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XXIO X Fairway Wood Review

50 Words or Less

Utilizing quality materials and focused design, the XXIO X Fairway Wood has been optimized for players with moderate swing speeds.  Easy distance.  Consistent results and great feel.


First off, let’s get the pronunciation correct:  XXIO = Zek-Si-Oh.  XXIO may be a relatively new brand in the U.S., but it’s been the #1 brand in Japan for seventeen straight years.  And the Japanese are crazy for golf.  The throng of reporters around Hideki at a PGA tournament is shocking the first time you see it, and amazing after that.  Why aren’t there tour players gaming XXIO equipment you’re wondering?  Because the designers are focused on golfers with moderate swing speeds.  In fact, if your driver club speed is over 95 mph, XXIO flat out tells you to look elsewhere.  That’s refreshing.


With the XXIO X, the team at XXIO put together a beautiful club with a premium look.  The round crown is a deep blue that reveals subtle sparkles when the light is just right and a distinctive arrow for ball alignment.  The silver matte face is a moderate height with a few simple white lines that look to be more visual attributes than technical features.  The sole of the X Fairway Wood does an extraordinary job of blending finishes and colors without looking busy.  The blue MP1000 shaft includes a few graphics, and is another classy part of this distinctive club.

Sound & Feel

I’d been struggling with capturing the words to describe the sound, when I awoke to a happy cardinal in my yard.  His showy, crisp “thew” was precisely what the XXIO X Fairway Wood sounded like.  The volume is penetrating but has a distinct and pleasant tone.  That sound is very consistent across the face of the club.

The feel at impact is solid and stable across the face.  That correlated with the consistent launch monitor results I witnessed.   With a 43 gram shaft, I expected the club to feel head heavy, but that wasn’t the case.  XXIO designers moved the balance point towards the hands, resulting in a club that feels steady throughout the swing.


One important note about shaft flex – SR denotes stiff/regular, not senior.  XXIO offers one shaft in three flex options: R, SR and S.

Testing at Club Champion confirmed the two things I noted from a couple of range sessions with the X Fairway Wood:  low ball flight and consistency.  Master Fitter Rob Stumpf attributed the low trajectory to the lie angle being a bit too upright for me.  Depending on where you typically play, that may be a positive, but for me it isn’t ideal.  The forgiveness and consistency were remarkable, a true testament to the design and use of quality materials.

The “True-Focus Impact” on the sole refers to technology XXIO incorporated into the club head and shaft.  Noting that golfers’ misses were low on the heel or high on the toe, XXIO enlarged the sweet spot in those directions to optimize energy transfer.  And remember the high balance point on the shaft?  That also allows the grip to pass closer to the body, increasing acceleration and swing speed.  XXIO claims that reducing the forces away from your body during the swing reduces off center strikes by 28%.


XXIO’s focus on real world, moderate swing speeds allows them to design a complete club for those typical players looking for easier distance.  I found the XXIO X Fairway Wood very easy to swing and marveled at the consistency in direction and distance.  The ball flight wasn’t optimal for me, which is a shame because I love the look and feel of the club.

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XXIO X Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. herman tarnow`

    enjoyed reading your review of the XXIO 10
    question: my wife tried the five wood, and liked it
    is there a great difference between the XXIO 9 as
    compared to the the XXIO 10 in w womans 5 wood

    • I can’t speak for the 5 woods directly Herman, but in general most golfers don’t see big differences between consecutive model years/releases. That said, as a married man, go with what the wife likes!

      – Meeks

  2. Margaret Mahan

    just bought the 3 wood. It’s amazing easy 150-175 yards from the club. swings like butter.

  3. Alan Cassanelli

    What does SR shaft designation mean in a XXIO 5 wood?

  4. Richard L Campbell

    Is stiff regular that much different than regular flex?

    • Matt Meeker

      That’s a very subjective question Richard. The only thing I can offer is that OEMs offer flex variations for a reason.

      – Meeks

  5. carl van milder

    i have bought a driver 3 wood 5 wood inxxio.x have not arrived would like to try a 7 or 9 if i can get a good cheap one i will buy and good postage fee

  6. carl van milder

    i cant wait to use my clubs when there arrive

  7. Ron DeGrouchy

    Traded my 3 wood for the xxio 3wood and what a difference longer easy to swing I’m 68 hitting it 220 easy

  8. Karen newman

    Karen is looking for a four wood Xx1O

  9. Martin Liff

    I just bought a new LH XXiO 18 degree 5 wood.
    I like the look & feel of the club. I just came back from a
    practice with the club. It flies true, high & far. My only negative
    comment about it is the sound that it makes at contact. It is different
    from any club I have ever had. It is a definite metallic sound that seems a
    little bit off to my ears.
    Any comments will be appreciated.

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