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2021 PXG 0211 Driver Review

50 Words or Less

The PXG 0211 driver provides something most people don’t associate with PXG: huge value.  Great performance at a mid-market price.


It’s hard to shake a first impression.  For the majority of golfers, the name PXG is strongly tied to massive price tags.  However, the new 0211 driver is a big step toward changing that.  Despite a price that’s well below most of the competition, it performs on a par with all the biggest names.

Check out the 2022 PXG 0211 driver HERE


From address, the 0211 driver is hard to distinguish from the 0811 X Proto driver [review HERE].  There are differences in shape and size, but the dominant feature – the Hybrid Crown Construction – is shared.  I like that the head is more round than triangular, and, despite being 460 cc, appears fairly compact.

When you flip the driver over, you’ll see the 0211 is distinct from other PXG drivers.  Where PXG has been known for having lots of movable weights, the 0211 keeps it simple.  All the focus here is on the silver “PXG” branding in the center of the sole.

This is also an instance where the stock headcover is worth mentioning.  The denim-like material is something I’ve never seen before, and it’s an eye-catcher.  Additionally, PXG has put a magnet (“QuickStick Cart Magnet Technology”) in the headcover so you can stick it to your cart while you’re hitting a shot.

Sound & Feel

The PXG 0811 X GEN2 [review HERE] and XF GEN2 [review HERE] drivers had very understated sounds.  The new 0211 driver goes back toward the middle of the bell curve with an impact sound that’s medium in volume and pitch.  Its “crack” has a very staccato characteristic that falls somewhere between solid and explosive.

This is a stable, forgiving head, so the feedback is modest.  Big mishits are easy to locate, but if you keep the ball near the center of the face, every shot will feel pretty good.


With many of the previous PXG drivers, the focus was on fine tuning.  There are two different models of the Proto driver – one each for downward and upward angles of attack.  Previous generations had loads of movable weights.  0211 keeps it simple: one model to help everyone smash longer drives.

The first key is, of course, ball speedThe 0211 driver has an abundance of that both on center and off thanks to the titanium face, Hybrid Crown Construction, and high MOI.  This is a very stable driver, and when I kept the ball near the center of the face, the ball speeds were consistently high.

That stability also shows up in how straight the 0211 is.  While a good shaft fit is always necessary – I tested this with the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow [review HERE] – this head works to minimize the curve of your drives.  If you square the face at impact, the odds are strongly in your favor that your ball will be in the fairway, even if you mishit it.

The final key to the 0211 driver performing well for a wide range of players is the launch and spin combination.  This driver wants to launch in a mid-high window thanks to the deep, low CG.  That CG also helps to keep spin in a mid-low range which works well for low spin players like me and those who need to lop off a few RPM.


The term “value” can have some negative connotations, but none of them apply here.  The PXG 0211 driver simply overdelivers relative to its price.  This is a strong performing driver offered at a price that’s substantially below its competitors.


2021 PXG 0211 Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. great review! Ive been playing the Proto 0811 X and its the best driver ive ever played. I like it so much I ordered the 0211 3w without even trying. Cant wait to hit it!

    Surprised to see how low spin the 0211 driver is when its billed as super forgiving. For the price its gotta be one of, if not, the best value right now in golf. Never thought id say that about PXG

  2. Would this driver be a driver you’d recommend for a 11 index type player, avg. length, probably could use a bit more height on his drives, 85 mph clubhead speed, 220ish distance, avg. 9 of 14 fairways in a round??

  3. Hey Matt–LOVE you club reviews and overall site. Thanks so much.
    Wondering if you would suggest a driver(s) to consider–I’m a female golfer, index 8.5, former LPGA player, age 65 now.
    Been looking for a new driver for the past couple of years but visually just can’t seem to get comfortable over the larger heads (crazy I know).
    Can you suggest any brands that feature a smaller head driver without going in to a “mini-heads”? Much appreciated and continued success

    • Matt Saternus


      The smallest driver I can think of is the Titleist TS4. The 0211 looks good to my eye, but it’s still every bit of 460 cc driver. For something compact, you might also consider the ZX7 driver by Srixon.



  4. Always great reviews. Love my Proto+. Would really like to see you review the 0211 Fairway. Thanks and keep them coming.

  5. Rodger Sumicek

    I purchased a complete set. love the irons and fairway 3 and 7. However the Driver is so bad that PXG should be ashamed of. Talked with several PXG fans at our club and the the members say the same. Had a word withe PXG rep. All he said was WHO FIT YOU. and walked off.

  6. Hey Matt,

    In terms of shafts for PXG, I game a hazrdus yellow and looking to switch to ventus. What would be the best options, blue or black or is there another one that is best. I am about a 10-11* launch 2200 spin and about level on AOA. My swing speed is about 107-109 when cranked up

    • Matt Saternus


      The only thing I can recommend is to get a fitting. All three shafts you mention are great but only if they fit the person swinging them.


  7. Jim Schneck

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve got the Proto X+, but this year I might get to spend some of my brother’s money for him :). How does this 0211 strike you in terms of performance relative to the Proto?


  8. Matt—

    Thanks as always for the review.

    I really like the looks of this recent 0211 line. I imagine they’re pretty fine performing clubs from irons, to hybrid, woods and driver in terms of performance too.

    Couldn’t disagree more about the above observation of the PXG being a poorly designed driver. These are beautifully crafted clubs with all the characteristics that I want in a driver — including great aesthetics.

    I absolutely love my 0811+ Proto. I have two other drivers I play as a comparison, the Callaway Epic Flash and Titleist TS2, both 10.5 like my PXG and all three with the same length Evenflow Riptide Blue, Stiff shaft. Excellent distance, consistent dispersion and workability — all things I love. And if I happen to miss the center of the face, it’s very forgiving. I can certainly feel that I didn’t hit it on the screws, but the ball flight still makes me look good. I know I can get away with a mis-hit shot without being severely penalized with this club.

    The Epic comes close, and the TS2 probably comes in third. The only club I haven’t tried lately is the Ping G425 that I’d like to compare. I am not loyal to any brand in particular. I’ll play the best club I can afford — and so far the PXG is the best I’ve found. This last week I put it back in play and hit two par 4s on the drive and hit two par 5s in two. I ended up with three eagles (a personal best) and matched my lowest score ever — 62 —which I also hit with the PXG driver, 0311 T irons, 0341 x – 3 wood, and 0317x hybrid. Clearly, I’m sold on these clubs, the low scores say it all.

    The PXG a poorly designed driver? Really? Hrmph!

  9. As someone returning to golf after a 30 year hiatus, I am amazed by the technology of today’s clubs. I love reading the reviews and expect that after many lessons and a year of practice I’ll be in the market for a new driver. One item that is a mystery to me is why all reviewers go to great length describing the sound of the club. If I can hit the sweet spot and get it in the fairway, I’m happy with that. I can distinguish on-center from off-center hits. But overall, how it sounds? I don’t care.
    In your reviews can you state the loft tested and shaft flex? It’s not always possible to determine from the photos.
    Keep the reviews coming!

  10. Matt…..great web site….very informative…..I live in South Florida and before I purchase a new club or clubs I like to try hitting them in a golf shop indoor driving range….I called PGA SUPERSTORE and was told they don’t carry PXG clubs…Do you know if any golf stores in South Florida that might carry PXG clubs? Right now, I am interested in purchasing the new 0211 Driver…..Thanks….

  11. Richard Greenwood

    Can this be purchased in the UK

    • Matt Saternus


      I would expect that PXG can ship to the UK if you order through their website. I don’t know if there are PXG fitters in the UK.


    • Brian Thomas

      Hi Richard
      If you go on to PXG website , put UK postcode in and options of where you can get a fitting are made available

      I got a fitting 2 weeks ago : tried 0211 Driver and I thoroughly recommend it!! Can also buy direct on PXG Uk website – only £205.00 including custom fit and postage

  12. Vincent O'Grady

    is it being sold in ireland if so where

  13. John Kornis

    I’ve had my 0211 driver about 3 weeks now and it’s getting comfortable in my bag ,replacing a JGR driver of about 4 years . I have the Riptide CB 50g shaft seemed very light at first but fine now . I like the sound but it does kind of loose that whoa factor when you really mail one . I’m happy with it .

  14. About 15 yards longer than my Sim Max on my best shots. Unfortunately, I find it wants to go left on me a bit too easily(I have it on the flattest setting) and just too low of spin for me. I can’t keep it in the air long enough unless I catch it really high on the face.

    Fantastic driver for the money, but I’ll stick to something a bit shorter, that is point and shoot…over a sometimes unpredictable bomber.

    OBTW-the 0211 irons are insanely good for the money, those will not be out of the bag anytime soon!

  15. Matt,

    If I was trying to decide between the Protocol X and the 0211, since you’ve reviewed both, which would you recommend? Clearly a fitting is preferred, but I’m a couple of hours away from a PXG fitting location. Any noticeable differences/pos/neg are appreciated. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Outside of the reviews that are posted, there’s not much I can recommend other than a fitting. I appreciate that a couple hour drive is a hassle, but compared to buying a driver that doesn’t work, I think it’s worth it.



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