Edel Golf Wedge Review

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50 Words or Less

Edel Golf wedges are some of the best designed, best made wedges in golf.  They immediately locked up long-term spots in my bag.


A few months ago I wrote a feature about my Edel wedge fitting and talked about how excited I was to get them on the course.  After a few rounds, I can say that they absolutely did not disappoint.  In fact, they’re the finest wedges I’ve ever played.

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At address, you’ll notice one of the things that set Edel wedges apart from other: the length of the grooves.  The grooves extend nearly all the way to the toe, and that’s not just for looks.  This is done so that the club’s sweet spot is in center of the head and the center of the grooves.  It also makes a larger portion of the face playable which is really important for those that tend to hit their wedges out on the toe.

In the bag, Edel’s wedges stand out even more.  With loads of customization options – stamping, paint fills, sand blasting, engraving – no two Edel wedges look quite the same, and they certainly won’t look like anything that came off the rack.

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Sound & Feel

Due to both their excellent design (truly centered CoG) and their forged construction, Edel wedges are some of the most solid-feeling clubs that you’ll ever hit.  The feedback is precise, and the reward for hitting the ball on the sweet spot is great, soft feel.

It’s also worth noting that each Edel wedge is hand ground so that the head weight is perfect.  This means that regardless of what shaft you choose or what grind you fit into, your Edel wedge is going to come out at the exact swing weight that you request.  Good luck getting that off the rack.

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One key reason why Edel wedges perform so well is that they’re custom fit.  Edel has refined their fitting process through years of testing, and it makes finding the right grind, loft, and shaft quick and easy.  Edel has a network of fitters, including Club Champion, throughout the country that can set you up with the perfect fit.

Beyond the fitting, the wedges themselves have numerous performance advantages built in.  First, the sweet spot is located in the center of the face and the center of the grooves, which makes it much easier to get consistent distances, ball flight, and spin.  Also, the extended grooves enhance the club’s versatility around the greens.  The pronounced heel relief – something you can see above on the right – prevents twisting in long grass and sand.

Most important, however, is the bounce.  Edel wedges have more bounce than almost any other wedge because their research has shown that inadequate bounce causes both fat and thin misses.  You may ask, how can a lack of bounce cause thin misses?  The answer is that inadequate bounce leads to swing flaws designed to avoid the fat shots that happen when you don’t have enough bounce.  Those swing flaws can often produce thin shots.

Of course, you could have gotten much of that information from the Edel website.  You came here to find out if all these features make a difference on the course.  Simply put: yes, I have never felt more confident in a set of wedges or in my short game.

There is no area where these wedges haven’t helped my game.  On full swings and long pitches, I’m able to swing aggressively because I know that the club won’t dig.  This leads to better strikes and more consistent distance control.  Around the green, the added insurance of the bounce allows me to be more confident in all my shots.  I’ve found that this is particularly true in the one area where people think bounce is a negative: hitting flop shots.  Where I used to hit flops occasionally, I find myself hitting them more now because my success rate has increased.  With no fear of digging, I can make an aggressive swing that nearly eliminates the possibility of hitting it thin.

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I truly believe that one of the best things that any golfer can do for their short game is to get an Edel Golf wedge fitting.  It will help you to understand why your current wedges behave the way the do and how they have shaped your short game.  A fitting will also give you a chance to see firsthand how much of a game changer Edel wedges can be.

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  1. I want a set of these so bad. Tried them out at a GG and have been lusting after them ever since. Just wish i had a place to get fitted at for them

  2. Kyle Leeper

    I got fit at The Glen Club by Matt Jones in early August after having him fit me for a putter last winter. I will never play another wedge ever again. I think everyone should do a wedge and putter fitting

  3. matt, if I buy an edel wedge from club champion after a fitting will they do the stamping and paint or should I get one custom from edel and take it to be fit. also the kbs hi-rev shaft edel offers may not suit my swing, right? also, at this point in my game wedge loft is a toss up. not clear on the benefits from one loft to another. and the sweeper, nipper, picker, pincher options i’m not sure about either and i don’t see grip options with edel. can you point me in the right direction? much thanks for the previous responses.

    • Matt Saternus


      The short answer to all your questions: you need to be fit, and then you can order the wedge through the fitter. That will take care of everything in terms of stamping, paint, shaft options, grind, grips, and everything else.



  4. I’ve played Edel Wedges in 50, 55, 60 for 3 years in Trapper Grind and Hi Rev 1.0. Versatile. Great off any lie, although off moist dirt, I’ve got to move the wedge to the middle of the stance. Curiously, I found the PM 64 better off almost bare dirt due to the wide sole and lowered leading edge, which lower edge is similar to Edel. Thankfully, most of us do not need to play high trajecutory, short pitches off almost bare dirt.

    I like your setup! May play the 50 from my irons, and go 55, 59, 63 the next time.

  5. I also highly recommend Edel’s forged irons. They are fantastic. Matt, you should do a review on them.

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