PXG 0311 Milled Wedge Review

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The PXG 0311 Milled wedges are exceptional.  Extremely high spin, great feel, and versatile soles.


The PXG 0311 Milled wedge is a heat check.  It’s a litmus test for your feelings about the brand.  If you’re a fan, it’s the epitome of cool, something you can’t wait to have in the bag.  If you’re at all lukewarm about the company, the price tag is going to have you running to the comments section to rant and rave.

Oh yeah, the 0311 Milled wedge is one other thing: a damn good wedge.

Check out the new PXG Sugar Daddy II wedge HERE


It’s impossible to start a discussion of the 0311 Sugar Daddy with anything other than the in the bag look.  This wedge is so far from the norm that only a company like PXG could have made it.  The weights alone shout “This is a PXG wedge!” but the 0311 Sugar Daddy goes beyond that with insane mill marks and varying thicknesses in the blade.

As I said earlier, this wedge is a love it or hate it club.  Nick Jahnke, my fitter at PXG, says it’s by far his favorite club, referring to it as “golf jewelry.”  I’ve heard the opposite reaction as well.  As someone who writes about virtually every wedge made, I’m just appreciative of PXG taking a shot and doing something wildly different.

At address, the 0311 Milled wedge is traditional and geared toward the better player.  It’s compact, definitely one of the smaller wedges on the market.  The leading edge has a gentle roundness which complements the overall shape of the head.

The PXG 0311 Milled wedge is available in two finishes: Chrome and Xtreme Dark.

Sound & Feel

The 0311 Sugar Daddy feels as sweet as the name implies.  This wedge is made of triple forged 8620 carbon steel and is 100% milled.  The result is a feel that mixes soft and solid in an extraordinary way.  Often a club will feel soft but impact isn’t satisfying, it doesn’t have any “oomph” to it.  The 0311 Milled wedge has both the buttery softness and the “oomph.”

In addition to having a sweet feeling on center, the Sugar Daddy has excellent feedback.  You can feel the impact location precisely through you hands, and the bass-y “click” of a pure strike gets dull on misses.


Before I took a swing with the 0311 Sugar Daddy wedge, I gave it a thorough spec check.  Every single spec I requested – loft, lie, length, swing weight – was perfect.  This is far from the norm and deserves to be recognized.

My next step was some launch monitor testing to check out the spin.  PXG touts their CNC milled grooves as being exceptionally consistent and at the very edge of USGA conformity.  My testing showed that the 0311 Milled Wedge spins like a top.  In fact, it’s the highest spinning wedge I’ve tested.  The gap between this wedge and #2 isn’t huge – a couple hundred RPM – but winning is still winning.

Now let’s talk about the weights.  They’re not just there to look cool, they serve to pull the center of gravity up and toward the toe.  This gets the CG centered (instead of in the heel, like many wedges) and higher (for improved consistency in ball speed and launch angle).

At 58 and 60 degrees of loft, the Sugar Daddy wedge has two grind options – the 07 and the 09.  The 09 Sole is billed as being “traditional and versatile.”  It’s a fuller sole with a little more bounce.  The 07 Sole, seen above, is a narrower sole with less bounce.  The relief in the the trailing edge and heel make it perfect for opening the face to play high, soft shots.

I opted for the 07 Sole and tested it in highly unfavorable conditions – sloppy, muddy March in Chicago.  The design showed its versatility and performed brilliantly.  Even on soupy lies, the sole worked up and out of the turf.  When I did find a tight spot on the course, the relief allowed me to open the face without any concern about the leading edge.


After all my testing, can I tell you that the PXG 0311 Milled Wedge justifies its price by being three or four times better than wedges from PING or Titleist?  No.  That said, it’s an amazing wedge, easily one of the best I’ve ever hit, and it will see a lot of time in my bag this year.  If you have the means to put a set of these in play, you should absolutely check them out.

PXG 0311 Milled Wedge Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Matt , do you know if they last any longer than a normal wedge?

    • Matt Saternus


      Great question. I don’t know yet, but I hope to by the end of the summer. I’ll report back if the durability is abnormal, for better or worse.



  2. Tom Duckworth

    Well it is an interesting wedge. I have mostly gotten over being outraged about PXG prices .
    But really $650.00 for a wedge? Buy a wedge from your favorite golf company and give what’s leftover out fo your $650.00 to a charity. I like having good equipment in my bag as much as anyone but there is a point where self indulgence becomes obscene and it doesn’t matter that you have the income to buy whatever you want. Sorry for the rant but I read the review with an open mind and didn’t scroll down to see the price until I read the whole review. Then I was shocked
    even for PXG. I’m proud of my mixed bag of clubs mostly in a three to five year old range but l couldn’t bring myself to be proud of three wedges costing $1950.00.

  3. William Dickman

    Matt , how much bounce did the wedge have? I have used Cleveland wedges for 30 years , most had 10 degrees or 8 degrees of bounce. I now have a set of PXG Gen 2 ‘s and the 56 degree sand wedge has 14 degrees of bounce. It’s been a real hard adjustment.

  4. Do you get all your golf equipment for free?

  5. Matt,
    No mention if any of the listed lofts are available for “wrong sided golfers”

  6. Ken Riegel

    Just bought two wedges from golfworks and they play as good as any I’ve had past 30 years. Look great to for $39 assembled

  7. Mark Lehman

    In this time of uncertainty and stress to launch a golf club, let alone a wedge, at this price is simply grotesque and wrong. I love the game and the equipment that is a key part of it and just had to cancel at week in Myrtle Beach due to the pandemic, so please excuse my rant, but this is just wrong.

  8. A complete insult to all golfers to charge $650 for a wedge. Either money is no object to you or you are a complete moron to buy one of these. If you think you have an advantage with these over a $99-149 wedge, then you are a sucker.

    • Milton Taylor

      Scott….. I could not agree more…I really could not agree more!

    • October 25 2021
      Hey Matt
      Just read your review after I bought 2 sugar daddy wedges. I am Canadian and paid about 240USD equivalent. I was able to get the PXG, 7 club deal for about 1,500 USD. I added the 54 and 60 to the set. I haven’t played them on a golf course but during the fitting the dispersion and distance on a full swing was excellent. I was playing a 56 from a top wedge manufacturer and had been all over the place. The 60 SD wedge was about the same distance as my 56. My lay-ups were always gap or pitching distances. I can’t wait to take my new PXG set to the course, on the simulator the shot repeatability and dispersion was excellent.


    • Dave Johnson

      Couldn’t of said it better!

  9. dennis lathouwers

    Do you also test/review the new PXG 0311 Forged wedge? I’m curious about this review in comparison with that wedge.

  10. What’s the swing weight on this wedge. Must be heavy with the “golden” price.

  11. Well I see the Wedges are getting ridiculous now and Parsons is laughing all the way to the Bank to deposit the stupid suckers money that fall for that BS hype. I have a couple of old Black Cleveland Wedges in 56 and 60 that I will gladly sell for 500 Bucks for Both. AND, they are left Handed, very rare. The are great ones with the Yellow piece in the back. What a deal, save 100 Bucks and you can buy a Dozen Balls that I am sure is the next great thing for PXG. What a Joke. Like PT Barnum said, “there is a sucker born every minute”, and with Golf it is 5 every minute.

  12. frank cichon

    Matt……you should run for office. Do you pay for equipment you (get to keep) was the question you were asked. What an answer. I have NO respect for your site after reading your reply. I am going to unsubscribe from this site

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m genuinely unsure what your complaint is. Brandon asked “Do you get all your golf equipment for free” which I interpreted as “the golf equipment that gets reviewed on the site.” In my response, I trusted his reading ability and intelligence to understand that “provide” was synonymous with “receive for free.”

      To say it again in different/more words: some companies send us products for free to review. Some companies do not. If a company does not want to send us product, we will do whatever we need to do, including buying the clubs, to bring those reviews to our readers.

      If Brandon’s original question related to the gear I play (which I assume it did not, since he did not follow up), the answer is, again, it’s a mix. Some of the gear I play was received for free as part of a review. Some of the gear I play I bought.


  13. Charlie Waffles

    Why 100% milled? I don’t think that milling makes it that much better than forged or even cast, just more expensive, and lets not discuss the screw weights. I love my 0211 but don’t feel that spending this much for a wedge is necessary.

    • Matt Saternus


      The argument for 100% milled is that it’s more consistent. If you mill it to 95% completion and hand finish the rest, there’s 5% where you can have human error. How much that really matters is beyond my personal expertise, but that’s the argument.



  14. If you can afford it why not. If you can’t don’t bitch about. It’s not your money to bitch about.

  15. LOL Matt is providing a review on a unique golf club. It is silly for people to write negative comments about the price. No one is forcing you to buy it! Just like no one is forcing you to buy a Ferrari. If you read a review about a Ferrari, you’d probably comment positively about it. You wouldn’t scorn anyone who could afford to buy it.

    Thank you for the review.

  16. B. Parsons

    Quit crying about the price and leave some real feedback. This commentary is pathetic.

  17. Hey Matt –

    Another excellent review. The more I looked at these clubs both online, and in a couple of the member’s bags, the more I longed to try them, just to see for myself if these things were what they were cracked up to be. Whenever I asked anyone who owned them, how they liked their quiver, they all unequivocally let me know they were phenomenal. But, yeah, what would I say if I had plunked down a fortune for them? I’d likely respond favorably too. When I was in FL last season (before the great plague that swept the earth), I was given a chance to give them a go. I kept my expectations low, wanting desperately to believe that they were all hype “the size of Texas”. Just holding them and appraising their milled craftsmanship, with the extraordinary work that went into putting each screw in, along with the final finishing was downright mesmerizing. Running my fingers over them and feeling their heft and balance added another degree of appreciation for that same work. But, so what, they look and feel great in the showroom. The real question for us golf aficionados comes down to, but how do they play? At address, hmmm, nice. However, at the moment of contact, I know my face and body revealed my true assessment…these things are friggin rad! And with each stroke it only confirmed that first shot. Dude, I want these….I need these! Yeah, if I could cough up that kind of money, or swing a deal with PXG to put them in my bag(s), I’d play them joyfully and with absolute pride – and I’d bloody crow about their fabulousness. This is an extraordinary product, unlike anything I’ve seen or played. There are so many beautiful clubs out there, with brushed and chrome finishes, simple designs and complex ones too, but this club truly stands out among them all. I’ve never played the gold plated Honma or Miuras, but I never felt a need to. They look, well, grotesquely tacky. With the PXG, I tried to justify the cost, and asked myself, if I was given the task of engineering, designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling a club from zero to sold, and came up with this rare gem of a club, just how much would a club have to cost – just to make my money back – let alone profit? Well, I don’t know if I could sell a club for less than a grand each if I had to do it the long way. Then I put it into context with the better putters that I play, knowing I don’t think twice (okay, maybe more than twice), and how much do I justify that cost versus pleasure and performance? Minimum for a Scotty or Bettinardi, $400+ for the low end stuff, and straight up into the thousands for some of their premium lines or other premium putter manufacturers. No, these aren’t for the guys that pull up in a 7 year old SUV who go digging around the used club bins for a deal, or the ones that are eyeing up the Callaway all-in-one club sets at Costco, or playing the 30 year old Ping Eye 2s. These were made for that same guy that rolls into the parking lot with the latest Mercedes AMG, Aston Martin, or Bentley convertible, the guys firing up the Cuban Cohibas and sipping the 20 year old Scotch Whisky regularly. They have their tickets and digs set up for Augusta, and Pebble annually, and they don’t just go for a day, they are there for the entire week. No, I’m not one of those guys, I am a few notches below them, I’m in the middle end of the Mercedes bracket, enough to know that I can walk around the Luxury cars and sit in them at the showroom, smell the leather and feel the deep, and luxuriant plush and wonder, what if…yeah, if only, that’s kind of where these PXGs sit for me. Yeah, if money was not a part of the equation, the O311 ST with this milled wedge, would be in my bag. But instead, I got real, I went for the 0211s and the forged wedge, and I love them – truly excellent by any standard, and for about $4000 more, I could have loved them that much more, but I know my station, and I’m sure there are those who would question how much I paid for the 0211s too (my wife being one of them). But in context of what golf is, compared to what is going on in the world right now, it’s all pretty silly stuff. But, yeah bro, what if…

  18. Jim Pecoraro

    PXG is running a promotion for Lefties right now, of which I am one. $159 for the milled wedge. Is this too good a deal to pass up??

  19. Peter Månsson

    A great review, as always. I have the first generation Sugar Daddy wedges and I like them a lot. It is interesting to see the change of weights to get a higher CG. I just wonder if you plan to do a review of the 0311ST milled irons. It would be interesting to read what you think about them.


    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      At this time, we’re not planning on reviewing the 0311 ST, but that can change if there’s enough interest in it.



      • Peter Månsson

        Ok, I can just hope there are more golfers interested in reading a review of these milled irons. Thanks.


  20. Pretty hilarious how people are “outraged” by the price. PXG ain’t forcing you to buy it. They simply provide this product. It’s a fully milled club head like a Scotty Cameron putter. Is it excessive and unnecessary ? Probably but I rather see companies release unique products than the same old cookie cutter stuff all the time. I ain’t buying it at full price but I think it’s cool PXG is making this. Thank you for the review!

  21. Carey gardner

    I just bought my second set of PXGs, I have the Gen 2. And now the Gen 3s I love them. Got fitted at Club Champions in Santa Monica CA. I’m a Vietnam vet. Marine, retired cop. 5 handicap. I’m not rich, but what else I’m I going to spend my money on. It’s all relative. I’m looking at the wedges now. Good review by Matt. Just saying if you don’t like the price don’t buy them. It’s not rocket science.

  22. Tiger for President 2024

    I just bought my first 60 degree in this yesterday for $99.00 very lightly used. Straight to the course and it’s magnificent.

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