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The Vessel LUX XV 2.0 cart bag is a luxury bag with premium materials and all the bells and whistles.  Slotted for 15 clubs, the heavy duty cart bag comes with ample functional storage and is designed for riders and push cart users alike.


Back in the early 80’s, David Shaw founded the first golf bag manufacturing plant in Taiwan called Zonson.  David had a son named Ronnie who grew up working with his father and after graduating college, Ronnie came to the US to oversee the Zonson US plant.  In 2012, Ronnia came across an opportunity to make custom luxury golf bags for touring golf pros which is where Vessel was born.

Fast forward 11 years later and Ronnie and the Vessel team now boast a brand with a full suite of luxury bag offerings for all types of consumers.  Using the skills that he learned from his father’s business, Vessel not only builds premium golf bags but also curates backpacks, laptop cases, purses, watches, and much more.  I recently got to review one – the Vessel LUX XV 2.0 cart bag – to see how it stood out from its competition.


The best word to describe the new Vessel LUX XV 2.0 cart bag is sexy.  I hesitate to use that word when describing a golf accessory, but it’s exactly what I found in the latest release from Vessel.  It starts with the tour grade synthetic leather shell that covers the entire bag beautifully.  The simplistic style, free from oversized logos and busy designs, elevates the look.   

The gunmetal grey color is unique and strays from the typical Crayola colors that seem to cover most golf bags these days.  If grey isn’t your first choice, Vessel offers the LUX XV 2.0 in Navy, White, and Black. 

A closer look, shows that Vessel incorporates premium materials in small ways such as genuine leather grab handles and heavy duty chrome zippers and metal accents.  These small touches are part of what separates Vessel from other similar bags on the market.  


The features on the Vessel LUX XV 2.0 are primarily for riding in a cart or using a push cart, as the name implies.  Right on top of the bag are two cart strap sleeves that span both sides of the bag.  The top pocket also flips up and covers the cart strap for extra security.  For the push carter like myself, Vessel added two new velcro straps on the back of the bag to provide additional security.  

For storage, there are 22 interior and exterior pockets, each having a specific function.  Two of the four front pockets are magnetic and velour lined for valuables like a phone, watch, or rangefinder.  This is an upgrade from the single magnetic pocket on the original LUX cart bag [review HERE].  The two zippered compartments are designated for balls and tees.  Rounding out the front of the bag are two magnetic bottle holders on either side of the lower pockets.  They can hold almost any size cup or bottle and virtually disappear when not in use. 

On the right side of the bag, the Vessel LUX XV 2.0 boasts three zippered pockets along with a bottle opener that doubles as a towel ring.  The largest compartment on this right side has a secondary interior zippered pocket that is velour lined and comes with a small three digit combination lock.  This is perfect for cash and other valuables that you don’t want to walk off somewhere while you focus on your round.

The left side of the bag is a mirror image of the three pocketed right side.  The one large compartment is designed as a beverage cooler with drainage hole.  There are also two smaller pockets, one of which is velour lined for more fragile items.  For rainy days, there is a designated umbrella loop strap along the back of bag, making it discreet when not in use but still easily accessible.  


When pulling the Vessel LUX XV 2.0 out of the box, I immediately noticed the heavy duty materials and sturdiness of the bag.  At 8.45 pounds, it isn’t the heaviest cart bag on the market, but the quality of the materials do add to the weight.  For those that ride this is a non issue, but it might bother players that primarily use a push cart

The top of the bag features 15 full length dividers.  Why would anyone need 15 dividers?  For me, I carry an Orange Whip but others may want an extra divider for alignment sticks or a support rod for protecting clubs while traveling.

Even with all my clubs (all built with Golf Pride MCC+4 grips) and Orange Whip in the bag, moving clubs in and out was effortless.  I am also particularly fond of the lowered putter well.  Even with a 33″ putter, the head doesn’t contact the sides of the well.

Getting the bag on a cart was intuitive.  The cart strap sleeves provide security while the included cart strap cover helps prevent wear and tear.  The only problem I ran into was the occasional cart strap that didn’t align with the height of the bag.

Using the cart bag on my push cart was also straightforward.  The bag sits comfortably on the frame while the straps fit perfectly in the cart strap tunnels.  The two additional velcro straps along the back of the bag add extra security and prevent any unwanted movement on those bumpier fairways.


The Vessel LUX XV 2.0 golf bag is leading the charge in luxury cart bags.  It’s not cheap at $455, but that pays for an attention to detail and use of premium materials you won’t find for less.  The ample storage space and functionality will impress even the pickiest golfer, and the compliments from your foursome will be more rewarding than any par putts you make that day.  Overall, I am pleased with my LUX XV 2.0 cart bag and plan to make it my primary bag in 2024.

Buy the Vessel LUX XV 2.0 Cart Bag HERE

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