Titleist T100 Irons Review

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The Titleist T100 irons are beautiful – a perfect fit for the eye of the accomplished player.  Great feel and surprising levels of performance.  One of the best players irons available.



Titleist’s AP2 irons have enjoyed a tremendous run of success both on Tour and in the bags of skilled amateurs worldwide.  However, with the near-complete shake up of Titleist’s iron line for 2019, the AP Series has been replaced by the T Series.  The AP2’s successor is the new T100 which is already a fixture in the bag of Jordan Spieth and other Titleist Tour players.


Titleist set out to make the T100 the “ultimate Tour iron,” and they certainly nailed the look.  At address, there’s not much more you can ask for from a players iron.  The blade is compact, the top line is thin, and there’s very little offset.  The contrast of chrome in the toe and heel with the matte along the grooves makes the club appear even smaller.

In the bag, the T100 is a little busier than you might expect.  The cavity is framed in chrome, and there’s a bar of matte silver near the sole.  The “T100” and “Titleist” branding is very compact.  While there’s quite a bit going on – different shapes and levels to the cavity – the fact that it’s entirely silver and black allows it to retain a classic look.

Sound & Feel

Sweet.  Striking the T100 on the center produces a crisp, satisfying sensation that you’ll want to feel after every swing.

As you would expect from a players iron, the feedback is very good.  From the first range session, I was easily able to discern where each shot struck the face.


Better players have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of modern club design.  Thanks to the use of different materials – in this case, tungsten – OEMs can create an iron that looks traditional but still has strong forgiveness.  The Titleist T100 is a premier example of a players iron that is easy to hit.

By using a co-forging process, Titleist fused tungsten into the head of the mid and long T100 irons to boost stability.  The forgiveness is noticeable in both the feel and the results.  Shots on the toe and heel don’t twist in your hands, and the ball lands closer to the target than it otherwise would.  Even more important for me, the T100 handles thin strikes marvelously.

The other notable performance trait of the T100 is the spin.  Compared to similar irons, the T100 produces more of it.  The difference isn’t enormous – I was still carrying each iron my normal distance – but it’s definitely measurable.  This additional spin can be beneficial for players who have trouble holding greens or who want more spin so they can curve their shots more.  As always, proper fitting is the key.


The Titleist T100 is one of the best players irons of 2019 or any other year.  Titleist married wonderful feel to a classic look and mixed in more forgiveness than can reasonably be expected from an iron like this.  Whether you’ve been a loyal AP2 player or are new to Titleist, check out the T100 if you’re in the market for new irons.

Titleist T100 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Gary Newlon

    These seem like great irons, but I can’t afford them. Being retired I’ll have to pass on these great clubs.

  2. Matt,

    Big fan of the site. How would you compare the T100s to the Apex Pros, particularly in terms of workability and forgiveness? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any direct comparison data, but my sense is that the T100 is very slightly more forgiving. If I was between the two, it would come down to A) fit and B) subjective preference (look, feel).



      • Thanks, Matt. I did a fitting yesterday and found that the T100s spun at a~6500 while the Apex Pros spun ~6000 at 100mph 7i swing speed. I actually found the Apex Pros to be slightly more forgiving, but I was also finding the center of the face on the Apex Pros more consistently for whatever reason. Ended up going with Apex Pros 5-PW and Apex Forged 4i.

  3. Scott Coldiron

    Interesting that you mention these irons create more spin. My swing (90-95 w/ driver) doesn’t generate enough spin and has lower trajectory. When I try distance clubs I don’t get enough spin or height. I use higher spinning golf balls to help with spin.

    Do irons like the T100 generally create more spin and height? I have been fitted, but a players iron with a less than players shaft (DG for example) was not part of the fitting. Reading your review makes me think that is a path I should try. Thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      With the caveat that I’m painting with a broad brush: yes, generally players irons will spin more than distance irons. Total height brings launch into the picture and because of the interplay of loft and construction differences, that will be dictated more by fit.
      I think all things are worth trying. If you’re a low launch, low spin players, a more traditionally lofted head with higher spin would make sense to me.



  4. Anthony Perrault

    I love my T100s. I played Mizuno MP-53s for a long time, and I was concerned about the small face on the T100s and losing feel. But once I got used to the T100s, I feel like, if anything, my ball striking has improved because I have to focus a little harder to ensure good contact. The feel is great – a little less buttery but a little more solid. You definitely know when you’ve struck it well. The T100s produce more than enough spin for the average course; in fact, I had all my irons bent 1-degree stronger to bring down the spin and increase distance a little bit. Turf interaction is phenomenal; the beveled leading edge helps when you catch a little more turf than you expected. The T100s are more forgiving than blades but you will still get punished for poor strikes. When I got fitted, I also tried the MB and CB, and the difference in dispersion and distance was immediately noticeable. The tungsten in the 7i – 3i definitely helps stabilize the blade without sacrificing workability. Two (2) warnings: 1) These are not players distance irons – the distances are closer to blades. Don’t let the thin face and tungsten fool you. 2) These are players irons that require solid ball striking skills. Poor shots are still punished, just not as much as a pure blade like the MB or CB. If you’re a mid to high handicapper, don’t be lured by the good looks. Remember, there are plenty of player’s distance irons that look just as good – e.g., T200 – and are more forgiving.

  5. Scott Coldiron


    Thank you for your reply and information! I will be testing that theory in the off season.


  6. Love Plugged in review, this review has been my guide and first stop always before any purchasing decision made, Just tried the T series demo yesterday and to be honest, I think the whole Titleist production line need to be reviewed and updated, tried all the T series clubs and the feeling is like typical OEM club, that crisp sound is tantamount to say the whole process is a cheap and irresponsible production, you can’t feel the weight at all and it’s that light! very disappointed, meanwhile tried one of the Epon old club and it was sticky and buttery soft, you can feel the club weight throughout the swing… my guess you will hv to think twice – maybe even 5 times before buying these OEM set…. but again, this is very personal thing… I’d rather top up a bit more for a good trustworthy forged club set

  7. Interesting review. I’d say at a 34 degree 7 iron, a slower swinger would be lucky to hit the 7 iron 145. You’ll find these irons in the bag of top players all the way to tour pros. For the average person that’s looking for a players look, I’d go T200 or MMC or even HMB. All great sets that offer more distance with some forgiveness.

  8. Dan Kenslea

    How do you feel about mixing a set? I’m a pretty consistent 8-9 handicap, and have been playing the AP2’s for last five years and love them. Thinking about getting a new set, possibly using the T200s for the 4/5/6 irons and the T100’s for 7-PW. Does that make sense? Add a bit of forgiveness to the longer irons while playing the tighter clubs for the “money shots”?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think that’s a fine idea if you can make the loft/distance gaps work. You’d need to find a fitter who can have you hit the 6I T200 and 7I T100, both with the same shaft, to figure that out. Alternately, you could order the set and then have the fitter modify the lofts to make it work.



  9. Thanks…i’ll be on the watch to make sure the gaps arent too big…Appreciate the tip!

  10. Hi, Matt.

    I was wondering if there’s a significant difference in both performance and forgiveness between the T100 and the last version of the AP2.

    Also, could I take my current specs from a TaylorMade set and have the T100 set to them? or does that effect the clubs performance?

    Another great review!

    Thanks, Ryan

    • Matt Saternus


      I wouldn’t say there’s a huge difference between the T100 and the last AP2, with the caveat that one might fit a player better than another.

      Your TaylorMade specs for length and lie would be a fine starting point for a fitting with the T100, but I wouldn’t try to match the lofts. The T100 is fairly “weak” by modern standards and most TM irons are rather strong.



  11. Stan Spadoni

    I am a 3 to 4 handicap that has played AP2s for last 6 years or so. Distance w my 8 iron is approx 155 yards or so….. Looking for a new set of irons and very intrigued by the t100 series or the t 100s series I am not a huge fan of blades so I was wondering if the t100 series would be more similar to the AP2s or more toward a blade? I have loved my ap2s but am not a solid enough iron player to play confident w blades so looking for your thoughts….

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the T100 is the replacement for the AP2. If you like the AP2, you’ll be very happy with the T100.



  12. Matt,

    Any thoughts comparing the the V6?

  13. What’s the swing weight of the t100’s?

  14. Chris Wallace

    Hey Matt, I know your a big believer in the PXG gen 3 0311t! Which do you prefer between these 2 and which do you think is more forgiving and better feel???

  15. I shoot in the 90’s…just don’t play enough. I’m looking at the T series and want to get a high quality iron. Is the T100 probably not a fit? My iron striking is inconsistent so I don’t want the clubs to make me play worse.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest going to get a fitting to find out what irons fit your game best. Generally speaking, I would not recommend the T100 to someone who is inconsistent with their iron striking.



  16. curtis brzyski

    thank you for your review of the T100. I currently play Titleist 716 CB Irons. As you stated in your review of the 716 CB nothing compares to the sweet feel of these irons. I am a 4 handicap still very accurate with 6 through PW . What irons would you suggest that have that same buttery feel with more forgiveness in the 3 through 5 irons. Can you recommend irons to try with that buttery feel, minimum offset with just a little more forgiveness

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m hesitant to make recommendations and that goes double for a better player because the level of subjectivity is even higher. Where you draw the line for “minimum offset” may be different than me. All that said, I’m loving the PXG GEN3 T irons right now. I think the iBlade still stands up in terms of performance. The Miura CB 1008 feels good and has some forgiveness. Ultimately I’d recommend getting to a good fitter like Club Champion, telling them what you like, and hitting a lot of different things.



  17. Are you going to review the T100-S?

    • Matt Saternus


      We do not have plans to do that at this time, but if there’s a strong demand for it, we will.



  18. Nathan Andrew

    Hello. I currently am making a comeback and these Irons look awesome to me. When I left the game I was using Nike Blades same as Tiger’s, in all honesty I found them very unforgiving kind of ruined my game and my brain. Ive been injured. Had a break and am looking to get back into the game and buy a set of Titleist T100 or T200 4-PW. I have read multiple reviews regarding the T100 and very postive feedbadk. My handicap when I got injured was 2. Have been given the green light from Doctor to resume. Im well aware my rhythm and timing will take few months to get back, so Ill be practising 4 times a week hitting 250 balls a session.
    Before I go out and Purchase I thought Id ask someone for some advice.
    My apologies if my comment was a bit long.

  19. Matt,
    I have recently started working on my game and am thinking about new irons. My friends laugh and say I should get into the 21 century. I am currently play Titleist DCI 962s and love them. I don’t see much difference when hitting newer irons. I know that I need to be fitted but which current irons are close to my 962s? I have always hit my irons well. There are so many options and I want to avoid a fitter having me make the choice. Any suggestions on how to get started.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure what you mean by “avoid a fitter having me make a choice”. Can you explain that to me?



  20. Hi Matt,
    Is the forgiveness comparable to the Srixon ZX7 irons? Which of the two do you think takes the cake in the forgiving category?

  21. I played the cavity back 2008 big Berthas for 13 years and I finally broke a iron this last Saturday, so I went and bought a set of t100’s. I played a round Sunday and hit the range today. I love the performance of these. I’m generally a good iron striker and I gained probably 10% more length. Good buy

  22. Paul Venton

    Rob. Short story. Played with Hogan Blades through my 20s+30s. Changed to Ping ISI throughout my 40s. Just retired. Pulled out the old Hogan’s PC.
    Hit them great until I broke the 5 Iron.
    Play a round with a set of T100..OMG!
    Pin seeking again.. love love the Titleist T100.

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