Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood Review

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood is easy to hit and very forgiving.  Consistently long and straight at a price point well below other brands.


On a recent trip, my parents ended up with a rental car that was a hybrid.  The first thing they both asked as I met up with them was, “What’s a hybrid?”  For automobiles that was a simple answer, but for golf clubs these days, hybrid can mean a lot of things.  That’s why I appreciate the Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood’s name – it spells out exactly what it is.   Part iron, part wood.  It sounds simple, but the club still falls in that murky hybrid world by definition.  Even on the Tour Edge website you find the Iron-Wood under hybrids and irons.  The moral of this tale is to make sure you understand what you want out of a club and don’t blindly follow category names.


Even without photos, the intro above should have given you a pretty clear picture of what the Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood looks like.  From face on, the club is pure iron with a sleek silhouette and classic two tone finish.

At address the silver topline is thick yet the black backside proportion is modest and keeps the overall head a reasonable size.  There’s offset, but nothing unexpected for a club in the super game improvement segment.  The sole has a lot going on information wise, but the silver, black and yellow are well coordinated with the UST Mamiya shaft.  This is a nice looking club overall.

Sound & Feel

The steel hollow body construction of the Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood gave the club a moderate metallic ‘tink’.  The sound was pleasing on flushed and reasonably well struck shots and got a bit duller on strikes near the edges of the face.  Same with the feedback to your hands.

Most shots felt solid which indicated a generous sweet spot.  The wide and heavy sole kept the head stable through the impact zone, and the only twist I felt was on a few mishits way out on the toe.


Turns out that generous sweet spot is the result of Tour Edge incorporating a variable face thickness design.  The face was forged thinner than previous generations for added spring effect, but the thickness varies across the face.  This results in more contact points for the ball on off-center hits for consistent distances.  That’s exactly what I observed on the launch monitor – only about a 10 yard spread between all decently struck shots.

The balance of the shaft and heavy sole made the Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood easy to hit.  Ball flight was penetrating with low/mid spin and a good amount of run out.  My misses all tended to the right, but were amazingly tight to the target line.  Consistency was aided by the shorter, more iron like, shaft length.


The Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood is very consistent, easy to hit and a really attractive option at $89.99.  But wait, there’s more.  Visit one of more than 600 retail outlets with HL3 fit bags and receive 48 hour guaranteed delivery on a custom fit Iron-Wood.  Tour Edge offers a variety of clubs – from driver to wedge – in the Hot Launch HL3 series giving golfers options on building a complete set that’s tailored to their needs.

Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Iron-Wood Price & Specs

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  1. I would like to try it before I buy it. Is there any way?

  2. Charles Savage

    I ordered a 3 and 4 utility 5wks ago ..havent heard a word …sent two email already…

    • Matt Saternus


      Tour Edge is headquartered in Illinois which is currently under fairly strict stay at home orders due to COVID. I’m not sure what capacity they’re running at in terms of shipping out clubs or responding to customer emails.



  3. I can’t decide between hl3 iron woods or g400 irons. Is there anything you would point out?

    • Matt Meeker


      The other Matt reviewed the G400 irons, so I don’t have anything constructive to offer – other than which ones perform better? If that’s about equal, which one looks and/or feels better?

      Good luck and enjoy.

      – Meeks

  4. Matt, I pulled the trigger on a 4-PW HL3 set with graphite shafts at a remarkably low price in the mid $200s. Only thing that made me hesitate was not being able to find solid reviews on the comparison between the HL3s and HL4s. Have you hit both and if so, can you give me your thoughts? I went ahead and did make the purchase because of the dramatic price difference.

    • Matt Saternus


      No, I haven’t hit the HL3, so I can’t offer a comparison. Enjoy the new clubs!


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