Vessel Lux Cart Golf Bag Review

Vessel Lux Cart Golf Bag

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The Vessel Lux Cart golf bag is a wonderful integration of form and function, capturing an upscale look with well thought out design features.

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Vessel has been my bag of choice for several years now.  Most recently, the Vessel Player III [full review HERE] was perfect for my typical needs – carrying to and from the driving range and riding in a cart to play.  With a recent move to a golf community, a golf cart has become my primary mode of transportation, and my interest turned to a true golf cart bag.  When I saw the Vessel Lux Cart in the Coastal colorway, I knew my search was over.

Vessel Lux Cart Golf Bag side


What sets Vessel golf bags apart from most brands is their clean, upscale look.  Devoid of giant logos and flashy color combinations, Vessel golf bags maintain a sleek, simple look.  For Vessel, the two hues of blue plus the white of the Coastal colorway is, dare I say, bold.  Fortunately for the Vessel purist, the Lux Cart also comes in black, grey, and white.

Vessel also makes personalization simple.  You can add your name or logo – and preview it – right on the website.  I needed assistance with the dancing PIG icons shown above, and the customer service team at Vessel was great to work with.   The execution of the stitching on the ball pocket panel was excellent.  It’s perfectly in tune with the premium nature of the bag itself.


As the name indicates, the Vessel Lux Cart golf bag is designed for riding in a golf cart.  The first feature to stand out was the upper pocket pod that lifts up for looping the cart strap around the bag.  While in place, one strong magnet maintains the pod against the bag, while another keeps the microfiber lined pocket closed.  Vessel also includes a neoprene strap sleeve to minimize wear on the bag material.

There are an additional seven zippered exterior pockets – each with leather pulls.  One full length side pocket is insulated, while the other includes a lockable (lock included) interior pocket, plus a mesh sleeve.  Bottom line is there’s plenty of compartments for storage and organization.  Plus all the pockets are purposely located for access from the rear of the cart.

Not easily distinguishable when not in use, Vessel cleverly designed two water bottle sleeves that stay neatly tucked when not in use.

Vessel Lux Cart Golf Bag top

Finally, the Lux Cart is available in 7 or 14-way top configurations.  The 14-way includes 14 full length, fully enclosed dividers.  The openings are surrounded in uber-soft micro-fiber material.


Moving the Lux Cart bag was easy with the three large handles around the top.  I really liked that the two side handles jutted out from the club sections to not interfere with the club heads.  Along with being well positioned, the leather wrapped front handle is super putter cover friendly – a comforting feature for us SWAG enthusiasts.

I loved having my clubs oriented for easy access – woods in the back and putter up front.  Clubs glided in and out of the bag with ease.  My putter grip is modest in size, but the dedicated putter well is big enough for the largest monster grips.

Although I haven’t had the need to carry water bottles, I could certainly see utilizing the two sleeves if I was using a push cart.  I have found the sleeves valuable for temporary storage of food wrappers that otherwise tend to get blown away anywhere I put them in the golf cart itself.

I’ll finish this section with one kudos and one critique.  The kudos goes to having zippered personal pockets on each side of the bag.  I found being able to put my cell phone on the outside pocket, depending on whether driving or riding, great for a quick access.  My only critique of the Lux Cart, and it’s a tiny one, is the middle front pocket is too deep.  It’s hard to see into the depths of the pocket to find small items like a favorite ball marker.

Vessel Lux Cart Golf Bag


The Lux Cart is another wonderful example of the attention to detail of the Vessel design team.  The streamlined design offers ample storage while fitting nicely on the golf cart.  All the materials and components look and feel first-class.  I’m mesmerized by the textured blue segment of my Coastal Lux Cart with every glance at the bag.  Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my Lux Cart.  Once again, Vessel sets the bar high in the premium golf bag category.

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