Wilson Staff Model Blades Irons Review

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The Wilson Staff Model Blades are beautiful.  Great, solid feel and surprisingly high playability.


With 62 major championships and a major win in every decade going back to the 1920s, no golf company has the history that Wilson Staff does.  Their latest iron, the Wilson Staff Model Blades, is a modern interpretation with distinct nods to the company’s storied past.  With one major win already under its belt, this iron is on its way to carving out its own spot in the Wilson Staff story.


I love everything about the look of the Wilson Staff Model Blades.  From address to in the bag, I don’t think any company has an iron that looks this good.  What earns them such high praise is the way they blend classic and modern elements.

Let’s start with the playing position.  At address, these irons have the exact silhouette that a blade player wants: compact length, thin top line, virtually no offset.  The little details elevate it to another level.  A row of diamonds border the grooves, a throwback to Wilson irons of the past.  The “triple-knurled hosel” adds visual interest without being distracting.

As good as the Wilson Staff Model Blades look at address, I think they look even better in the bag.  The profile is a classic muscle back, but the shaping of the lower portion has a distinctly modern look.  Wilson’s shield logo adorns the toe and is balanced with the “Staff Model” branding in a clean, modest-sized font.  Finally, the attention to detail really comes through in the stylish placement of the iron numbers, tipping just slightly off the edge of the thin sole.

Sound & Feel

Playing a blade is as much about the feel as it is the look, and the Wilson Staff Model Blades don’t disappoint.  Hitting a pure shots is extremely rewarding, producing a solid feel and a robust impact sound.  If you’re tired of the “click” of thin-faced distance irons, you will love it.

The feedback from these irons is as impressive as anything I’ve hit in years.  What makes them stand apart is the way they distinguish a good shot from a great shot.  Only a truly pure shot gets the feel described above.  A good shot feels good, but not amazing.  These irons won’t spare your feelings when you make a bad swing, either.  Hitting one on the far toe or heel has a weak, slappy feel that can make you wonder if you should be playing blades.


In the grand scheme of golf equipment, the Wilson Staff Model Blades are just that: blades.  They’re designed to give pros and very low handicappers supreme control over their ball flight, and they do just that.  To be able to imagine a specific shot, make a quality swing, and see that exact shot is a joy.

Within the world of blades, the Staff Model Blades are surprisingly easy to hit.  Wilson credits their Fluid Feel Hosel, adapted from the classic Dyna-Powered irons, for eliminating unnecessary weight and increasing playability.  I was particularly impressed with the way these irons dealt with thin shots.

The Wilson Staff Model Blades have a mid-spin profile that makes them playable for a wide variety of swings.  They are slightly higher spinning than most cavity back irons because skilled players want that spin as a means to shaping their shots.  However, they are not as high spinning as some blades, which strengthens their ball flight and gives them more distance.

Finally, these irons are milled to ensure tighter tolerances.  This makes the head weight more consistent which in turn leads to more consistent swing weight.  With more consistent swing weight, each club will feel similar and that should lead to confidence with every iron in the set.


If it’s not obvious, I’ll say it plainly: the Wilson Staff Model Blades are one of my favorite iron sets of 2019.  They’re beautiful, they feel great, and they’re a joy to play.  The audience for true blades like this is fairly small (most golfers should check out Wilson’s C300 irons HERE), but those golfers will be thrilled by this blend of old and new.

Wilson Staff Model Blades Price & Specs

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  1. My golf pro loaned me one to hit. Either I was middling everything (unlikely) or these are far more forgiving than have any right to be. Only club I’ve seen which look better than my Ben Hogan Ft Worth. Stunning. Makes you want to hit golf balls all day.

  2. Rugga Mather

    Being. 70 year old golfer I remember the days of the WILSON Dyna-Power clubs. They were the best feeling and performing clubs of the Day. Is Great to see WILSON coming back with quality that once set them apart from the rest of the club companies. Proud of you WILSON. Welcome Back. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. I have a set of these 3-PW and they are the best irons I have ever hit, I am 66 years old and play off 8,
    Love them

  4. Very nice and great review. In terms of best looking blades on the market? Still have to give that title to Mizuno.

  5. Tom Duckworth

    I still have my Staff blades from 1979 and still dig them out from time to time. Their new blades are beautiful
    but I haven’t seen them in person because no one has them in stock just the other Wilson irons.
    I would give these a try I don’t think blades are as scary as people like to think and you do adjust to them after awhile.

  6. Mario Slavich

    I had a set Wilson blades that I hit very well and I gave the to a young man that couldn’t afford clubs. Do I miss them yes!

  7. I’ve played the Tour V-6 for several years and purchased the FG Tour 100 9 and wedge. I very much would like to hit these!!

  8. Dustin C Barrett

    I hopefully will be in the market for some new irons this next spring and these are definitely going to be one of my top interest. I’ve been, other than to try a different set here and there, using Titleist 695mb’s and 710mb’s ever since each was released flipping back and forth between the two depending on which one I could find in the best condition and a decent price after I wore out the groves on my previous set. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to find sets of either in good enough condition to bother with that aren’t over priced. Sorry, but I’m not spending $475-$500+ on a model that is 10+ years old unless it’s new in plastic.

  9. Great review. Miura MB-101’s or Wilson Staff Model Blades?

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