2020 Callaway Apex MB Irons Review

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The Callaway Apex MB Irons are beautiful blades that are not afraid to punish mishits.  Square toe.  Excellent feel.


The 2020 Callaway Apex MB irons have been in and out of the bags of Callaway’s Tour staff for a while.  This past fall, recreational golfers finally got their chance to game them.  I tested a set to see if they have a place in the bag of amateur players or if they should be left to the pros.


At address, the 2020 Callaway Apex MB irons are exactly what you’d expect.  They’re compact from heel to toe with a very thin top line and virtually no offset.  The toe is quite square which matches my preference.

In the bag, these blades have a clear focal point: the weight in the center of the head.  I can see this being a bit divisive as blade players tend to be traditional.  For me, the branding is minimal enough that this one deviation from the norm is quite acceptable.  I also like the brushed finish because it will age better than chrome.

Sound & Feel

Much of the appeal of playing a blade is the satisfaction of a pure strike.  By that measure, the 2020 Callaway Apex MB irons are great.  Centered shots are rewarded with a feel that is quite solid and just soft enough to please your hands.  Sweet strikes have an impact sound that I would characterize as a firm knock.

The flipside of that coin is that these irons will clearly tell you when you miss a shot.  Anything off center feels much firmer than a pure strike.  The feedback is very precise and demanding – even small misses can be felt.


I can’t get into the finer points of this iron’s performance before covering the main part of the story: this is not an iron for recreational golfers.  If you want to play them because you enjoy them, by all means do so, but the Apex MBs are not going to help your score unless you are a very strong ball striker.  It does not require a substantial mishit to lose 10 MPH of ball speed.  That translates to missed greens, balls in water hazards, etc.  For the mid or high handicap player, Callaway has a wealth of more forgiving options to explore.

If you’re still reading, I’ll assume that you are a low handicapper who wants total control of their ball flight.  In that light, the Apex MB excels.  These irons have a naturally strong trajectory but you can hit higher shots or true stingers, if you have that ability.  Similarly, there is enough spin in them to shape cuts and draws.

The other notable feature of these irons is the sole.  This is one of the thinner soles on the market, even relative to other blades.  For the golfer that plays on dry, tight lies, or the shallow swinger, these soles will work very well.  If you play in very soft conditions or have a steep swing, you may need a sole with more bounce or width.


If you’re looking for that true Tour experience, you won’t be disappointed with the 2020 Callaway Apex MB irons.  These irons have the looks and feel that blade players want.  Those things do come with a cost in forgiveness, but high quality ball strikers may be willing to make that trade.

2020 Callaway Apex MB Irons Price & Specs

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  1. How do these blades compare with other traditional models in terms of forgiveness? For example, Apex MB 18, P730/P7MB, Blueprint, and other smaller, conventional MB irons?

    • Matt Saternus


      As I said in the review, these are not forgiving irons. Of the ones you mention, the Blueprint stands out to me as being significantly easier to play.


  2. Steven Gottschalk

    Matt, have you done any reviews on the hHogan irons?

  3. Fred Harkins

    I bought a 5 iron to insert into my Apex CF 21 set. At age 74 I wanted something I could hit 130 to 160 and hold the greens better. I found this iron easier to hit than the review cautions and easy to hit accurately. I find myself pulling it every chance I can. I put it in to replace my 6 iron from the Cf 21 set. I have played about 190 rds with that set this year.

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