Under Armour Tuned Recovery Sunglasses Review

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The Under Armour Tuned Recovery lens is designed for eye relaxation and gives the wearer a spa-like view.  Two frame styles provide a casual look and comfortable fit.


Under Armour offers a variety of sport specific lenses in what they call their Tuned series – including the Tuned Golf models I reviewed earlier this year.  In a first to my knowledge, UA has expanded the series with the aptly named Tuned Recovery lenses specifically designed to promote eye rest and recovery.


The UA Tuned Recovery sunglasses are intended to be worn after an intense sports session or during non-sporting days.  The UA Tuned Recovery lens seeks to “filter out harmful blue light & prepare your eyes for your next peak performance.”  I tested the sunglasses driving home from the golf course and on my daily dog walks.

The blue lenses gave colors a bleached out hue, yet kept things crisp and clear.  I can only describe it as like being in a spa where walls and objects are soft blues and whites, coordinated to invoke a light and airy feeling of relaxation.  I can’t say my eyes felt any different after wearing the UA Tuned Recovery, but I can state that my eyes felt at ease.

Style & Fit

The UA Tuned Recovery lenses are available in two casual frame styles – Pulse and Glimpse.  The UA Pulse sunglasses feature straight temple arms and more frame coverage at the sides of the eyes.  The UA Glimpse sunglasses have a more traditional frame.  Both models are lightweight and sat securely and comfortably on my face.  The screwless hinges offer a firm pop open and close and maintain their position.


The concept of lenses tuned to promote eye recovery seems plausible, but as a technical kind of guy, it would be nice if Under Armour provided some scientific data to support their goals.  The blue UA Tuned Recovery lenses do evoke peaceful tranquility, and we could all use that in our busy lives.  While I expect to enjoy them for general use, I don’t envision myself switching to these sunglasses after a round of golf with the expectation that my eyes will be better prepared for more the next day.

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