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The PXG 0811 driver is a solid club but the performance doesn’t justify the $700 price tag.


There have always been a handful of companies in golf that priced their clubs far beyond the norm.  Where PXG is unique is that they’re becoming a household name with clubs that cost the same as a small house.  In this review we take a look at their first driver, the 0811, to see if the performance matches the price tag.

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At address, the PXG 0811 is your typical matte-black, 460 cc driver.  If you swapped the grey alignment aid for Turbulators, you’d probably think you were looking at a PING G driver (which makes sense, PXG’s lead engineers came from PING).

Where the 0811 gets more interesting is on the sole.  The underside of the driver features 16 moveable weights made of tungsten or titanium.  We’ll get to these again in a minute, but for now I’ll just say that they look cool.

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Sound & Feel

Just like the look, the sound and feel of the PXG 0811 driver are good but not particularly unique.  The sound at impact is a mid-pitch “pop” with medium volume.  The feedback about impact location is better than average.  I will grant, however, that the 0811 feels awesome when you really pure one.

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Now let’s get back to all those tungsten and titanium screws.  For those that missed it earlier, I’ll say it again: the 0811 driver has sixteen moveable weights.  The question is whether or not that’s a good thing.  My answer: not really.  PXG says that sixteen weights allows for an unprecedented amount of fine tuning.  That’s hard to argue with.  What I will argue with is the impact of that kind of tuning.  Moving one or two weights will do virtually nothing to the center of gravity, shot shape, launch, or spin.  If you’re a PGA Tour pro, you may be able to feel those differences.  For everyone else, it’s meaningless.  Recreational golfers are much better off with two to four settings that will change the feel and performance of the club substantially rather than sixteen tiny weights that each do next to nothing.

Weights aside, the 0811 is a solid, if unremarkable, driver.  With the weights set in a neutral position, it’s a mid-launch, mid-spin driver that’s reasonably forgiving.

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When the PING G driver retails for $400, it’s hard to justify $700 for the PXG 0811 driver.  If you’re looking for a status symbol, PXG is hard to beat.  If you want to spend all day playing with weight screws in search of the perfect setting, buy the 0811.  But if you just want a great driver, there are better options at half the price.

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  1. FINALLY!!!!!!!! Honesty…. After reading “This or That club” is the new Golden Egg, it’s refreshing to read this review. MANY, and I do MEAN MANY,absolutely fear writing a HO-HUM review fearing retribution from the OEM.

    Great write up Mr. Saternus.

  2. Nice review Matt,
    I will stay with my driver. I am not a fan of the look and there is plenty of good drivers to choose from this year at a more reasonable price.

    I understand that they choose to hire many new PGA Tour pros for 2016 to try to penetrate this market faster.

    One question: what is the shaft on this club?
    Should be a very exotic one.

    Have a nice day

    • Matt Saternus


      PXG is, to my knowledge, only sold through high end fitters like Club Champion, so you can get any shaft you want (for more money). The stock options include a couple Aldila Rogue options and the PX HZRDUS Black.



  3. Adam Anava


    I really trust your opinions and reviews. I went into a driver fitting yesterday and went through the M1, XR 16 Pro, Ping G and PXG 0811.

    I started with the G and XR 16 Pro and quickly eliminated the G based on numbers for me.
    Then onto the M1 which was unspectacular and didn’t suit my eye so it went out the window too.

    I went into the fitting trying hard to prefer the XR 16 Pro over the PXG, but when it came down to the numbers the PXG with a HZDRUS Black really outperformed the XR 16 Pro with stock shaft. So we tried the HZDRUS Black in the XR 16 Pro and the numbers were closer, but the feel in the PXG was light-years ahead.
    The cost of the PXG with the HZDRUS Black ended up costing only $50 more than the XR 16 Pro with the same shaft.

    When it came down to it between those 2 the $50 up-charge for the added adjustability and the improved feel made it very much worth the price.

    I wanted to add this comment to your review because my swing speed is around 110MPH and with a stout shaft like the HZRDUS Black I can get very consistent impact locations on the face, and then the feel with the PXG is like nothing else when you pure it.

    Numbers were great as well. Due to my swing conditions I was able to set the PXG at 8*, launch the ball around 13* with low-mid 2000s spin for an average carry around 275 and total distance around 305.

    I think it’s easy to want to find faults in a newcomer with a high price, but when you really consider the cost of any other driver with an upgraded shaft the playing field evens out.

    I expect that you and Bill are playing your drivers with legit aftermarket shafts and the total costs would have been comparable to this.

    I get that this option and an aftermarket shaft isn’t required (or even ideal) for the majority of golfers, but for those better golfers with enough swing speed, this could be a great fit. Like you guys say, fitting is key!

    • From your long answer I suspect that you work for PXG. The product is overpriced for what it is. There are many many products for a fraction of the price that perform just as well if not better.

  4. Most clubs (woods and irons) vary significantly in loft and lie from the same assembly line regardless of OEM. You should have them checked and adjusted according to OEM specs you can find online by a competent club fitter. I’ve played just about every top brand of club you can name (Titleist, Miura, Taylormade, Ping, Mizuno, Honma to name a few) including the 0311t from PXG, I bought them from someone (not from PXG) and when I brought them to my fitter they were off compared to manufacturer specs, I had them bent to 3 degrees flat (my spec) and to OEM lofts and played them 3 days later in a tournament shooting 3 over. No other club has a better feel even on off hits that I have played. I just bought a PXG driver 9 degree with tour ad bb 6x shaft, I am playing a Taylormade M2 tour grade (+ on hosel) with Oban limited blue stiff shaft so that configuration is tour level. I will post how the club performs after I play it in a week or so (it’s in the mail). It is almost December here so hopefully the weather is good enough to get a fair assessment. You do get what you pay for in a golf club and PXG is expensive but there is no better club out there. Most important is to be properly fitted, shafts and grips, loft and lie. Grips too fat or too skinny will affect your release as with shaft flex, lie will affect direction and loft distance. Until you get your clubs spec’d out you really shouldn’t compare. I will be keeping these PXG’s. If I would have had these years ago I would have saved quite a bit of $$ looking for something like PXG. I am eliminating all variables in my game and this is definitely one to cross off the list the only bad news is less excuses now. FYI the M2 driver and shaft was $750.00 and the PXG was purchased for $575.00, you can find deals on PXG.

  5. Ralph Ramsey

    I guess tiger chose Taylor Made because he probably couldn’t afford PXG. If anyone thinks Phil Mickelson plays Calloway because of the money if PXG was better is an idiot. Same can be said for some others that put sponsor money above winning, like Dustin, Jason and Jordon to identify 4 of many many.

    • CJ Johnson

      Sure Ralph, Tiger played Nike all those years because they were the best. Nike was average at best. Get your head out of the sand. It’s always about money. The numbers don’t lie, PXG is flat out better. Don’t discredit them just because you cant afford them

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  7. Richard Hanley

    Bought my irons from a PXG fitter, still trying to get use to hitting the ball better then I ever have. Don’t get me wrong, my Titlist AP2 irons were very forgiving, but I lost a lot of distant when I hit them badly. My PXGs GEN1 are accurate and long, I wish I had bought these years ago. As far as price, I am a veteran and I took advantage of the discount, gap through 6 was under a $1000.00 before taxes. I was so impressed I bought the driver and 3 wood, I just hope the weights are right, and I don’t have to adjust them. if you love playing golf you can’t put a price on Happiness. The only thing I hate about them is I only get to play on weekends.

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