeable difference in the forgiveness of these models? I’m not concerned about extra distance. I’m probably going to be fitted for the MMT or steel fibre as I now have an injured elbow.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think there’s a measurable difference in forgiveness between the XP and P for most players.



  13. Got fitted and waiting for them. Went with the Gen 4 P. And XP for 5I , Changed GW to Sugar Daddy II for upcharge. Gen 3 felt great but a little better distance with Gen4,.
    Thought I would be going graphite shafts but straighter with steel.
    My 5 yr old Wilson V6 with traditional lofts just make it harder than I needs to be at 60.
    Already did PXG driver and wood last year. Know they will be great for me.

  14. Michael Lafon

    Using mizuno hot metal for 4 years but these have my interests. If I do I definitely will go 4-L. Worried about the stronger lofts and would have to know how high I can get these up and am wondering where and when I can be fitted. Also love the black but wonder which will wear/feel better and glare.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Michael,

      Check PXG.com to see if they have a fitting location near you. Regarding the lofts, you can always have them adjusted. That’s what I did when I was fit for GEN4 0311 P’s last year, and that’s the beauty of getting custom fit. Good luck.


  15. Gen 5 irons are now listed on the USGA Conforming site with pics. Omg……. Heard 4/1 release.

  16. Just bought a set of Gen 4 XPs. I’ve picked up a club to a club and a half. Not as clicky sound as my hot metal Mizzis and the ball leaps off the face.. My dispersion on mishits is better too. Not cheap but you’ll forget all about it when your on the course. Awesome club especially with the steel fiber shaft. The fitting I got from the PXG rep was time consuming but through.

  17. Tony Alamillo

    I’m seriously thinking about purchasing the Gen 4 irons T model
    I am about a 7 handicapper with with some lower back issues (not terrible)
    What are your thoughts ?

    • Dylan Thaemert


      My thoughts are that they’re great irons and if you like the look and feel then why not.


  18. mike hutchison

    two questions, I have heard the shaft is the most important when being fitted for clubs and it looks like having custom weights is also an option for a fitting. How can these two crucial items be decided over a phone fitting?

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Mike,

      I can’t provide any insight on how PXG does fittings over the phone as I’ve never done one. Calling and asking them those questions directly seems like the play here.


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