Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review

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Lightweight yet powerful, the Wilson Staff D7 driver is built for speed.  Large, modern looking head and an attractive price point.


Thinking back to the 2019 PGA Show, I’m not sure which got more attention in the Wilson Staff booth – the Staff Model Blade irons or the new D7 family of clubs.  Remarkably, they bookend the spectrum of the complete Wilson Staff golf lineup.  The “D” in D7 stands for distance, which in Wilson Staff lingo equals the game improvement segment.


Taking a look back at the previous generation driver, the D300, it’s easy to see why Wilson went with a fresh name.  The D7 driver is so much better looking with its royal blue accents and sleek crown.  The exposed carbon fiber weave gives the driver a high end look although the glare from the gloss finish can be alarming at times.

The head looks large and commanding.  The face is tall, and the dark grey color pairs nicely with the black body.  The sole has clean lines and is free of weight pods, slots, or screws.

Sound & Feel

The first thing I noticed picking up the club was how light it felt.  The Wilson Staff designers did a wonderful job giving the club a balanced feel during the swing by pairing a UST Mamiya Helium 46 gram shaft with the mere 192 gram head.  Similar to previous models, the head and shaft flow seamlessly together – neither shaft or head taking precedent.

Connecting with a golf ball, the sound is a high pitched metallic ‘dink’.  Medium in volume, sound is a bit cleaner on center hits.  Feedback in your hands is minimal thanks to the three piece [K]omposite Crown which sandwiches a layer of Kevlar between woven carbon fiber layers.  The Kevlar neutralizes vibration and anchors the distinctive sound.


The easy swinging nature of the Wilson Staff D7 driver perfectly translated to easy launching.  Looking back through my field notes I had written “can’t miss”.   The lightweight nature of the club had my swing speed up a few mph, adding extra yards.

The mid-trajectory seemed appropriate for a 9° driver, but the low spin rate caught my attention.  Turns out Wilson instituted Dynamic Launch Control in the D7 drivers, which places weight in different locations based on the loft.  My 9° has the weight forward, whereas the 10.5° is mid sole and the 13° back and towards the heel.  Make sure you try them all to find the trajectory that works best with your swing.


Wilson Staff encompasses all their design features and advance materials under what they call RE-AKT Technology.  Absent from the D7 driver is adjustability, but I don’t think it will be missed by golfers who prefer simplicity and can benefit from the weight savings.   The other advantage of design simplicity is lowered cost.  At $299.99, the D7 driver is $50 less than its predecessor and a great value.  The RE-AKT tagline sums it up:  “Speed with every swing.  Distance with every shot.”

Wilson Staff D7 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Mike okula

    Is the face square or closed

  2. Nice fair review with a realistic swing speed

  3. I like the look of it as it’s nice to see a driver head without all the “stuff”. That said I’d need a much heavier shaft and head to use it.

  4. Wayne swisher

    I have the D7 driver and it a winner in every stretch. I have been playing this driver since it was released and with the D7 irons what a great match. I hit others and no other driver felt as good to me as the D7. Try them the driver and iron they are a tremendous match . Very long and very straight some of the longest I have hit. Try them you may put them in your bag.

  5. I have a whole set of D7s and am loving them. As I am older and shorter these clubs have given me a bit back of the old days when I was a plus hcpr. The Driver and Fairways are amazing and the Irons are very accurate and okay long. I have been playing Wilson for a long time and these, are great clubs. For anyone who thinks they are better than they really are knocks them should try them before commenting. They are amazing and the price is great..

  6. Good ball speed and launch angle, looks like it is about optimized for you!

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