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The Veylix Rome 788 is a stout, low-spinning shaft with the signature sick looks that Veylix is known for.



Veylix golf shafts and next-level looks go hand in hand.  However, you need more than good looks to succeed in golf.  Thankfully, Veylix makes more than just a flashy shaft.  The Veylix Rome is their flagship low spin, lower launching shaft and is now available in 70 gram range with the new Lowrider finish.



The graphics on this Veylix Rome start with the signature white label that is found across their lineup.  Veylix has become synonymous with arguably the coolest finishes in the game.  Though I’m a big a fan of the rainbow “Wildeye” finishes, I’m a sucker for this blue “Lowrider” finish, too.  (NOTE: That’s what the LR stands for on the shaft.)

Needless to say, the pictures don’t do it any justice whatsoever.  In hand, the finish is a reflective, metallic blue that pops like crazy in the light.  Rest assured, if you have a Veylix shaft in your bag, its finish alone is going to draw attention.



The looks of the Veylix Rome were my first impression, but the feel was a very significant second impression.  Knowing the Rome was a low launching, low spin shaft, I did expect a little firmness, but I was caught off guard with how stout and rigid the Rome was.

Though extremely stout, the Rome is still responsive and precise in its feel.  I never got the feeling I couldn’t control the shaft or I didn’t know where the club was.  Through my golf experience, I’ve found most of these “low/low” shafts with stout profiles lack in all of those areas.  Typically I just feel like I’m swinging a telephone pole.  The Rome had that stout feel but with plenty of feedback in my hands to go with it.



Low spin and low launch are an understatement for the Veylix Rome.  I’m a mid-launch driver and my spin is usually safely over 2000.  With this Rome I was hitting low ropes all day long.  As you can see, my spin was well under 2000 with an 11º launch angle – rather low for me.  That combination consistently gave me good roll.

The biggest drawback I encountered was that I could easily find myself lacking the carry I needed to maximize my distance.  If I had a little more fire power in my swing, I think this Rome would be a contender.



The Veylix Rome is an impressive shaft on multiple levels, but you better make sure you’re a good fit for it.  I liked my numbers, but I felt I had to work pretty hard for them.   I’m likely a better fit for the Alpina or the Naked in the Veylix lineup.  While the Veylix Rome is a great shaft, it is not for the faint of heart.  If you have the power for the Rome, it will be lethal out on the course.

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  1. Good review. I have this shaft in a PING G400 and G, I have the same speed as you,I love the lowish ropes. I wish they’d come out with a putter shaft.

  2. What flex were you using in this test?

  3. Per-Erik Olsson

    Is Rome 788 x-flex the lowest spin-shaft you have tried so far in a driver? Have you “re-tried” it in recent time?

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately Bill does not write for PIG anymore, so he can’t answer these questions.



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