2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades Irons Review

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The 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades irons have the classic looks and high end players performance that will make traditionalists fall in love.  Amazing feel on center.  Complete control over your shots.


The golf market can be brutal.  Despite having more major championships than any other iron maker, the 2010s saw Wilson fall into a lower tier in the eyes of many players.  But in 2019, Wilson started to right the ship by leaning into their heritage with the Wilson Staff Model line.  Consisting of an acclaimed Blade [review HERE] and a great CB iron [review HERE], it put them back on the map for skilled players.  For 2024, this line is getting a refresh, so I took out a set of the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades to see if the company is continuing their ascent back to the top.


Like their predecessors, the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades are one of the leading candidates for most beautiful iron of the year.  The old school appeal starts with the unapologetically shiny chrome finish.  In a world obsessed with matte finishes, these stand out in the best way.

This new version features a slightly busier look in the bag since the “lowered” section near the heel now has two levels, but I like the changes Wilson has made with the branding.  The iconic shield – which is now blank – has been moved to the lower portion of the toe which better balances the look.  “Staff Model” is still featured below the cut out, though in a slightly smaller font.

At address, the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades are gorgeous.  The top lines are thin and subtly rounded, melting perfectly into the classic toe shape.  From heel to toe, these irons are compact, and there is minimal offset.  Above, you can see that the leading edge does become more rounded as you get into the higher lofted clubs.

Comparing the Staff Model Blades (above, left) to the Staff Model CB irons, you can see that the top line of the Blade is slightly thinner.  Both are fantastic looking irons, but players who fret over every millimeter of the top line will certainly prefer the blade.  There is virtually no difference in offset between the two – the maximum gap is 0.01″ in the longer irons.

Sound & Feel

If feel is a major reason that you’re considering blades, the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades will do nothing to dissuade you.  Forged from 8620 carbon steel, these irons have some of the most rewarding feel in recent memory.  Centered shots are extremely soft, giving the sensation of the ball melting into the club face.  For me, that reward only increases as the lofts get stronger.  It’s hard for me to imagine a legal experience better than hitting the 4I flush.

The sound of impact matches the feel.  On center, it’s quiet, a dull “thud.”  As you move away from the center of the face, the feel firms up progressively and impact gets louder.  Big misses, particularly thin ones, can produce an ugly “clack” that can sting.  While it’s unpleasant, this is the feedback that blade players want.


Starting with the big picture, the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades have all the performance elements that golfers have come to expect from a true blade.  These irons have fairly weak lofts relative to modern irons meaning that they will launch a bit higher and spin more.  Ball speed on center is excellent, but, especially in the longer irons, mishits can be penal.  It doesn’t take a huge miss to drop a club’s worth of carry distance.

The benefit – and the joy – of playing blades is in the shot control.  The 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades allow you to hit any shot that you have the skill to pull off.  They’ll happily flight the ball at shin height or over the moon.  All sizes of cuts and draws are on the menu.

Two performance elements that Wilson is promoting are the Fluid Feel Hosel and Precise Toe Weight.  Comparing the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades to their predecessor, there is more weight carved out of the middle and heel on the newer version.  This puts more weight into the toe for greater stability and less chance of a low and left miss off the toe.

Beyond that, the biggest change from the previous Staff Model Blade is the stock shaft.  The 2024 version uses the Dynamic Gold Mid 115 rather than the traditional Dynamic Gold.  This is lighter and has a more active tip section for a higher ball flight.  Both sets share the same specs and the same retail price.

Comparing the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades to the 2024 Staff Model CB irons, there are two important differences.  First, there is a forgiveness gap, especially in the long irons.  In the 4I, 5I, and even 6I, mishits are noticeably more consistent with the CB.  My launch monitor testing showed that where the CB really shines is in retaining launch angle to keep those carry distances predictable on mishits.  Both sets have the same loft specs, so you can easily create a blended set if you want more help with the long irons.

The other key difference is the sole width.  As you can see above, the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades (left) have much thinner soles than the CB.  The bounce specifications are nearly identical, but I found that the CB provided more insurance against fat shots where the Blade had a very satisfying sensation of biting into the turf.  One is not inherently better than the other, but it is important to consider which one is a better fit for your swing and local conditions.


Whether you’re a plus handicap player, someone looking to experience the joys of shot making, or a golfer seeking to indulge in some nostalgia, the 2024 Wilson Staff Model Blades are sure to put a smile on your face.  With a gorgeous look and sensational feel, this will be a “grail” set for many golfers.

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  1. Michael N

    Hi Matt,

    Great review as always. Compared to the 2019 version, did you like how the numbers were tipping just slightly over the edge vs the 2024 version? I thought it was a classy look. I know this is being picky, but was curious of your opinion for fun.

    Thank you for all you do,


    • Matt Saternus


      I attributed any differences in the numbers between the two sets to me and my inconsistency more than any dramatic changes to the clubs. I do think that putting more weight in the toe is useful, but I wouldn’t tell anyone with the 2019 version to get the 2024 version in the hopes of seeing dramatically different/better numbers.



  2. Michael N

    Hi Matt,

    I meant where the iron numbers are located. For the 2019 version, you pointed out in the Looks section how you liked how the iron numbers were tipping just slightly over the edge. For the 2024 version, the placement of the irons numbers is slightly back. For the 2019 version, I appreciated how you pointed that out from an aesthetics standpoint.

    • Matt Saternus

      Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, on that count I do prefer the 2019 version.



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