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Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron Review

50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron has stellar looks and excellent performance.  A perfect compliment to Wilson’s Staff Model Blades or any other player’s iron set.

Check out the new Wilson Staff Model RB Utility Iron HERE


Earlier in 2019, Wilson released one of the most desirable irons of the year, the Staff Model Blades (review HERE).  To close the year on a high note, Wilson has now released a complimentary club, the Staff Model Utility Iron.  No matter what irons you play, this club is an ideal substitute for your long irons.


Most often, utility irons are found in the bags of better ball strikers.  This means they need to blend in with players irons, and the Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron does just that.  The top line is a touch thicker than your average players iron but not by much.  There’s minimal offset, and the blade is compact from heel to toe.  Importantly, the sole of the club doesn’t protrude beyond the top line at address.

In the bag, understated branding offsets a unique shape.  Just like on the Staff Model Blade, the Wilson Staff shield sits on the toe.  “Staff Model” is engraved across the middle with shallow cavities above and below.  The cavities have a rough matte finish that contrasts with the classic chrome that covers most of the club head.

Sound & Feel

Every time that I pick up a hollow body iron, I’m curious as to what kind of sound it will produce.  No other club type is as unpredictable.  The Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron sits on the more traditional side of that wide spectrum.

At impact, this club produces a solid “crack” with a pronounced low end.  When you find the center of the face, the feel is lively and satisfying – a traditional feel that’s been supercharged.

That lively feel changes quickly when you move away from the center of the face.  Mishits feel flat, and the sound becomes duller.  This is excellent feedback that clearly expresses strike quality.


I tested the Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron in a 24 degree head (there are also 18 and 21 degree models).  This is where I carry a utility iron instead of a 4I in my normal set up, and in 2020 that spot may very well go to this Wilson Staff Model.  This club did everything that I want from a long iron replacement.

As a low ball hitter without elite speed, one of the biggest things I need from a utility iron is higher launch.  The Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron elevates every shot easily, even when contact isn’t perfect.  It puts a moderate amount of spin on the ball, creating a flight that I loved watching.  The ball seemed to stay in the air forever but without ballooning.

After feeling the stark feedback, I was concerned that ball speed would dip precipitously on mishits.  When I got on the launch monitor, I saw that this was not the case.  With the exception of extreme mishits, all shots carried excellent ball speed.

Finally, I really enjoyed the KBS Tour Hybrid shaft that comes stock in this club.  I tend to prefer steel shafts in my utility irons, but now I’m rethinking that.  The lighter shaft makes the club feel slightly head-heavy, and it provides a little extra kick that I don’t get from steel.  I’m eager to continue testing it to see if it can get me to change my set up.


With the growing number of high quality utility irons on the market, there’s really no reason to carry a 3I anymore.  The Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron is at the very top of the list when it comes to combining sharp looks with playability.  Even if your clubs have been hung up for the season, take a ride to your local fitter to check this out.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron Price & Specs

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  1. Do you still carry the New Level 4995 HB in the bag??? I have the New Level as my 18* utility and loved it all year. When I saw the Wilson in store yesterday I almost bought it on the spot just based on looks!!

    What kind of differences did you see between the 2 utilities? NL I think easily elevates the ball more than any utility ive played but its not the best in terms of ball speeds



    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the 4995 is the current champ, the Wilson Staff Model UI will be the #1 contender when the snow melts. I agree that the 4995 elevates the ball well, but I think the Wilson may be even better. We’ll see.



  2. Keith Finley

    Love the ongoing Wilson renaissance. I wish they’d ditch the goofy Drivers tho. I feel like it’s sending a conflicting message to consumers.

  3. Hi Matt,
    For distance, height and spin, would you play the Wilson with the KBS over the Titleist U510 with the C-Taper light.


    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve only hit the Wilson with the stock KBS graphite shaft, so I can’t say for sure. What I can tell you is that the U510 is a rocket launcher, so for distance alone I think that would be hard to beat.



  4. I play W/S irons (v-4). I’m a high ball hitter. If this launches high, would I be better off keeping my current set up or adding the 4 utility? The 4 iron is my 220 yard club and I’m also a high spin player. I would only want this if it’s lower spinning in the wind.

    • Matt Saternus

      There’s no way for me to credibly tell you whether or not the Utility will spin more or less than your current 4I over the internet. I would guess that for most players the Utility Iron will be lower spinning, but that doesn’t mean it will be the case for you.


  5. Hi Matt, I’m considering replacing my Wilson C300 forged 4 iron with the 24 degree utility iron. Would you say the utility iron would be quite a bit more forgiving ? Thanks for the great reviews!

    • Matt Saternus


      I would not say that it’s substantially more forgiving. It might be a bit better on thin shots, but I don’t think it will be significantly better at retaining ball speed.



  6. Does anyone here have experience with bending the Wilson Staff Model driving iron? Mine is 2-3 degrees flat for me and I‘d like to bend it upright by that number. But since it‘s a hollow head I don‘t know if the clubhead would break. I’m also very open for suggestions for (forged) driving irons which could be bent without a problem. But I think that all are hollow-headed. But maybe it‘s less problematic when they‘re forged.

    • Matt Saternus


      A good builder can usually get a degree or two, even out of a cast or hollow iron.



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