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Under Armour Tuned Golf Sunglasses Review

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The new 2018 Tuned Golf lens is a marked improvement over previous Under Armour Eyewear offerings targeted at golfers.  A variety of frames provides golfers choices to suit their style preferences.


In my review of the UA Octane sunglasses last year, I reported mixed results.  The frames were nice but the lenses were a bit dark and generic.  For 2018, Under Armour came out with Tuned Golf – one of five lenses engineered sport specifically.  The new lens is designed to give golfers the precise visual information they need on the course, while frame choices provide options for style.


The new Tuned Golf lens has a rose tint that is very noticeable when you first slip on the sunglasses.  Instantly I was noticing crisp contrast in the natural elements.  The bark on trees became distinctive, as did mower lines on fairways.  White clouds had a hint of purple but really popped against the blue sky.

Golf balls were easy to track in varied light conditions and easy to spot wherever they came to rest.  On the green, I processed grain and subtle slopes with the UA Tuned lenses much better than with the naked eye.  The lens has a thick, sturdy feel between your finger and thumb, and the UA Storm coating makes them easy to clean.

Style & Fit

The photo above showcases the various styles Under Armour offers in the Tuned Golf series.  Top to bottom they are:  Pulse, Assist, and Big Shot.  The satin black frames compliment the rose lens color nicely.  All three styles feature cam lock hinges that ‘snap’ open for a very solid feeling.  The Pulse and Assist have a casual lifestyle look, while the semi-rimless Big Shot have a sporty style.

Although there aren’t any adjustable features on these frames, they were comfortable on my face.  The Armour Fusion frames may be made for durability, but I found the strength great at keeping the temples secure against my head without feeling squeezed.  There isn’t any gription type of material on the end of the temples of the Pulse and Assist, which may make them less secure while swinging if you sweat a lot.


There’s a picture in the 2018 UA Eyewear catalog of a squatting Jordan Speith ciphering a putt, with Michael Greller looming behind him.  It’s humorous because poster boy Jordan doesn’t even pretend to wear sunglasses, yet Michael always has them on.  But if you watch as much golf as I do you know Jordan calls in Michael when putts are tough to read, and having tried them now, I have no doubt the UA Tuned Golf lenses can be an aid.  At $99 to $125, including a cloth cleaning bag but no hard case, the Under Armour Tuned Golf sunglasses are a solid value.

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