2023 Titleist T100 Irons Review

2023 Titleist T100 irons cavity, toe

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The 2023 Titleist T100 irons are beautiful with great feel.  More forgiveness than you could reasonably expect at this size.  Tremendous combo set potential with the T150 and T200 irons.


It’s hard for me to believe, but the 2023 Titleist T100 is already the third iteration of this model.  Since it’s launch [original T100 review HERE], the T100 has done nothing but win.  It’s the most played iron model by Touring Professionals worldwide, and, as such, it’s the Titleist iron that recreational golfers want to put in their bag.  In this review, I’ll discuss whether that’s a smart choice or if this is a club best left to the pros.

2023 Titleist T100 irons address


The 2023 Titleist T100 irons continue to be one of the cleanest looking sets of players irons in golf.  From the thin top line to the compact blade length to the minimal offset, they have all the characteristics that skilled players typically look for.

In the bag, the T100 irons deserve all the fire emojis that Instagram can muster.  The branding is clear but minimal – just the iconic Titleist script logo across the middle.  The model number is tucked into the toe of the cavity at the edge of a stripe that keeps the cavity from looking too bare.  It’s all topped off by an understated matte finish that will age well.  I was a big fan of the look of the 2021 T100 [review HERE], but I like this new version even better.

Above, you see the Titleist T100 iron next to the T150 iron (right), both 6 irons [review of the Titleist T150 irons HERE].  Side-by-side, a close examination reveals some small differences, but these irons are incredibly similar.  On their own, I think 95% (probably more) of golfers couldn’t tell these irons apart.

Finally, here is a comparison across three models, the T200, T150, and T100, from left to right.  These are not at the same loft; they are the 5I, 6I, and 7I, respectively.  You can see that the T200 is noticeably thicker in the top line than the other two.  That said, I think the T200 is still a very attractive iron, well within the players category, and is easily blended into a combo set [full T200 review HERE].

2023 Titleist T100 irons face

Sound & Feel

During my fitting, I got the chance to the hit all of the 2023 Titleist T-Series irons, and the T100 has the most solid, traditional feel of the lot.  On center, it’s soft and crisp.  This is exactly what most golfers have in mind when they say they want “forged feel.”  It’s the kind of club that will keep you on the range longer, chasing that pure sensation.

As with its predecessor, the feedback from this club is clear but not penal.  From my first swing, I was easily able to identify strike location, verified by Trackman.  However, even thin shots don’t sting your hands.  To me, this is the combination that all players clubs strive for.


With Titleist’s other new T-Series irons, there are some fairly substantial changes.  However, with the T100 being the most played iron on worldwide tours, the focus was, “Don’t screw this up.”  I can confirm that Titleist did not screw up the T100 and actually made some subtle upgrades.

For me, the hallmark of the Titleist T100 irons has always been how much forgiveness they pack into such a compact shape.  Thanks to the use of tungsten (which, to their credit, Titleist disguises), the T100 has the stability of a much larger club.  Whether you’re looking at ball flight or Trackman data, pure shots and small misses are almost indistinguishable.  Most important for me, as someone who tends to miss low on the face, these irons are some of the best at putting thin strikes on a playable trajectory.

Despite packing in more tungsten for more stability, the 2023 Titleist T100 irons are still extremely workable and consistent.  It does not require an exaggerated effort to flight the ball up or down or to bend it right or left.  Just as important, I have yet to see any “jumpers” – pure strikes that go longer than they should.  Finally, these irons are above average in spin, meaning that they have superb stopping power on the green.

Beyond the added forgiveness, the other change to the 2023 T100 irons is in the sole.  You can see in the face picture above Sound & Feel that the toe has been rounded more aggressively to allow for cleaner turf interaction.  This is another change that suits me well, as my divots can get a little toe heavy.

Titleist T-Series Irons Blended Sets

I picked up a shocking (in a good way) stat during my fitting: last year, one third of the iron sets that Titleist sold were blended sets.  That means they included different models, for example, T100 short irons and T200 long irons.  I was thrilled to learn that so many golfers are taking advantage of this option, and the 2023 Titleist T-Series irons make this easier than ever.  With four distinct models, you can get the performance you need in each iron.

For my fitting, I came in with my heart set on a full set of 2023 Titleist T100 irons.  I started by hitting all the models in a 7I and comparing the performance.  Though other irons offered more distance and forgiveness, I explained my priorities to my fitter, and we went with the T100 from 7I to PW.

When we got to the 6I, I was not able to hit the ball speed number that my fitter required for optimal gapping.  He handed me a T150 6I, and I achieved it easily.  As I noted in the Looks section, blending the T150 and T100 is easy – they look and feel almost identical.

When we got to the 5I, we found that I needed to change models again to get the ball speed I needed.  While the T200 is a bit larger and has a different finish than the T100 and T150, I don’t mind it in a longer iron.  In my current set, I already swap out the 4I for a utility iron; I’m realistic enough to know that I can use the added forgiveness for long approach shots.  I ended up with an iron set that spans three models but produces playable distance gaps and optimal ball flight throughout.

Finally, I want to recognize Titleist for the resources they put into custom fitting.  Some OEMs are content to have you compare a couple 6 irons and order a set based on that alone.  Titleist starts by fitting players into the right model for each iron before perfecting the fit with the right shaft and lie angle.  If you’re in the market for new irons, a Titleist fitting can be a tremendous eye-opener.


The 2023 Titleist T100 irons remain among the elite when it comes to players irons.  This latest version keeps the trademark forgiveness and traditional feel while enhancing the looks and boosting the performance to even higher levels.  Whether you have Tour-level ball striking or not, this is a set that begs to be tried at your next fitting.

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2023 Titleist T100 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. James blake

    What was the ball speed they required?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t recall, there was a lot of information flying around that day. It’s also important to note that the ball speed number isn’t the same for everyone, it was what I needed in speed relative to the next club down.



    • joey5picks

      Titleist recommends 5mph ball speed between irons. I’ve also seen a recommendation elsewhere that you should multiply your 7-iron club head speed by 10% and that’s your suggested yardages hai between irons. So a 120 mph 7-iron means a 12-yard gap between irons.

  2. Great insightful quick review as always Matt.

    However going forward when providing comparative address picture of 3 models of iron, it is possible to take the same address picture for the same iron and collage them together? It really gives a reader a better sense of the address profile of the different models.


  3. Hi Matt,
    Very nice review on one of the most beautiful iron of 2023. Which company forged this club for Titleist? It is a very well keep secret.
    Could you give some difference or similarity between the feeling of this club and a Miura iron like the cb 1008?
    Thanks for this excellent review and best regards,

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any info about who does the forging, sorry.
      The CB 1008 feels a little softer to me, but it’s a very minor difference.



  4. Ryan McDaniel

    Great review. Where did the fitting take place? Is the process you mentioned (getting fit for each iron individually, not just a 6 iron) available in the Chicago area?

    • Matt Saternus


      It was a Titleist fitting at Cantigny. Titleist has a schedule of their fitting opportunities on their website.



  5. Matt does these mean the blueprints have finally been replaced?!? 😳

  6. Chuck Zirkle

    Great review. The 2023 T series are stunning. At 77 wish I still had the game for the 100s. The new T350s are on my radar and forged. Kudos to Titleist, looks a home run.

  7. Great review Matt, all the new Titleist irons look really nice but I think the T100 or T150 would be the most suited to my game, fitters usually aspire to get a 5 mph ball speed increase between irons and may suggest moving to a stronger lofted or more forgiving model if a player cannot produce enough ball speed with their mid or long irons.

  8. joey5picks

    I had a Titleist fitting, but only hit 7-iron fitting clubs, no 6-irons and certainly no other irons. Fitted only had a 7-iron fitting head. He did have full sets, but with stock shafts (PX LZ 6.0 for the T150).

  9. Thanks for the review! Did you bend the loft down on the 6 iron T150 to reduce the gap between the T100 iron? I’m also considering a 100/150/200 combo set but with the loft differences in the 100/150 it makes it a tad tricky without adjusting . Thanks!

  10. Great review and thank you for the insights on the Titleist fitting process.

    What are the priorities that motivated you to go with T-100 instead of T-150 for 7i-PW?

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t really want to hit my 7-PW any farther than I do now, and the T100 hit those numbers.



  11. Are you planning a T150 review or was that sort of built into this review? I’m very confused where the T150 slots in terms of forgiveness as compared to other players distance irons

  12. Really nice review here. Being fit for this line later today. I’ve hit all clubs on my course and all very very nice. My hang up right now, the 9-PW. T150 (I don’t believe you’ve done a review yet), The t150 appears to have just a little more forgiveness, slightly wider sole. I noticed the t100 lofts are what I want but I dont want to be punished when it matters. Could it make sense to go t150 in the 9-PW and just look at having the 2 clubs bent to fit my wants/needs or do you think the forgiveness factor is minimal here for these 2 clubs I’m stuck on. Appreciate your time as always.

    • Matt Saternus


      My T150 review is coming a week from Thursday.
      I think the forgiveness gap between T100 and T150 is pretty minimal, but one thing I’ve been saying a lot lately is this: if you think the idea is going to live in the back of your head, go the way you think you should. I’d definitely rather bend some irons a degree or two and have the set I want/trust than buy a set because of its stock specs.



  13. Hi Matt
    How would you say these compare to the new Cobra King Tour or CB/MB look, feel and forgiveness wise? They are all on my shortlist

  14. What club is this in the new Callaway apex 24 line? They both have MBs and CBs. Is it the most comparable to the Pro?

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