Under Armour UA Spieth 2 Golf Shoe Review

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Jordan’s signature shoe, the UA Spieth 2, provides an ultra-stable foundation.  High quality materials and performance-focused design combine for a distinctive, edgy looking golf shoe.


There are only a few prized golfers with just one logo on their person, and Jordan Spieth is one of them – he’s pure Under Armour from head to toe.  That’s out of reach for all but a handful of brands and not sustainable without quality products and commitment.  In this review, I’ll take a close look at Jordan’s latest footwear, the UA Spieth 2.


The UA Spieth 2 have a modern, stealthy look.  The embossed lines and holes on the toe combined with the heavy stitching in the back evoke a design intended for eluding radar.  The geometric shapes on the sole further the Area 51 conspiracy theories.  The Under Armour logo is prominent on both sides of the heel and the sole.  Jordan’s own logo appears modestly on the tip of the tongue.

Shown here in black/graphite, the UA Spieth 2 is also available in four additional colorways:  white/black, white/metallic silver, white/academy (blue), and steel/black.  At $200 a pair, having the complete family to coordinate with your outfits may require some tour winnings.


I thought when I first tried on the UA Spieth 2s that some break-in time would be required, but it turned out to be less than I expected.  The Clarino microfiber leather was quick to adapt to my foot, and after an hour on the range, the shoes were ready to go a full round.  The foot bed is firm, but there’s enough cushioning to mold to your foot.  The material on the interior is silky smooth and the padding around the opening really cradled my ankle.  Overall the shoe is structured and supportive, providing a locked in feeling for my feet.

The shoes did seem about a half size too big.  The heel and forefoot were secure, but the length was a bit long compared to other brands.


If you’ve watched Jordan swing, you know he generates a lot of force from the ground, so it wasn’t a surprise to find the UA Spieth 2s were designed to support Jordan’s efforts.  To start, the cleats are positioned wide for stability.  At address, you can see the bump outs straddling the balls of your foot.

The heavy grey stitching isn’t there just for looks – the TPU fiber is woven into the upper for additional support in the swing.  With my feet planted there was virtually no lateral ‘play’.  You probably already noticed the half red cleats, a/k/a UA Rotational Resistance Spikes, which allow you to “dig in & attack every shot”.  Watch Jordan’s footwork and you’ll see they are positioned for maximum performance.  There’s no lack of traction in any conditions with these stability shoes.

Mother Nature didn’t cooperate for testing the 100% GORE-TEX construction on course, so I went rogue and used a hose pipe – or garden hose for you northerners.  No water intrusion, even around the lace area.  With the tongue fabric continuous with the rest of the shoe, your feet will stay dry even stepping in a deep puddle.


The UA Spieth 2 have a wide footprint and supportive uppers that combine for an extremely stable golf shoe.  The high quality materials are comfortable and offer an edgy, almost futuristic, look that’s distinctive.  You may not have Jordan’s game, but you can have his swagger.

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  1. One of the ugliest shoes on the market. Thought of paying $200 for such ugliness is a double bogey

  2. I bought a pair of these with the BOA system last week. Fantastic shoe!!

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