2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide


Fathers Know Best

If you want to know what a golfing dad wants for Father’s Day, ask one.  Or two.  For this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, Matt and Bill each picked the a few of the items that they’d like to receive from their loving, grateful children.

Matt’s Picks

Arccos (4)


If your dad takes his game seriously, this is a great gift.  I continue to be impressed with how much this helps me to learn about my game and how seamless the user experience is.

The Perfect Putter_0250

The Perfect Putter

This is my favorite training of 2015, and easily the one that’s getting the most use this season.  If your dad is a regular on the practice green, this is a slam dunk gift.

TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro_0068

TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro

I haven’t posted my full review of these yet, but here’s a sneak preview: these are the best TRUEs ever.  The comfort is off the charts and the replaceable spikes mean better traction and longer usable life.

Club-Champion-Golf-The-WallEdel Wedges_0215

Club Champion Club Fitting

Do I post this in every gift guide?  Yes.  Why?  Because it’s the one gift that fits every single golfer.  From plus handicaps to dads who need three strokes per hole, every golfer will play better with custom fit clubs and no one does it better than Club Champion.

Want to add something tangible?  Send dad for a wedge fitting and spring for some new Edel wedges.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball_0176

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

My one budget-friendly suggestion is the new Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.  These are the softest-feeling Tour ball out there, so dad can get that great feeling of compressing the ball even without Tour-caliber swing speed.

Bill’s Picks

Black Lab BL-2 Proto 3

Black Lab Golf Putter

We haven’t covered Black Lab Golf in great detail yet on the site (stay tuned) but I did make mention of them in another post regarding a cool garage find putter.  I reconnected with Chip Usher of Black Lab Golf this year and recently worked on the putter pictured above and have honestly been head-over-heels for the putter and company ever since.  Black Lab makes amazing one of kind, one-piece milled putters at a great price point.  I assure you, you won’t be disappointed if you get a putter specifically designed along with you by Chip at Black Lab Golf.

BirdieBall Putting Green (4)

BirdieBall Practice Green

BirdieBall practice greens are fun for the whole family!  If your dad or the father of your children is anything like us, he’s always messing around with his golf clubs and there’s only so many hours of daylight to be outside on the practice green.  Well now ole Dad can come inside and roll a few putts before bedtime on his own BirdieBall practice green.  There are multiple formats available to accommodate different spaces so finding the perfect fit for your home won’t be a problem.  While you’re at, checkout their signature BirdieBalls for backyard practice.  Aside from making fun products, BirdieBall are major contributors in the effort to grow the game, so it’s worth supporting them if you can.

Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver_0059

Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver

This may be a big ticket item, but I’ve been a big fan of the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver this year.  If you’re looking to really go big for Dad this year with modern technology and a sweet club, it’s worth checking this one out.  I’ve even seen an offer out there for “Buy a Fly-Z+ Driver, get a pair of Puma Titan Tour shoes free!”

Puma Titan Tour Golf Shoe_0165

Puma Titan Tour Golf Shoe

What?! A free pair of shoes of Puma Titan Tours with the purchase of the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver above?  Coincidentally, I’m also adding the Titan Tours to the list.  If your dad is anything close to mine, he somehow always needs a new pair of golf shoes every year regardless of how much or how little he played last year.  I still don’t know how he beats his up so bad every year…  Anyway, Puma used some space-age technology (literally) in these shoes to keep your feet comfortable during a round of golf.  These have definitely been one of our “Gotta See” products of the year.

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  1. “Buy a Fly-Z+ Driver, get a pair of Puma Titan Tour shoes free!”

    Where did you see this deal? I want to take advantage of it!

    • Matt Saternus


      We’re working on finding a link, but it’s possible the deal has expired.


    • David,

      I can’t find a link anywhere which leads me to believe it may have either been in store at one of the local big boxes I stop at regularly.

      Best of luck in the hunt. If you can’t find it, I still highly recommend both products! Puma released a limited edition US Open Titan Tour just in time for Father’s Day.

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