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2022 PXG 0211 Driver Review

2022 pxg 0211 driver

50 Words or Less

The 2022 PXG 0211 driver is a good all-around performer.  Amazing value.  No-frills looks, no confusing adjustability.


After an extended period of price stability, driver prices have been rocketing upward in the last couple seasons.  $600 is no longer a surprising number for a stock driver.  PXG is fighting against that trend with their 0211 line.  The new PXG 0211 driver has a list price of $299 – half that of other big names – but as of this writing is available for a mere $219.  I tested it to see if that lower price comes with any sacrifices in performance.

2022 pxg 0211 driver address


It’s clear that PXG wanted to provide golfers with a cleaner address look in the 2022 versions of the 0211 woods than they did in the 2021 versions [2021 driver review HERE].  The crown is now uniformly matte black without any changes in height or texture.  A small “X” alignment aid sits opposite a trailing edge stripe to give the club a little visual interest in the playing position.  This driver does have a large, round footprint that favors the heel very slightly.

In the bag, the 2022 PXG 0211 driver is very clean.  There are some geometric designs and a couple different black finishes, but the only branding is a single silver PXG logo.

Sound & Feel

After testing the 2022 PXG 0211 hybrid [review HERE], I was expecting the entire family to be on the louder side.  The new 0211 driver surprised me by being quieter than I expected.  It’s roughly average in volume, but it has a mid-pitch “thwack” that registers as being quieter than it is.  That said, the sound has a booming, expansive quality that I liked.  It won’t hurt anyone’s ears, but it does announce its presence on the tee.

This strong sound is paired with a very solid feel in the hands.  It’s closer to the sensation of a wooden baseball bat.  Feedback through the hands is also quite good.  You can feel the impact location with good precision.  In contrast, mishits and pure strikes don’t sound very different.


The 2022 PXG 0211 driver is a solid all-around performer that almost any golfer could easily throw in the bag.  It has good ball speed on center, and it does a fair job retaining speed on mishits.  According to PXG’s testing, the new 0211 is 1.7 MPH faster than the previous version, an unequivocally positive upgrade.

In the spirit of being good for a wide range of players, the 0211 driver produces mid launch and mid spin.  PXG rates this new version as being slightly lower spinning (150 RPM) than the last generation, but it’s far from a low spin head.  What I did like is that the spin is fairly robust across the face, so you won’t see one drive balloon and the next knuckle.

While the new 0211 hybrid and fairway wood have given up their adjustability, the new 0211 driver retains its adjustable hosel.  The loft can be adjusted up or down 1.5 degrees, which also gives you a good range of face angles.  This driver does have a noticeable draw bias, so having the ability to open the face makes the 0211 attractive to those that already turn the ball over.

Finally, one of the best things about the new 0211 driver is that it comes with PXG’s full range of fitting options.  Too often, affordable drivers don’t offer much or any customization.  Through PXG, you can fit the 0211 to your proper length and grip size.  There are also numerous shaft options.  Some do come with an up-charge, but you’re starting from a much friendlier price than with most other drivers.

2022 pxg 0211 driver


If you’re ready to get fit for a new driver, but don’t want to turn your pockets inside-out, visit your local PXG fitter and check out the new 0211 driver.  This is a solid all-around club at a price that’s less than half of what other OEMs are charging.


2022 PXG 0211 Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Matt, with your 107 SS you hit this PXG Driver 275 yards and you hit the Titleist TSR2 280 yards.

    So would it be safe to assume that with a 95 SS golfer the total distance between these 2 drivers would be practically the same ?

    • Matt Saternus


      No, I wouldn’t assume that universally, regardless of speed. Fit is critical. Some players are going to be better with the PXG.



  2. The one thing that is a head scratcher with the 2011 on customization is if you want a GolfPride grip, it’s a $30 upcharge. That’s a crazy upcharge for a basic grip. Weirder is that they only charge a $10 upcharge for Winn grips.

    • It’s because PXG has a contract with Winn grips. Their stock grip is Winn’s. I actually like their stock midsize grip more than Golfprice plain ones (not MCC of course) – very grippy and cushiony at the same time. Since aftermarket change is cheaper, I would say give the stock grip a try.

  3. It’s a grip……I get everything PXG with their branded grips. They work fine. No where else are you getting the custom options for no upcharge for so many thing. Not to mention a bunch of shaft options for no upcharge.

  4. I have two PXG drivers and a set of irons. I guess I will be the outlier here and opine that their stock grips seem cheap…..hard and slick to me so I had the clubs regripped ASAP. Different strokes for different folks….no pun intended. As always, Matt, a useful review – thank you for it!

  5. Bought the 0211 driver and 3 wood for my nephew approx 10 days ago. I pointed out that the driver advertizes an adjustable hosel on the PXG Website. I was told that it does not. I was asked if I am looking at the US website and stated that I was. A week after the purchase the website still stated an adjustable hosel. I was told that its not available in that model and when he received it it was a 10.5 with NO adjustable hosel.

    • Matt Saternus


      Your driver didn’t have an adjustable hosel? I’m confused by this, as mine does and the PXG website does indicate that the driver has an adjustable hosel.


    • Hey Greg,

      I bought my 0211 on Amazon in November of 2022, no real options, just the basic, loft and shaft flex. No grip or shaft options other than stiff or regular flex. For $119 I still got an adjustable hossel and tool.

  6. I love the lamkin Z5 grips !!! They make the Rsd in my hands not hurt as much as other grips…
    Bye the way it only takes a few minutes to change out a grip anyhow.
    My thoughts on it.

  7. Terence Clark

    From personal experience residual value will be absolutely awful. Would not buy their products ever again.

  8. jamesjack2020

    I bought the original 0211 fairway and it was excellent. I think there products are as good as anything out there if fit properly.

  9. Scott Chirpich

    Love your reviews.

    Which do you prefer? Both are about same price now.
    2022 pxg 0211 or 2020 cobra speedzone

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t review the Cobra Speedzone, so I couldn’t offer a comparison. My general rule would be to go with what I could buy new so that I could get it fit properly.



  10. Got the new 0211 about a month ago… (9 degree) took it to the range and tried various lofts..found the 10 degree position worked best for me,,,cb 5.5 60 gram shaft…I hit this club dead straight…all the time,, no hooking or slicing,,slight fade or slight draw at worst…great feel..great sound…best driver I have ever had…great price at $199.unbeatable

  11. I picked up this driver the end of 2022,l late November I think.

    I bought is mostly on a whim, thinking it was a scam initially. Figured I could get a “premium” driver for $119, how could I not grab it.

    I wanted the senior / 12, but by the timeI talked myself into buying it, all that was left was 10.5 in a regular flex or a 9 in still left hand.

    I found it trolling Amazon, took a week to decide to buy it, glad I did though. I hit it better than my Taylormade R7 draw driver. Both go str8, but the PXG added some yardage over the dozen or so comparisons.

    About a month later I found a Taylormade Jetspeed, for $40, I snapped that up too. Rut Roh, I hit this even better than the PXG. Sold the R7, now use the jut speed mostly, but keeping both.

    Like another person mentioned, resale is no good. I wasn’t selling for less than $150/$175, I can’t get that, so it’s worth the $119 I paid for it.

    A good driver, with good sound, but for me not the longest and no more accurate than my Taylormade drivers.

  12. Donn Rutkoff

    I bot a new 0211 2 yrs ago, fitted by PXG at Riverwalk in S Diego. Fixed loft, not adjustable. Riptide A flex. No complaints. I am finally over my injuries and starting to use it on all but one par 4 & 5 on my local course. I might buy a newer model with the new sale prices now. I am going for a putter fitting to get a fitted putter with the M16 multi material shaft.

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