Wilson Staff Model CB Irons Review

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The Wilson Staff Model CB irons look beautiful and feel great.  Surprisingly high levels of forgiveness and consistency.  Great irons for good and improving golfers.


Over the last couple years, Wilson has built substantial buzz among better players with their Staff Model family.  Starting with the ultra-desirable Staff Model Blade [review HERE] and continuing to the Utility Iron [review HERE] and Wedge [review HERE], they’ve released a small line of clubs built to the standards of the legendary Staff name.

For 2021, Wilson is bringing a more playable iron to the Staff Model family.  The Staff Model CB irons build on the successful framework of the Tour V6 irons [review HERE], a follow up that Wilson fans have been clamoring for.  I tested a set to see if they could prove worthy of their intimidating lineage.


Like the other clubs in the Staff Model family, the Wilson Staff Model CB irons have a clean look and a traditional silver and black color scheme.  That said, there are plenty of subtle features that make them aesthetically interesting.   The cavity is split in three with each section carrying its own branding – the Wilson Staff shield, “CB,” and “Staff Model.”  There’s also the matte silver on the toe, signifying the placement of the tungsten weight.

In the playing position, the Wilson Staff Model CB irons have thicker top lines than the Staff Model Blades but seem to share their other dimensions.  Both sets have a rounded shape in the pitching wedge that gets more square in the mid and long irons.  Compact heel-to-toe length and virtually non-existent offset will both appeal to the better player.

Also like the Staff Model Blades, the Staff Model CB irons have a mirrored finish on the heel and toe of the face and around the perimeter of the club.  This is a welcome change of pace from the matte finishes seen on so many modern irons, but they may cause glare in brighter situations.

Sound & Feel

The combination of a forged carbon steel face and Wilson’s “Impact Mass Area” give the Staff Model CB irons a very strong, satisfying feeling when hit well.  On center, the feel is quite soft.  If you move away from the center, you get moderate feedback via a firmer impact sensation.  With a urethane-covered golf ball, impact is a quiet “thud.”


Wilson describes the Staff Model CB irons as the best of their V6 irons and Staff Model Blades.  Clearly I had forgotten just how good the V6 irons were, because the level of forgiveness in the Staff Model CB caught me totally off guard.  Despite the blade-like appearance, these irons are more than happy to take a mishit and deposit it safely on the green.

The keys to the consistency of the CB irons are the 20 grams of tungsten in the toe of the long and mid irons and the Tri-Brace stabilizer.  I was seeing a loss of 10 yards or less even on fairly ugly mishits.  This is a level of consistency that still surprises me in an iron this compact.

In terms of launch, spin, and distance, the Staff Model CB bridges the gap between players distance irons and blades.  They have the same loft sequence as the Staff Model Blades, which is fairly traditional by current standards.  The CB spins a bit less than the Blade, which will lead to slightly longer carry distance for most players.  Shot shapers need not fear – there’s still plenty of spin to hold greens and bend draws and fades.

Finally, I have to mention how impressed I was with the 4I.  As a low launching player, I typically game a utility iron in place of a traditional 4I to get higher launch and better distance gapping.  With the Wilson Staff Model CB irons, the 4I launched easily, consistently, and with enough spin to create a proper distance gap from the 5I.  It’s easy to see why Wilson’s Tour Staff love this set.


For fans of Wilson’s FG Tour irons, your patience has been rewarded.  The new Staff Model CB irons blend the beauty of the Staff line with the playability you remember from the best FG Tour irons.  Even in a crowded market of irons for better players, these are worth a serious look.

Visit Wilson Golf HERE

Wilson Staff Model CB Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Bend that 4 iron 1 degree strong, throw some X100s in and it is the perfect set of irons. Hopefully somebody buys some, doesn’t like them, and I can score them for half price on the bay.

  2. michael+cacace

    What more forgiving the wilson CB or the Srixon zx7?

    • Matt Saternus


      The ZX7 will be slightly more forgiving.


    • Michael, I just hit both the Wilson CB and the Srixon ZX7 side by side yesterday. I honestly saw no appreciable difference in forgiveness. And the CB was a lot more forgiving than I thought it would be. I fit well into both stock shafts so that does help.
      I went with the ZX7 as they have a much better selection of available grips and shafts. And I could not custom order the CB, they must be discontinuing it soon.

      • The Wilson Staff CB is fully customizable on their website. Click on the big red “Customize” link for this iron and customize to your heart’s content.

  3. Thanks for the review. Hit these at a local demo day and was initially scared by the compactness but they are so forgiving. Went back to my irons and they looked so big and clunky. Plan on trying these and the zx7 out later in spring after some more lessons.

  4. Matt, which do you prefer in a head to head. The Wilson cb vs the 921 tours?

  5. Hello Matt,
    How easy or difficult would it be to re-shaft a set of these irons with that fluid feel plug? Would it be a standard re-shaft like typical non bore-thru style irons? Or is it more complicated (shaft going through the sole, cutting and grinding required, etc….) like the old callaway irons?

    • Matt Saternus


      Great question. I haven’t pulled any of them apart, so I can’t say for sure, but my guess, based on the size of the hole/plug in the sole, is that it would be only a little more complicated than a standard reshaft.



    • This is literally the exact question I have been wondering about for weeks. It has actually stopped me from getting a set. Has anyone actually gotten an answer to this question?

      Im hoping the shaft can be removed with affecting the plug (assuming there is some hosel material between the bottom of the shaft bore and where the plug starts.

      If anyone knows, please post here!


    • Ok just finished a reshaft on this set. No fluid feel plug. Kind of a pseudo bore thru like the more recent Callaway irons. Heads up 528 OD ferrules work absolutely perfect

  6. Matt, fair to say this is one of the sneaky better players cb irons. Three questions:

    As far as forgiveness, would you put these at least near i210s? You said surprisingly forgiving and I felt the same about your v6. If this is improved even more, it’s definitely getting close to i210 or at least competing in that category.

    How did you feel about distance? In terms of the v6, if there was a knock, it was the iron was extremely traditional in terms of spin and distance. Do you find that these are more modern and longer with a touch less spin? I’d guess maybe 1/2 club longer.

    Lastly, how’s the turf interaction? Did you feel like there’s plenty of bounce?


    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, it’s in the same ballpark as the i210.
      Compared to other similar irons, I’d say that CB is more traditional than modern in terms of spin and distance.
      Yes, I think the sole has adequate bounce.



  7. Gary Douglas

    I currently have Apex 15s and have the 7 year itch, with the clubs looking pretty banged up after a LOT of rounds. How would you compare the two please? Or if that’s an unfair comparison – how do the Wilsons compare to the latest Apexs? I presume these are in the scratch to 12 handicap range?

  8. Matt, do this fit closer to the D7 forged or Staff Blades in feel and forgiveness?

  9. Christopher Shively

    Love the look of the Staff Model. Excellent review as always. Hopefully this offering gets WS some love from more golfers, especially at that price point. Would enjoy getting my hands on these for an in person look. #GetFit2021

  10. I have never thought of Wilson as a legitimate contender. I may have been quick to judge them. The Staff Blades and these CB’s are beautiful. I’d love to see something with similar specs to the ZX5.

  11. Jeff Schechter


  12. They look fantastic. I haven’t hit a Wilson iron since the Fat Shafts lol. #GetFit2021

  13. #GetFit2021

  14. I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from Wilson!


  15. Wilson irons are probably the most under rated clubs in the market. Would love to #GetFit2021 and put these irons into my bag!

  16. Jason Tatterton

    Beautiful irons…hoping they are offered in left-handed.

    • All of them are offered in lefty even the 2/3. Tried them out at a demo day and was so happy they brought the left handed ones

  17. David Snazell

    A lovely looking iron.
    They would help #GetFit2021!

  18. Matt thanks for the preview on the Wilson Staff CB. You talked me into a test drive.

  19. I would love to get a new bag of clubs this year with all of the great releases. There is some great equipment this year! Thanks for helping all of us find the best stuff for us. #GetFit2021

  20. Sure are beautiful irons are they going be Available In left hand ? #GetFit2021

  21. #GetFit2021 – These irons look like exactly what I need to bring my game back this year. I’m ready for this next season – and even more ready with these clubs!

  22. Neil Rombardo

    Beautiful irons, I’d like to get fit for these. #GetFit2021

  23. Josh Giesige

    I was a proud owner of the V6s. Loved the look of them, loved the feeling it gave on a solid hit. But the # of rounds I am able to play compared to years prior had me go in a different direction in 2020 and get a little more forgiving clubs. That said, I would LOVE to hit these CBs and will always keep an eye on what Wilson Staff is doing. Thanks for the review! #GetFit2021

  24. Daniel G Tatum

    These look great.

  25. David Leslie

    #GetFit2021- Desperate to get fitted for a set of these. Damn covid and the weather

  26. Louis Baltazar

    Love the review as always! These are definitely on my radar to replace my irons. #GetFit2021

  27. Hey Matt, Enjoyed the review. My first set of irons that were mine, not Dad’s hand-me-downs, were Wilson Staff Tour Blades, circa 1978. Loved those clubs, still have them, but only to look at! Would love to hit these! Thanks. #GetFit2021

  28. These look legit and would love a chance to test them out…I bet Club Champion carries them (wink).


  29. Terry Schott


  30. I’m thing the zx7 are more my style but thanks for your reveiw…


  31. Do Wilson make it easy to blend these with the blades in the short irons? I currently play mp20 mmc with the mp20 blades in 9 and PW – the loft gapping in these Wilsons look better (the mmcs are 2deg stronger lofted than the blades, which is a little annoying). Also, what do you think of the shaft options for the Wilsons? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, you can easily blend the CBs and Blades.
      I think the stock Dynamic Gold is fine, but getting fit for the best shaft is superior.


  32. Valentin Chou

    The Zx7 and Wilson CB’s are great looking irons! It’s going to be tough to choose!


  33. #GetFit2021

  34. I’ve always loved the look of Staff irons! Wilson has a great history with this product line. #GetFit2021

  35. Matt,

    I have the Apex Pro 16s which you gave a glowing review of, and which I love (very hard to beat)! How would you compare them to the Wilson CBs (feel/forgiveness/looks)?



    • Matt Saternus


      Since that review was approximately 5 years ago, I’d be hesitant to offer a head to head comparison. My advice would be to bring your current irons to a fitting against the CBs and other current models.



  36. Jerry Dushane


  37. Tom Duckworth

    I have been a Wilson fan for a long time gamed Staff blades when I was younger and most recently the FG Tour V2 irons. I think their blades are the best looking out there.
    Wish they weren’t so hard to find.

  38. Mike DelGais

    Need to get to the pro shop and give these a try. They look great.

  39. Would love to see those go in the bag #GetFit2021

  40. Eugene Marchetti

    Srixon for me but considering the price, Wilson is in the mix. #GetFit2021

  41. Excellent review as always. I hit them and enjoyed them very much Indeed. I eventually settled on the Mizuno JPX921 Forged. I look forward to, and have read all of your reviews over the years. I believe you provide the most honest and insightful reviews on the web, period. Please keep it going, I’ve bought so many golf products based on information you provide, as you’ve never steered us wrong. Cheers!!🏌👍


  42. Mitchell Hobbs

    Have had the D-7 and v-6 in WS.
    Love the look and specs.. Worth testing out :maybe #getfit2021.
    Thanks as always!

  43. Thanks for the review. Love Wilson Staff products. Playing the Staff Model blade. Would like something a little more forgiving. These look to be right up my alley. Will certainly give em a wack.

  44. Richard+Bernard

    Great review Matt.
    Wilson continues to be sneaky good. It’s just hard to find a retailer to demo.


  45. David J Sell

    Another interesting set of clubs from Wilson Staff. Have been considering upgrading my irons this year, and not that urge is getting a bit stronger.
    Thanks to Plugged in Golf for the always great info, and including Wilson products in the scene. Very difficult to find around me to test them out.
    Would love a chance to get fitted for some new clubs !

  46. Matt,

    I saw in an earlier post that you believe the CB’s can pair well with the Staff model blade. Are the soles similar in terms of width and bounce? Where in the set will best to transition from the CB to the blade?

    • Matt Saternus


      The CB sole is wider, but the difference isn’t enormous. 8I is a pretty common transition point, but it really depends on the ball striking of the individual golfer.



  47. Matt- Thanks for the great work!!! I suspect/hope your mindset is “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!”. I literally ordered my Wilson Staff set of CB’s for the 4 & 5 and Wilson Staff blades 6-PW, primarily because of your reviews on both sets, as well as the Nippon 950gh shafts! Love your comments/insights, and look forward to enjoying future reviews. Thanks for your time and devotion to your craft and the spirit/sport of golf.


  48. Derek Sedlock

    #GetFit2021 love these

  49. Matt,
    Thank you for the review. Do you think the cb is playable for a handicap 15? How does it compare to the zx7?

  50. Jason Taylor

    These look amazing but I doubt that I will be able to test them where I love #GetFit2021

  51. Matt,
    Would be go with the Srixon Zx7 or Wilson Staff CB irons>

  52. Did Wilson do away with their crossover series? Looks like a choice between just player’s irons and distance now. May be upgrading my C200s. Thanks.

  53. purely on feel out the center, did you prefer these or the zx7?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s a tough call. I think I’d give the nod to the Wilson, but I’d be happy either way.


  54. These or T100 if you had to pick

    • Matt Saternus

      Hmmm…that’s a tough one. With the caveat that I haven’t hit either with my gamer shaft so I’m missing some key data…I think the T100 might be a hair better on thin shots, which is a not-uncommon miss for me.


  55. Don weiss

    What is the difference between the gap wedge and sand wedge in the c b set and the same in Wilson wedges

  56. Thank you . I did a poor job of asking. I meant what is difference between the clubs the ones with the set or the different Wilson wedges

    • Matt Saternus


      Got it. These wedges are cavity backs so they have some forgiveness. Speciality wedges usually have more versatile soles and more spin.



  57. Dom Zimmer

    Hi there, I’m wondering how these compare to the JPX921 Forged. I like the forgiveness of the 921’s, and I’m curious as to how the CB’s match up in terms of feel and forgiveness. Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re both in the same ballpark in terms of forgiveness. I might give a slight edge to the CB.


  58. Hey Matt,

    I currently own the D7 forged and I’m carrying my 7 iron about 170 yards. Do you think the CB will add to my distance?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for me to know for sure, but I think the CB will be shorter than the D7 Forged for most golfers.


      • Matt,

        If you have to choose between de Staff Model CB, D9 and D7 Forged what will be your choice? Considering that iam not a player that plays regularly, but I have the basics of a golf player. I have a strong swing but a lack of practice. The idea is to have a set that accompanies me to progress and enjoy at the same time!

        • Matt Saternus


          I would choose the Staff Model CB of those that you listed. For everyone else, I would recommend getting a fitting and finding the one that performs best for them.



  59. Hey Matt,

    If you have to choose between de Staff Model CB, D9 and D7 Forged what will be your choice? Considering that i’m not a regularly player but I have the basics of a golf player. I have a strong swing but a lack of practice. The idea is to have a set that accompanies me to progress and enjoy at the same time!

    • Matt Saternus


      I would choose the Staff Model CB of those that you listed. For everyone else, I would recommend getting a fitting and finding the one that performs best for them.



  60. I’m still playing my wilson fatshafts from 15 years ago (maybe 20?). Would these be a good upgrade? I’m an improving golfer, probably about an 18 handicap currently.

    • Matt Saternus


      The CB has good forgiveness relative to its peers, but the average 18 handicap is probably going to be giving up some performance/strokes by gaming them. That said, I’m a big advocate for playing what makes you happy, so if you like them, go for it.



  61. Hi Matt,
    thanks for the review.

    I am a 11 handicaper…close to single handicap. I play currently the Wilson FG Tour V6 Irons with a TT Dynamic Gold S shaft…i like these irons a lot but thinking about an upgrade.

    Thinking about a combo set:

    Wilson CB and the Staff Model Blades or
    P770s and P7MCs

    I think the Taylor Made combo set is a bit more forgiving and will give me more distance or what do you think ?

    All the best


    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know for sure is to get a fitting. I suspect the TaylorMade irons might be a bit longer, but that’s only a guess.


  62. Forgot another question…

    Whats the difference between the FG Tour V6 and the CB Model Irons…??


  63. Allo j ai un swing de 73 mph avec mon fer 7 (140 yard ) en distance et j aila possibilité d acheter des wilson model cb mais monter avec un shaft projet x 115 g 5,5 ma question c est de savoir si c est possible ou j ai pas assez de vitesse mais je suis tres precis au contact je joue actuellement des titleist 718 ap1 avec shaft dinamic gold r300 merci

  64. Hi Matt

    thanks for the review. Im looking at replacing my Wilson staff C300s with 5&6 D9s and 7-gap Wedge CBs

    do you think I will notice much Difference

  65. Matt, barring a fitting could you see someone having success moving from Game Improvement Taylormades into a combo set of Wilson CB (gw-8i) and D9 Forged (7-5i)? Looking for more feel/playability in my short irons, but still don’t want to give up too much forgiveness in the longer irons so wanted to see what you thought. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Anything is possible, but why are we ruling out a fitting?


      • I definitely want to get fitting done this year since ive never been fit, but trying to also do some research and go to my fitting prepared with some preferences since there are so many options available on market right now across Player’s Distance, etc. Will be first time moving away from GI segment and both CB and D9 forged suit my eye based on looks and $$ reviews for soft feel ad forgiveness so was curious if you saw anyone have success blending the 2 sets or if that didn’t really make sense. I saw some folks talking about combining the staff blade and cb, but not cb and d9 forged so was just kinda curious on your thoughts. Probably overthinking bc so many options out there. Thanks for ur help and will be getting fit by end of year before purchasing a new set.

  66. Matt,

    I’ve been playing a set of Cleveland CG16 Tour model irons for the past 10 years, how do they compare to the Wilson CBs?

  67. I’m a big fan of Wilson Staff irons. I’ve had a set for a few years now and they’ve held up great. I’m looking forward to trying out the CB irons.

  68. Hello Matt,
    I have one question, do you know if these irons are full forged or just the face…?
    Can I bend them for adjust loft and lie….?
    Thank You

    • Matt Saternus


      A good club builder can bend any club at least a couple degrees.
      These are fully forged.



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