PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Irons Review

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The PXG 0311 ST GEN4 irons are gorgeous irons with rewarding feel.  Fine-tuned performance that may make blades more accessible and longer for certain players.


PXG is a brand known for pushing the limits.  They’ve raised the bar on forgiveness and ball speed in irons [GEN4 iron reviews HERE] and created putters as stable as a brick house [reviews HERE].  With the 0311 ST GEN4 irons, however, PXG turns its attention not to pushing limits but to fine tuning a well-honed concept – the blade iron.

Check out the latest ST, the PXG 0317 ST irons, HERE


You can’t look at that picture above and tell me this isn’t a beautiful iron.  While some people do get a measure of confidence from a bigger iron, the thin top line, compact blade length, and minuscule offset of the 0311 ST GEN4 irons is everything that I want to see when I look down at address.

This set does feature progressive blade lengths, but that progression is very minimal.  Even holding the 4I (left) and the PW (right) next to each other, the difference is not obvious.  But in a set of blades, that should be the case.  This set was built with feedback from PXG’s Tour Staff to meet the standards of the best, most sensitive players in the world.

As much as I like the address look, what I like even more is the way that the 0311 ST GEN4 irons look in the bag.  I love the contrast between the traditional size and shape and the modern look of the milling and weights.  As with the 0311 Milled Wedge [review HERE], I find the milling on the back of these irons to be hypnotic, and I’d hate to admit to how much time I’ve spent staring at it.

It should also be noted that there’s a difference between the back of the 3-5 irons and the 7-GW.  In the higher lofted irons, the back is a pure blade.  In the long irons, there’s a small trapezoidal cavity near the top.

Finally, in addition to the chrome finish shown here, the PXG 0311 ST GEN4 irons are available in PXG’s Xtreme Dark finish

Sound & Feel

With so much technology available in modern irons, why would anyone still play a blade?  A big part of that answer is what you feel in your hands when the PXG 0311 ST GEN4 irons meet the ball.  Every shot I hit with these clubs felt strong and solid.  The reward for a perfect strike is the sensation that impact didn’t even happen.  That sounds unusual, but every time that I hit these irons perfectly, the feel was so harmonious that calling it “impact” seemed like a misnomer.

That solid feel is complemented by an understated impact sound.  Contact is very quiet and low-pitched.

Having played a couple sets of old blades, I will note that the one area where modern blades have improved is in taking the sting out of misses.  The feedback from the 0311 ST GEN4 irons is precise, but even the ugliest mishits won’t hurt your hands.


Typically, blade iron reviews are pretty short because everyone knows what a blade is supposed to do.  But this is a PXG blade, so it’s a whole different story.

Let’s start with the basics.  One of the top reasons to play a blade is having precise control over ball flight, and the 0311 ST GEN4 irons have that in spades.  If you have the skills, these irons will flight the ball high or low and bend it left or right.  I loved every minute of testing these irons, because for me, imagining a shot and then creating it is the most enjoyable part of golf.

One thing that starts to set the PXG 0311 ST GEN4 irons apart from other blades is that they’re slightly lower spinning.  I’ll emphasize again that we’re talking about fine distinctions, a couple hundred RPM, not the difference between a screaming bullet and a weak balloon.  There’s still more than enough spin to shape shots or hold greens, but a higher spin player might find these to be a touch longer and better in the wind.

I chalk up that lower spin to a slightly lower CG due to the weights near the sole.  The CG gets pushed just a little lower by the cavity in the long irons.  I found the 4I and 5I to launch a little higher and a little more easily with slightly less spin.  Not only is this higher launch helpful for getting the ball on a playable trajectory, it can also make them longer.  In the long irons, where distance gaps often start to shrink, this can be extremely useful.

While no blade is very forgiving in the grand scheme of irons, I did find the 0311 ST GEN4 to be a bit easier to hit than other blades.  Part of that is the ability – thanks to a lower CG – to lift up thin shots.  I also found that the ball speed stayed a touch higher when shots wandered toward the toe or heel.

Finally, I want to mention Precision Weighting Technology, PXG’s name for the large weight in the center of the head.  During your fitting, this weight can be adjusted in 2 gram increments to allow you to try different swing weights.  Swing weight is incredibly important to a club’s performance and feel [learn more HERE], so I’m thrilled to see PXG building that into their fittings.  This weight is not meant to be altered once the set is built, so be sure to get fit.


PXG has walked a tightrope with the 0311 ST GEN4 irons, at once paying homage to the most traditional piece of equipment and injecting it with new life.  These irons deliver everything that a blade player wants while also allowing the most precise fit available.  Visit your local PXG fitter to give them a try.

*Price at the time of this writing is $249/club, our spec sheet reflects the original list price.


PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Going in the bag?

  2. No thanks

  3. How does the sound, feel, and performance stack up against the Mp-20 mb?

  4. I play MP 20’s now and honestly when I demo’d Gen 3 (Gen 4 wasn’t out yet) I thought PXG actually felt a little bit better, more than my Mizuno’s with getting added distance. I’d pull the trigger on Gen 4 but with my luck, Gen 5 will release in Feb so I’m holding off (for now…)

  5. David wakhu

    I would like to try them they look nice I’m a professional golfer in Kenya

  6. How would you compare the soles of these to the Gen4T? I used the Gen3 T last year but didn’t care for the sole seemed too wide for me compared to other players irons, hoping these have a narrower sole. Also, are these the same forging as the others that PXG is known for? I noticed on the hosel it was saying 3X forged and I thought PXG said 5 times forged?

    • Matt Saternus


      Dylan tested the other GEN4 irons, but comparing them to GEN3 T, the sole is a bit thinner.
      With regard to the forging, the hosel says 3X forged. I’m not sure if they used to say 5X or not. In either case, the irons feel great.


      • Jon Skinner

        Hi Matt, if you had to choose between the miura mb001 which you reviewed back in 2016 and the 0311 ST which would you go with and why? Reason I ask is I have played the mb001 for a long time and you gave both blades equally glowing reviews praising their playability so wondering whether it’s worth taking a punt on the 0311 ST especially as PXG are selling them now at $129 a club which is a crazy deal. Normally I would not consider changing as I love my miuras but the price drop on the 0311 ST and your review has got me seriously interested especially as I have not changed my irons for quite sometime. Unfortunately i am unable to test them head to head.

        Kind Regards


        • Matt Saternus


          You’re right, $129/club is a crazy deal. Given that the Miura review was 6 years ago, I can’t offer any kind of objective comparison. I think recency wins out and I’d favor the PXGs.



        • Jon Skinner

          Thanks Matt. Are the 0311 ST your favourite blades you have reviewed of the last few years? I did get to try the Wilson Staff Model Blade a couple of years ago and was very impressed by them. I think they are also forged from 8620 carbon steel like the PXG and 8620 is meant to be more durable than the 1025 steel which is used for many blades. Will be placing my order with PXG before the 0311 ST sell out. I think PXG certainly will get the attention of the other club manufacturers given their recent pricing $79 a club for 0211 DC irons and $89 for 0211 ST. Kind Regards Jon

          • Jon,

            I game the PING Blueprints, but I could be happy with Wilson blades or the PXGs.


  7. Matt

    Thank you again.

    Would you prefer this iron or the “T” and why?
    Thank you !!

    • Matt Saternus


      The way I played recently, I prefer the 0211 Z. :)

      I prefer a blade because I don’t need more iron distance and the extra spin is helpful for me, but I would (and have) gamed the T happily.



  8. Hi Matt,

    Are you able to compare these vs the original full milled 0311ST’s?


  9. Taylor Crandall

    What are your thoughts on these vs the T100’s or the CB’s?
    I was fit by PXG for the Gen 4 ST PW-6 and 5-4 in the T with a 1 degree weaker loft. Really torn as I am a big fan of Titleist.
    It’s really hard to get an opportunity to compare the 3 of these clubs at the same time, so that is why I ask.

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