XXIO X Driver Review

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Optimized for golfers with moderate swing speeds, the XXIO X Driver combines high quality materials and focused design for impressive, consistent results.


XXIO [pronounced Zek-Si-Oh] has been making the news a lot since I reviewed their X Fairway WoodErnie Els is now the Global Brand Ambassador and Inbee Park recently won an LPGA event using the X Driver.  The notoriety isn’t new in some parts of the world, and here in North America XXIO has made a concerted effort to expand their presence.  In this crowded market, advertising can only do so much – especially at the premium price point.  Is the XXIO X Driver worth a look?  I think so – but read on and judge for yourself.


The XXIO X Driver is a club you appreciate even more when you see it in person.  The metallic blue crown has a deep finish that changes with the light.  The silver matte face wraps around the body, creating a strong visual reference point for alignment at address.  The face is tall with a few simple white lines and dots.

There’s a lot going on with the sole in terms of lines, colors and finishes, but it all works together beautifully.  The blue MP1000 shaft pairs seamlessly with the head.  The XXIO X Driver has a distinctive, premium look.

Sound & Feel

The sound of the XXIO X Driver at impact is that of a large metal hammer striking an anvil.  The tone changes ever so slightly depending on the ball type – range ball to premium cover.  The designers tuned the cavity so the sound is very consistent across the face.

One thing to know about XXIO is that they design and manufacture all the components in-house.  This allows XXIO to design a complete club, producing a feel that is seamless.  The MP1000 shaft has a flex in the butt which allows the club to pass closer to the body and decrease the forces that affect the golfer’s balance.  What I experienced was a smooth transition at the top and acceleration through the impact zone.


With the XXIO X, it felt like I was always making dead center contact.  Checking impact marks on the face, the strikes weren’t perfect, but much more concentrated than my gamer.   I don’t have any quantitative data to confirm XXIO’s claims that their True-Focus Impact Technology reduces off center strikes by 28%, but it was noteworthy with the X Driver.

Those solid strikes had a wonderful mid-high trajectory with good roll out and seemed to be going where I aimed.  I was eager to visit Club Champion to see if the performance data matched what I had observed.   Sure enough, the data confirmed impressive results across the board with remarkable consistency.

One important note about shaft flex – SR denotes stiff/regular, not senior.


Take a look at the XXIO website and note the small family of products.  By focusing on golfers with moderate swing speeds, XXIO can direct all their energies towards producing a few exceptional clubs rather than umpteen different models.  The X Driver is the 10th generation but as XXIO states:  “The core concepts of the XXIO series haven’t changed since the first generation—distance, forgiveness, and an exhilarating impact sound.”  I can attest to all three attributes.

XXIO X Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Way too pricey!

  2. Gino Bambiino

    Nice club but a bit too high in the price compared to other brands of similar quality .

  3. Hard to take XXIO seriously for two reasons: 1. Their price point 2. Once you get beyond that, their distribution is limited to say the least. If they are going to bypass the so-called middleman (Golf Galaxy, etc.) then they need to offer some value and extend their DEMO days beyond private golf clubs. Sorry, folks.

  4. I was hitting balls at my range, not at all interested in hitting as the rep set up a demo right next to me…After watching me snip hook a bunch of drives (7.4 index, 51 y/o), he handed me the XXIO driver….and hour later, I was the owner of a driver AND 3wood. Couldn’t believe how consistent and long they were… FOR ME at least…. Never heard of the brand. Yeh, pricey, but if they work as well as they did yesterday, I’m ok with the expense

  5. My club fitter had me try a 5 wood and wanted me to buy a 9 wood. For a driver I purchased a Taylormade M4d. At that point I had not tried XXIO clubs. When my set of clubs came in I hit all of them and then he had me try the XXIO. I sure wished he would have had me try them from the beginning.

    So I bought the 5 wood from him. Then on eBay I bought a 3 wood and a woman’s 4h which spiked like a mans 9 wood.

    I love all my XXIO and most likely will give my M4 to my son in law and by a XXIO driver

    If their irons are as good I wasted some $$ since the pro I was working with never brought them into the testing

  6. Steve Beauchamp

    I Purchased the driver about three months ago. I have always been inconsistent off the Tee and it’s held me back from getting better over the years. I have now played 10 rounds with the driver and I’m heading over 90% of my fairways and getting about 15 yards extra distance. The feel of this club is incredible and it goes so straight it’s unbelievable !! I used to score in the high 70s and low 80s. My last 10 rounds have from 73 to 77!! This club has literally changed my whole golf game. I’m having a blast playing golf now !!


    One day last winter I was playing golf with a friend of mine at Old Palm and it happened to be a golf demo day with XXIO being one of the participants. Just out of interest I tried the X driver and 5 wood.
    The difference from the Taylormade I had been using was surprising and exciting. I am 82 years old and fortunately still playing golf, but unfortunately not able to swing as fast as I used to. For me these clubs are just what I needed. If I play badly it won’t be the fault of the club. I have bought the driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid, and 6 hybrid, with the likelihood that I will buy the 3 wood as well. Not only are the clubs great, but I have to compliment the rep as well as he got me to get the X rather than the Prime.

  8. The XXIO X Driver has made golf fun again. In the Spring, I tried every new driver made from the M4 to Rogue to Cobra to Cleveland. I kept coming back to the XXIO because it was so much easier to hit high and straight with less effort. I’m 79., once was an excellent golfer with scores in the low 70’s but age has taken a toll. Now I am 12.4 index with a slow swing speed. XXIO has increased my swing speed only a couple of MPH but it’s increased my fun by eons. It is easy to hit the ball high and straight again. This driver is like magic. The high cost was cheap when you consider the fun I’m now having.

    • “Make golf fun again”
      I bought this model yesterday, after I read your post: Xxio should use your claim as it’s next worldwide advertising…

  9. George Brusznicki

    Excellent review. Demo XXIO driver and bought 11.5 degree loft.

  10. Never swung a XXIO so it could be a great club or one of many good clubs and all the major brands make a good product. The price of the clubs is for the golfer who wants those around him to think this man has money, why else would he buy them. It’s like buying a Rolex watch, it’s not about knowing what time it is . If I’m standing on the first tee and you pull up with a bag of XXIO and ask do you want to have a friendly wager, let’s say $20 Nassau I’ll respond with a automatic press .

  11. I’m 67 yrs only 5′ 6″ tall weighing 132lbs from the Philippines. I have gone through a quadruple heart bypass surgery 4 yrs ago. I have since then lost ewuivalent about 1 to 1.5 clubs distance.
    I tried the demo XXIO X 10.5° Driver i borrowed from a Golf store in Manila. I was surprised it hit longer, maybe at least 15 yards longer than my old dependable Ping G20. It was noticeably lighter too and almost effortless to swing compared to my said heavier G20. So i decided to buy one. Now I also feel less tired after a round of Golf. My scores have relatively gone lower, better because i use shorter clubs now in my approach shots in par 4s and 5s. Definitely a game changer and well worth the added cost ( although I have historically avoided Japanese clubs coz they’re quite expensive even though i consider them very finely crafted). Older golfers should seriously consider this brand of clubs!

  12. Great club . Perhaps the best design for seniors. Non existent Customer Service. Snapped the ultralight shaft trying to regrip. Can’t send it in for repair. Can’t purchase the shaft (or the grip) . Referred to their limited dealer network who can’t help. Another reason it’s good for Seniors. Shorter life expectancy.

    • Matt Meeker

      The brand has grown immensely in North America the past year. I can’t speak directly to customer service with XXIO, but I do know Club Champion carries the clubs.

      – Meeks

      • I have been playing XXIO X’s for over 12 months and have shaved 6 strokes from my handicap in that time (now 12), my consistency with the woods in particular being a key factor. In terms of service, in Australia (Western) the back up service has been excellent through the dealer … broken shafts have been replaced within a few days. Not cheap, but a great product that do what they are designed to do.

  13. Yves Dion

    I try this driver at a demo day at Boca Pointe golf club. I didn’t buy it because of the price point (650$ in Canadian money is 1000$) but after hitting 40 golf balls side by side with my G20 I can say that this club is the easiest club that I ever try. I am a 10 handicap and all the drives were straight and a bit longer than my Ping G20.

    But confidence was the key point for me. It is so high that I almost hit all the target that I was shooting.

  14. Paul Joelson

    I bought the XXIO driver this spring after demoing the. the x and the prime models. I learned the prime model is draw biased which I did not need. I am still getting used to it as I was hitting my Rogue straighter but a little shorter in distance. If it ever stops raining here, I am going to work on my consistency.

    • gary kleiman

      I bought my X from a popular on line used golf store. It came in good condition, but the MP1000 shaft is 45 inches long, and I’m 6’5″ tall. Someone must have ordered it this way or had it cut down. If I have 1″ in length added to the end of the shaft will I mess up the counter balancing of the shaft?

      • Matt Saternus


        Adding an inch will add to the swingweight (assuming you use the same grip), so you would need to add some weight to the butt end if you want it to feel similar.



      • Gisle Solhaug

        The Moment of Inertia will increase. A larger MOI will cause the club to release slightly slower making the club fade. If you are happy with the ball flight, leave the club as it is. If you need more draw, add some backweight.

  15. WW Benson jr

    My buddy Aaron Comer who plays out of Houston Texas sent me this driver xxio, i am an 8 hdcpr. I bang this stick12 to 20 yards further than my Mizuno driver, my handicap went down four strokes with this stick in hand. Its not a gimmick club by any means. The easier and smoother grip pressure I apply to the 9.5 loft ans stiff shaft stick the further I slap the pill. I would recomend this driver to any golfer with swing speeds below 95 mph. The dialed in shaft does not feel like a stiff at all! Buy it you guys. Its the real deal.

  16. Was on a business trip in TYO recently and club fit lady suggested I test the XX10 after watching me hit the Taylor Made M5 and Callaway Epic Flash…..wow what a difference in the result. I hit another 30 balls and purchased it on the spot. Got it back to SYD and it started up the same way that it stopped in TYO. Cannot believe I wasted so much time with the American drivers. Do yourself a favour and invest in one of these, it will change your game totally off the tee.

  17. XXIO clubs are game changers for those with slower swing speed around the 80-90 mph. I have played virtually every brand over the years and this are easy to hit even at the end of a round. If you are a Senior golfer you need to try them,cost is not an issue if you plan to live a long life.

  18. Sandra Divine

    I want to order a Women’s XXIO 10.5 degree

    • Plugged In Golf does not sell golf clubs Sandra. You can order directly and/or find a local dealer on the XXIO website.

      – Meeks

  19. John summersell

    I used a demo and liked the club very much but the advantage over my TM does not justify the price. Was there an advantage over my TM, I am not sure, however on a couple of shots I did hit much further than usual.

  20. John summersell

    A great club but really too expensive.

  21. julio bess

    Just bought the XXIO Eleven Driver and woods. Waiting for golf courses to open. I’m hoping my aggressive downswing works with the light weight shafts.

  22. Donn Rutkoff

    I got a used MP 1000 Flex4222 at a store, I pulled 10 likely candidates from the late-model used drivers, and this won in the store. Hit today first time at the range. It will be fun. As for the price, yes is $100 to $200 more than the other name brands. But how many rounds a year do you play, Jonesy? How much does beer after a round cost? If you keep it for 5 years, the extra $200 is nothing. So until you hit one for a round or two or 2 hours with other drivers at the range, complaining about the price is like saying you can’t get a date with Britney Spears or Halle Berry or Cardi B. It is not for the 250 mph 350 yard whizzbanger. But it will go well with my Ping I500 irons, my Mizuno wedges and driving irons, an ancient Hogan Sure Out sand, another ancient Stan Thompson Close Up chipper, and a handmade highly polished Dave Musty putter. And you drive, what, a Lexus, or a Studebaker?

  23. To compare reviews based on swing speeds. The XXIO is at 85 swing speed while the majority are 105 +/_. In your opinion how would this driver compare with a stiff shaft? I currently hit my Mizuno ST190 240-250 yards. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Matt Meeker

      You are correct Joe that there is significant difference in Matt Saternus’ and my swing speeds. With most drivers, performance attributes like smash factor and forgiveness are likely to remain consistent regardless of tester and swing speed. That’s why most OEMs offer multiple shaft options to pair with a head. Not to say clubs aren’t designed with specific golfers in mind. As far as your question, the only way to compare the XXIO to your Mizuno is to hit them both in the same session – hopefully with the aid of a fitting professional.

      – Meeks

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