PXG 0811 X Gen2 Driver Review

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The PXG 0811 X Gen2 driver offers improved performance at a greatly reduced price.  Depending on your shaft of choice, this could actually represent a value purchase.


When PXG first arrived on the scene, the story was the price.  The American market had never seen an $800+ driver before.

With their recent Gen2 woods launch, the story at PXG remains the price, though for a different reason.  Despite PXG claiming that these new woods are major upgrades over the originals, the price has been trimmed substantially – down to $575.  With a price closer to the mainstream, will the 0811 X Gen2 driver help the company break into the bags of regular golfers?


At address, the PXG 0811 X Gen2 driver has a look that stands apart.  The matte black is not unusual, nor is the use of carbon fiber.  What makes it unique is the raised section in the middle of the crown – a nod to the design of American muscle cars.  Unfortunately, the look is marred by the eyesore of an alignment aid.

Sound & Feel

The first thing I noticed when testing the 0811 X Gen2 driver is the improved sound.  Hitting the ball on the sweet spot produces a full, deep “crack” that’s immensely satisfying.

When you move off the center, the sound isn’t as robust or solid.  You’ll be able to hear the difference, but your playing partners may not.  Feedback through the hands is good but doesn’t feel precise.


When I looked at the 0811 X Gen2 driver, I immediately noticed the change in the weight ports.  The original 0811 driver had 16 weight ports that circled the sole of the club.  The new 0811 X Gen2 has only 9 ports – 3 in the heel, 3 near the face, and 3 in the rear.  PXG offers the weight screws in tungsten and titanium at 3 different weights to allow very fine tuning of the total head weight.

One thing about the weights is consistent from the first generation: adjustments are a pain in the rear.  However, I’m of the belief that you should let your fitter set the weights and then leave them alone, so this isn’t a major negative.  Moving the weights does change the feel and spin slightly.

The major improvement to the Gen2 driver is the consistency of the ball speed and spin numbers.  While I wouldn’t rate the 0811 X Gen2 in the elite group for forgiveness, it does a good job of keeping ball speed up on mishits.  Similarly, spin stays in the mid-low range even when you catch the ball low on the face.

Overall, this is a very solid driver.  Pair it with the right shaft and it can be competitive with nearly any driver on the market.  The ability to really fine tune the weighting is nice, but that level of tuning is overkill for the vast majority of golfers.


A couple years ago, the idea that the words “PXG” and “value” could appear in the same sentence seemed unthinkable, but with the release of the Gen2 woods, it has happened.  Given the quality of the no-upcharge shaft options, and the relatively low cost of some other options, it’s possible to get the PXG 0811 X Gen2 with the right shaft for less than you would pay to other OEMs.  With the significant improvement in performance and the lower price, PXG has made their new woods worthy of consideration.

PXG 0811 X Gen2 Driver Price and Specs

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  1. Thanks for the review, Matt. I had to laugh to myself……this PXG Driver is a “value product” compared to the latest from XXIO. Whoda thought, LOL ! I doubt that it’ll find it’s way into my bag, but you have to give Parsons credit for one thing: he broke a glass ceiling on price points. Not for the masses, but for those not put off by sticker shock. The question is whether it’ll be sustainable.

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for the review and effort. Acting on your information and other reviews, input……I put the Gen 2 PXG 0811XF (GD Tour AD DI 5S) in my bag and in play last Saturday.
    I noticed more consistency and accuracy immediately. While I liked the sound of my PXG 0811X, the sound of the new driver is much better. I’m not sure why but I am available to find the center face much easier too.
    I played 27 holes the first day out with it and hit every fairway except for two drives that rolled into the second cut. I was not experiencing this degree of accuracy with my old driver or any other that I’ve ever owned.
    Distance was similar, just a few yards longer. Of course I expect the distance to improve……I always do.
    Great driver, looks good, sounds good, forgiving on mishits and a great value and a PXG fan.
    Sunset, SC

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