Under Armour Spieth 3 Golf Shoe Review

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Designed to maximize traction and stability, the Under Armour Spieth 3 golf shoe also boasts comfort and a distinctive, modern look.


As you have surely figured out, the Spieth 3 is Jordan Spieth’s third signature golf shoe with Under Armour.  Reluctant at first to put his initials on a product sold to the public, Jordan has come to embrace the collaboration:

“This partnership provides experts in footwear at my fingertips. I found myself in a position to work on a shoe that I felt was above and beyond typical footwear, tailored for this game and better than anything else. That’s what sparked the initial Spieth 1, and each version since has just gotten better and better.”

What’s new for the Spieth 3?  Let’s dig in and find out.


The new Spieth 3 is clearly an UA Spieth golf shoe.  The mix of woven fabric and Clarino microfiber leather in the uppers maintains the distinctive modern look of the earlier Spieth shoes.  The uppers are busy with varied materials and stitching, yet the monotone color scheme, interrupted only by a simple grey stripe, keeps the shoe from being visually overpowering.  The UA Spieth 3 is also available, and really looks sharp, in black.

The clear sole material of the Spieth 3 offers a peek at the construction of the shoe.  The sole itself is so fascinating I can’t decide if it should be on display in a modern art gallery or a NASA exhibit.


Slipping the UA Spieth 3 on was simple thanks to the long tongue and easily expandable lacing.  The underside of the tongue has wide channels in the cushioning to keep air flowing – a smart detail I haven’t seen in other shoes. The lacing system made adjusting the fit a breeze.  Curiously, the tongue stops halfway down the lacing.

Inside the shoe I immediately felt the raised footbed on the outside of both feet.  The support location invoked feelings of staying centered in my backswing and posting on my left side on the follow through.  The foot bed is firm but comfortable.  The interior material of the shoe is silky smooth and inviting.  The ankle collar is a slightly lower cut with padding that cradles the ankle and secures the heel.

Structured and supportive, the UA Spieth 3 is a very comfortable shoe.  In my standard 9.5 size, the shoes seem a bit long, and I’d recommend going down a half size if you typically fall between sizes.


Watching Jordan warm up on range I can’t help but observe that he has a lot of foot action.  It’s fascinating to see how his shoes – these shoes – pivot and roll with his swing.  Much like the predecessor UA Spieth 2 I tested last year, the Spieth 3’s foundation is wide and stable.  The cleats are positioned at the edge of the soles, which are wider than the shoe body.

The distinctive red UA Rotational Resistance spikes have a lower profile as does the outsole, which made the shoes feel more grounded.  Between the traditional Softspikes and the ample molded points and nubs, the traction is as good as it gets.  The strategic locations of all the traction elements harness and then transfer power when appropriate in the golf swing.

The UA Spieth 3 uppers work harmoniously with the sole for stability.  Simulated light rain beaded up and even with a steady flow of water, my feet stayed dry.  Gone is Gore-Tex, but because UA integrated its Storm Technology, the shoes still come with a 2 year waterproof warranty.


The design upgrades to the UA Spieth 3 resulted in over an ounce of weight savings, which your body will thank you for after a long day of golf.  The changes to the look and improvements in performance through the collaborative efforts of Under Armour and Jordan Spieth are well executed.  At $200, the shoes are right in line with other brands premium offerings and clearly worthy of another major championship.

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