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Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Irons Review

50 Words or Less

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 irons are long and consistent.  A great game improvement iron at an affordable price.

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As we enter a new year, golf welcomes in a fresh crop of beginners.  At the same time, legions of longtime players are looking to remake their bags.  Almost everyone in both groups is searching for the same thing: more distance.  For all those golfers, Tour Edge offers the Hot Launch C522 irons.

Seeking maximum forgiveness?  Check out the Hot Launch E522 Irons HERE


The stout top line is the dominant visual trait of the Hot Launch C522 irons.  There’s also a healthy dose of offset and a heightened heel, but everything is colored by the beefy top line.  Looking down at this iron makes me feel like I’m swinging a sledge hammer – in a good way.  I know that even an imperfect strike is going to do some damage.

In the bag, the Hot Launch C522 irons have a standard game improvement look.  There’s quite a bit of branding – Tour Edge Hot Launch across the middle, C522 on the toe, and Vibrcor closer to the sole.  A deep cavity is somewhat hidden among the numerous levels and finishes.  Two splashes of bright blue round out a fairly busy visual package.

Sound & Feel

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 irons produce a very enjoyable feel at impact.  Striking the ball well feels very solid with just a touch of quick.  This blends harmoniously with a low pitched, medium-low volume impact sound.

Feedback is clear but not painful in both the hands and ears.  The sound of mishits is thinner than pure strikes, but it’s not discordant.  Similarly, off-center shots aren’t as solid, but they don’t sting.


Tour Edge touts the Hot Launch C522 irons as “high-tech distance iron[s] with enhanced forgiveness for competitive golfers.”  This description is spot on.

The specs on the Hot Launch C522 irons are “Power Lofted” per Tour Edge.  You should understand this to mean that the lofts are very strong.  When you combine these strong lofts with a very low center of gravity, the result is extreme ball speed and distance.  I was hitting the C522 8-iron past my gamer 7I with playable spin.  That second part needs to be repeated: with playable spin.  That extends to the long irons which, when struck well, fly for days but don’t roll forever.

Of course, long is only good if it’s consistent, and the Hot Launch C522 irons are that.  Thanks to the 360 Degree Undercut Cavity and Toe Weighted Design, you can hit the ball thin or off-center and still get a great result.  Ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates were all very robust in my testing.

Tour Edge also notes the “Wide Sole Design” of the C522 irons.  I noticed the effects of this on both mats and grass.  This iron simply does not want to dig.  If you hit a lot of fat shots, these are definitely worthy of consideration.  The flipside is that the wider sole makes them slightly harder to flight down.

Similarly, the Hot Launch C522 irons want to go straight or draw slightly.  If you like point-and-shoot irons, these are going to hit the mark for you.  I was able to hit cuts and lower the trajectory, but it took some effort as that’s not what these are built for.

Tour Edge offers the Hot Launch C522 with two stock shaft options.  If you want steel, there’s the KBS Max 80, a fairly lightweight option.  For players seeking to cut even more weight, the graphite shaft is the Mitsubishi Fubuki HL.  Depending on the flex, this shaft weighs between 50 and 60 grams.


In the past, Tour Edge has bragged that “Pound for pound, nothing else comes close.”  I humbly submit a slightly modified version for the Hot Launch C522 irons: “The dollar-for-dollar distance champ.”  If you’re looking for a long, forgiving iron that isn’t going to break the bank, you are not going to find anything better.

Visit Tour Edge HERE

Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. How would you compare these to the Cleveland XL launchers you tested in terms of dispersion, forgiveness, easy to hit, etc?


  2. You are better off getting pxg 0211 dualcore they are 77 a club right now or 770 for 4 they lw. 10 clubs they are great clubs. I’m sure these are ok but pxg took pings engineers and when you order your clubs they are built by those engineers in America not mass produced elsewhere like Titleist TaylorMade etc.

  3. Bengt-Arne Landgren

    Price for a full set? Grafhite. 4,5,6,7,8,9 PW and SW. Delivered to Sweden

  4. Stuart Organ

    Are these stiff shaft as thats all i use ???…whats the cost for a full iron set with stiff shafts please ???

  5. Stuart Organ

    Whats the cost of shipping full set of irons to England/UK ????

  6. Jake Kasarjian

    How would these compare to the Ping G425’s?

  7. Thank you for your review. I’m a 25 handicapper, deciding on whether to choose the E522 or C522. Is the target of the E522 high handicappers like me or mid…….?

    • Matt Saternus


      The E is the much more forgiving option. If you see yourself staying in that handicap range, I think the E will probably be more fun to play.



    • Mark Dophied

      Thank for the review. Would love to win these have a buddy who is just starting out, would let him have them.

    • I have a horrible back. I got a set of the E522’s. Super forgivng and get the ball up in a hurry whithout digging in. Dispertion is excellent as is spin rate. And all their clubs are guaranteed for life!!! WOW. I dont care if a club looks “chunky”(the rear) as long as it performes and these do.

  8. I’m in need of irons that will give me more distance while offering forgiveness. After 2 back surgeries I’m always on the lookout for any tech that will help my game. These cavity back irons with a wide sole sound like what I need! I’d use the KBS Max 80 stiff shafts with these.

  9. Use really been trying to expand the brands I like, or we’ll atleast would like to demo. Tour Edge is really starting to grow on me. This review just nails it home for me. I’m at the point I don’t play nearly as much as I used to, but when I do I want to still have fun and be competitive with my friends. These irons sound perfect for that! Definitely on my list of irons I would love to swing. Thanks for a great review.

  10. Great review on these forgiving clubs. I might have check these out and at that price point it’s a win win situation. Definitely could use more distance as I’m getting a bit older and losing speed. And forgiveness is always a big plus.

  11. While as a 17 hdcp the E522 might still be the “smart” option, I’ve never seemed to get along with any sort of hybrid or hybrid style iron so the C522 sound like it would be a good fit. I’m currently using W/S D200 irons and I’m betting that newer designs/tech in this line would offer some more forgiveness.

  12. Todd Williams

    These look promising

  13. Would love to give these a place in my bag. I’ve owned Tour Edge woods in the past, but not the irons. The C522 seems to fit my game better than the E522’s.

  14. Dave Sanguinetti

    I would love to e able to play the C522, this seems to be the greatest fit for me!!!!

  15. These look good. I would think this set would help my consistency as I try to drop my handicap.

    • Tipper taylor

      Tour edge is a very under the radar brand they are made in the u s a the hybrid model are very forgiving but seem to not quite go as far and a bit chunky around the green I have hit lots of brands tour edge can cater to low handicap and to high handicap players

  16. Peter Aglipay

    Love the review of TE C523. Used to game Bazookas so very familiar with their product (Illinois bias). Gaming older AP1 710s, but the CE22 sounds like a great upgrade.

  17. The C522’s would be a good fit for me. I need a bit of forgiveness but would like to keep some length as I age. I would like to hit these and see how they feel and react off the ground.

  18. Enter me for the C522 irons please

  19. Spencer Douglas

    Would love to get my hands on a set to help improve my game!

  20. Jim Monteleone

    I like the c irons, I just can’t get used to the look of the E’s. I’d like the c for the contest

  21. Frank Kremer

    I’d love to try the C522.

  22. Vincent Serio

    How do these irons compare to the Srixon ZX5.

  23. Richard Reese

    Great review on the C522 irons. They sound very conducive to my game .

  24. Dave Sampson

    Sign me up for the opportunity to win a set of Tour Edge C522 irons. Thanks for all the reviews you provide us on golf clubs and accessories.

  25. The C series would really help my game! Thanks!

    • Of the two the C522 fit my game the best. At my age the strong loft with thinner face and filled cavity are an advantage for slowing swing speeds. I liked the part describing “less dig”. I live in the Northwest where there is winter golf but there is also a lot of rain so courses are on the wet to very soggy side. I played last Saturday with a day of sun but not enough of them to dry the course. 80% of fairway irons were like playing bunker shots. Club soles that take a nice divot in summer dive deep in soggy wet taking a lot of club speed with it. C522 describe well to fit what I can use all around my iron game. Can use the 4-PW in senior/A flex.

  26. Matt Figurski

    It would be great to have a set of the C522.

  27. Luv the c 522! Fits right in with my needs. I now use mavrixs which I find not so game improving and think that this left handed would do better with c 522 from tour edge!

  28. I’d love to try the C522’s

  29. I bought what I think was one of, if not the first, Tour Edge offering, the maroon headed Driver, 3 metal and 4 metal several years ago (maybe 25?) Still swing the 4 metal! Would love to try the C522’s with the graphite shafts, would seem to be a good fit for this aging golfer! Thanks!

  30. I picked up a Tour Edge C271 hybrid last year and it is by far the best club in my bag. I absolutely crush that thing. I am interested in trying out the Woods and irons and as a 20 handicapper, I think I’m improving rapidly enough that the C series would be a really excellent step up from my Cleveland irons.

  31. Very nice review, I’m especially interested that these irons retain spin well. I’d be curious to see how these work with the KBS shafts, even if they didn’t fit great for my they’d likely be perfect for my brother.

  32. I recently purchased the Launch C522 3 wood and love it! At 69 years old, the high launch draw flight these irons and hybrids produce would suit my game perfectly. Do they come in a hybrid set?

  33. Michael Pettey

    As I’m coming off back surgery, I will need the added distance and forgiveness of the C522s. I’ve also noticed the feel of graphite shafted irons is a bit less jolting than steel. Thanks for review

  34. Definitely enter me for the C522 set with the graphite shafts! Great looking!

  35. Brian lindsay

    I saw a review for these clubs on youtube recently and they looked excellent, i think the c522 80 g shaft would suit me.

  36. George Vournas

    I would love these C522s. I really like your review and currently can’t afford new irons. Currently using preowned Taylor Made from 3 generations ago.

  37. Bernard Schoof

    Tour Edge C522 sounds like a great option for us Senior golfers, just the ticket for having fun.

  38. C522 are what I have been looking for! I’ve had several Tour Edge woods and was pleased with the outcome but I do like to tinker with golf clubs so I’m always trying clubs out. Presently hitting PXG 0211dc and would love to have the C522!!! I always love your unbiased reviews

  39. I would be a candidate for these irons. 18 handicap needing help and distance.

  40. A loyal follower of PIG here, including podcasts. Have had Tour Edge woods over the years and currently have a hybrid. As I am on the cusp of turning 70 and would like irons with more forgiveness but don’t need a full set of hybrids, the c522s in graphite would be excellent. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. Richard Caponetti

    Put me down for the E522 with senior flex graphite shafts. Seventy-one years young and just started playing again after a 13 year hiatus. As a Clint Eastwood character says, ” a man has to know his limitations.”

  42. Would love the C522 irons

  43. If I win the contest I would love to have the C522s.

  44. Bruce Emrich

    Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Irons. Very nice irons. As a 72 year old, I would love to have a set of them. Thank you for the contest!!!*

  45. at every turn I think that Tour Edge gets underrated for their performance. As far as this category of irons goes, it sounds like these will once again be an amazing set of irons that would help any golfer, namely me, have more fun and score better. I would love to bag a set of C522’s!

  46. kelly ferguson

    The sound like a good solid set of irons.

  47. Nick Johnson

    The C522s would be a great one for me! I would like to enter the drawing for those!

  48. I’d love a set of these Hot Launch C522 irons with the Mitsubishi Fubuki HL shafts. They’d pair nicely with my Tour Edge putter!

  49. Albert Barnes

    I would really like to have the C522 irons. I am a high handicapper and never hit irons that well. Trying to get over shoulder surgery now so I know my score will go up more.*

  50. Mike Broadway

    Based upon my game I believe the C522 to be a better option for me. Since I have a strong grip and I roll my arms a good bit, the offset might produce a bit too much draw/hook. A flatter lie than standard would probably compensate. Great looking clubs!

  51. Thomas Gonzales

    love to own the c522 irons*

  52. The C522 irons are precisely the clubs I have been waiting for from Tour Edge. They look like distance/players irons (that’s right; not players distance – there is a difference) with a slightly wider top line than anything else in their iron line-up. As a 7 handicap 68 year-old, I must grudgingly graduate to a set of irons that gives me a bit more distance and, I trust, a slightly higher launch angle. I can still swing a stiff shaft, but now need the boost these irons appear to promise. Sign me up!

  53. Looks like the C522’s are more my fit. I’d love to give them a try. It would be an upgrade for sure from what I’m currently playing.*

  54. I was leaning towards the C’s .Now I’ve made up my mind with those Fubukis . Nice review.

  55. David Gangemi

    Sounds like everything that I’d want in an iron: “maximum distance “, “consistent “, “very enjoyable feel”, “ with playable spin”, “does not want to dig”, “draw slightly “. The C522 irons would be a great fit. Please consider me in your Tour Edge Hot Launch Giveaway. Thanks!

  56. Tour Edge has really targeted senior golfers. I think it’s a smart strategy and as I’m part of that demographic ( age 68) I’m always eager to read the reviews. I have a set of their wedges that I like better than old Callaway X16s. Having said that I’m in a very large senior golf league (160 players) and I don’t see many playing their irons or woods. I would be interested in trying either set but would lean toward the C522s with the Mitsubishi shafts. Call me old fashioned but I just can’t look down at a wedge and see the hybrid bulge.

  57. C series iron sound great for me. Tour Edge makes great clubs at a great price; really a good value.*

  58. Would love these irons to increase my distance and get on the par 4 greens in 2. Very keen to reduce my handicap. These clubs seem they would help me do that.

  59. Please enter me in the give away for these C522s. They look great!

  60. Definitely would go with C522 over the E522 for my game. Forgiveness, confidence at address, distance gains plus playable spin?! Great combination that should appease many golfers, including yours truly. Thanks for the review and contest!

  61. Thomas Brokl

    Based on the specs for the C522 versus the E522, I got to say the C522 would fit my game better. I would definitely want the graphite shafts as I am 73 years old and my swing speed is slowing down a little more each year. I am currently swinging Callaways that are fitted to be two degrees flat with “senior” shafts. *

  62. The C522 Irons with the Mitsubishi Fubuki High Launch Graphite shafts would fit my game the best! I’m 68 but have a good Iron Game and could utilize a New Set of Irons. Utilizing my OLD TaylorMade Irons presently. Thank You for the offer and Please continue the emails. JM*

  63. Jerry Mattison

    Please enter me for a set. Thanks!

  64. Joseph Zaremba

    Haven’t hit tour edge in 12 or 13 years.
    When their drivers were the best! Full REFUND if not satisfied!!
    These irons look good, I will give them a test try.*

  65. If the C522 irons can hit straight or even have a draw bias then these must be the clubs for me. I presume being a little older now with a slow swing club head speed the graphite shafts would also help for a better trajectory and a little more distance.

  66. PeterJackson

    How do I enter for the giveaway irons*

  67. Mitchell Hobbs

    Thinking the C would be a super set for a gentleman trying to lower his handicap/ thanks*

  68. I’d love to try the C522 in a stiff flex steel. 5 handicap 71 years young…..*

  69. The C522 irons would work great with my Tour Edge rescues.

  70. Ronald E Owens

    The C series would be great in my bag. Two years ago I switched out my Ping Eye 2’s for a used set of Tour Edge HL irons. Wow! Straighter and longer! I know technology has made an even bigger difference. As a senior golfer and golf instructor/coach, I would very much appreciate using and promoting these irons.

  71. Jim W Rosteck

    I would love to have a free set of C522 irons especially since this great website has already cost me money. (Must resist reviews😀)

  72. Great review on the C522 irons. These appeal to me.

  73. I think the C series would be a benefit to me

  74. Kevin ONeill

    The E522 irons are interesting, but I prefer these C522 irons more. I always appreciate the Plugged In Golf reviews. Thanks, Matt.

  75. Reading your review has convinced me that these irons (C522) would be just what I have been looking for . Heres hoping
    My choice would be C522 with graphite lite flex shafts

  76. Paul Bateson

    I would like to enter the competition for a set of irons, and would choose to receive the Hot Launch E522 Irons, if successful, as I believe they would help a high handicapper such as me. I hope to hear from you.

  77. Jerry Merkley

    I would love to have a set of the E522 irons, the looks are amazing and using the irons would be very intriguing.*

  78. CS522 fits my game better

  79. Hot Launch C522 definitely want to hit these. Look great and sound like a must hit.*

  80. Jason Warlond

    C522s for me please. Been a big fan of Tour Edge for a long time and have had their hybrids or 3 woods in the bag for years. Also have used their cb proh 4 iron. Dave Glod makes great stuff.

  81. Ken Kjeldsen

    I would like to try the C522 irons.*

  82. Thanks for the awesome review – clear and concise! I’d choose the C522s over the E522s any day. I haven’t gotten used to the hybrid design yet.

  83. Martin Terry

    My years ambition is to go from 20 h/cap to get down to minis 12 , I believe the C522 irons fitted with a soft regular shafts .would be a great asset in me achieving my goal by the end of the year, ( 68 years young )

  84. Hector R Fernandez

    Thank you for the informative review.

    I would be to be considered for a C522 set with my thanks.

  85. C522 irons would really help my iron game.

  86. Kenneth Jellison

    C522 sounds right for me. The Statements that stood out to me in your review were Point and Shoot, Playable spin and doesn’t dig. I also appreciate a company that makes good products at a reasonable price point too! All things I am looking for. Thanks for the opportunity and review.*

  87. Terry Schott

    C522 would be for me

  88. Robert Slater

    Great reviews of Tour Edge irons. Please enter me for a set of the C522 irons with graphite shafts.*

  89. C522s fit my game better. Graphite shaft with senior flex. I currently use Cleveland irons and they have always worked great but are over 20 years old so maybe the new technology would be even better.

  90. C522s fit my game better. Graphit shaft with senior flex. I currently use Cleveland irons and they have always worked great but are over 20 years old so maybe the new technology would be even better.

    • C522s fit my game better. Graphit shaft with senior flex. I currently use Cleveland irons and they have always worked great but are over 20 years old so maybe the new technology would be even better.*

  91. C522s fit my game better. Graphit shaft with senior flex.*

  92. The C522 iron set would be a great addition to my bag. I had the opportunity to demo these sticks. Great irons. Hope to have them in my bag! The C522 are a better fit for my game.

  93. The C522s sound like a good fit for my game. Need the extra distance as I’ve gotten older and I rarely try to shape a shot. Please enter me in the contest.

  94. The E522’s are exactly what I’m looking for

  95. The C model would be the set I am interested in

  96. Charlie Rouse

    Of the 2 new iron models, the C522 is the one I would choose. It looks like a solid competitor in the GI category.

  97. Randy Siedschlag

    I would definitely rock the C series. Tour edge always makes quality clubs

  98. Jonathan Estrabillo

    I would love a set of the C522 giveaway! As a relatively new golfer, I think the E’s would still benefit my game as well… but as my game improves, these C522’s might be a great fit!

  99. Danny Hartline

    have seen the irons in the club house and really like there looks and feel still gaming my old 2013 mizuno ez irons and ready for a new set always look forward to your reviews, thanks a mil

  100. As a senior golfer the blades I use fly shorter every season. It’s time to look into game improvement clubs. The C522 irons would probably help a lot.

  101. I like the wide sole design.

  102. Andy Robertson

    Oh, how I NEED a set of clubs that “promise” loft and distance. And they look good too!

  103. Jonathan Blum

    C522 please. Graphite

  104. These would be ideal for my son. Is the power loft idea changing the idea of club gapping, or just marketing.

  105. Would love a set of the C522 stiff shaft! Love this company that is local to me.

  106. Thomas Miller

    C522 irons look like a great option for my game.

  107. David Poisson

    looks like a great set if irons. would want the graphite shafts though for weight savings

  108. C522 fits my game better. Graphite shaft senior flex. Currently using Cleveland irons and they have always worked great but are over 20 years old and the new technology could be even better.*

  109. After reading both reviews, it sounds like the C522’s are similar to my current irons. And until I can break 100 consistently, I’d probably be better off playing with something like the E522’s. Wish me look in the contest!

  110. Always looking for an edge. Excited to try the Tour Edge E522 Irons.*

  111. Charles Haverstock

    The C522 sound like the exact replacement for my APEX hybrids and my Big Bertha irons. I play 3 times a week and on the Florida fairways the hybrids are hard to hit! Your review indicated the C522 irons have offset, which I need to reduce my fade, otherwise I play the ball further forward in my stance to help close the face during impact . As I continue to review and follow the Tour Edge clubs my impression is changing from a low cost set of clubs to competing with the larger marketing brands. I would like be an ambassador for Tour Edge clubs in the area of The Villages, Florida.*

  112. Your description of the C522 irons made it sound like they would fit my game very well. I use Tour Edge hybrids for my 3 and 4 iron and have had good success with them – the irons would be a nice complement for my bag.

  113. C522 seems like they would be a good fit

  114. Gil Brocanier

    I especially like the forgiveness along with the extra distance. The C522 irons would be perfect for my game.

  115. I’m looking for help with my game. The Tour Edge e irons might do the trick

  116. These irons look awesome and put you in attack mode. I’d love to get more distance as I’m a senior and could use all the help they afford.

  117. I would definitely like to win a set of C522 irons. My 22 year old Ping I3 Blades with X stiff shafts need to be donated to the Smithsonian! At age 66, I’m needing a little love from my irons. Plus I like the available custom length, like angle,and grip size options.

  118. Richard Estrada

    I would love a set of the C522 irons.

  119. Excellent review. Will definitely take a serious look at these clubs.

  120. The review of the C522 from Tour Edge seems like a tool I could use to lower my 19 handicap. I would love a set with graphite shafts.

  121. Leaving a comment to shamelessly enter the iron set giveaway 😉😄😄

    Tried a demo of a Tour Edge iron a few years ago and unfortunately it came with the wrong shaft (steel, stiff and I play graphite, regular or even senior) so I couldn’t give it a fair shake…….

    Have played their fairway woods and really liked them!

    Would love to see if the new Tour Edge irons can best my PXGs!!??!! 👍

  122. Brian Parkinson

    I’d love to win the C552. Thanks!

  123. Richard Ertel

    Would love to win the C522 irons. I just turned 68 and could use an upgraded set of irons that are easy to hit and give me some extra distance.*

  124. All of my non-irons have ben Hot Launch by Tour Edge for 3 years now and I would love to have the C522 irons (6-SW) in my bag. As an 82 year old I think this would be a great way to start 2022.

  125. C522, senior flex. Looks like a nice set.

  126. Stephen Bernardi

    I would love the Hot Launch C522 irons, I have used tour edge clubs over the years and always been a big fan of the hybrids and the fairway metals so this would be a nice addition to my set

  127. Would love to try the C522 irons. I have a Tour Edge Putter I really like. These sound like they would be a good replacement for my 10+ year old Nike irons.

  128. I choose the C522. The C22 looks like a good iron for my game. I like that they minimize sting, have a wide sole, and offer a graphite shaft.

  129. Looking for a new set of irons my Mizuno are 6 years old. I am not getting any younger forgiveness is what I need. C522 will do .

  130. Remind me of the Rogue X irons, but with slightly weaker lofts. My first irons were Tour Edge. They have come a long way and these look like they would be fun to play with.

  131. Looked at tour edge irons a few times. I’m intrigued by their technology. Wide sole should help game or lack there of My driver is exs220 which I really like.
    Thanks for a chance plugingolf.

  132. David Rynerson

    C522 please

  133. First ever review on PIG, so here goes. You know how your wife brags about how much money she saves you when she comes home with a load of clothes or shoes. Now it’s our chance. Buy these wonderful Tour Edge clubs & tell her how much money you saved her. She’ll probably send you back out to get the Tour Edge driver to save even more. Honestly, the whole lineup of these Tour Edge clubs looks amazing. And as mentioned earlier the price is fantastic. Best “BANG FOR THE BUCK” out there.

    PS, don’t enter me into the contest though as I’ve been blessed & actually have the C522s sitting in a cart at right now. I’m considering what other Tour Edge stuff I want, I mean need.

    Love your reviews, btw.

  134. c522 is what I need as I get older, I need more distance and consistency.


    The C522 irons would be the best fit for me.

  136. C522s look like my kind of iron.

  137. Ivan A. Porter

    Definitely would like a set of c22 ladies right hand

  138. Jim Dolliver

    Thanks for the dual reviews. I would live a set of the E522. Looks like that is the one tat would benefit me the most.

  139. Eugene Marchetti

    Your Edge makes quality equipment that performs exactly as advertised. Would proud to play them!!!

  140. Would love a set of C522s to improve my game!

  141. The E522 irons look like the ticket. I learned to golf in the high desert air in New Mexico and i still have trouble getting elevation on my irons. I think that these would help me get the elevation now that I have retired in Georgia.

  142. I would lean towards the C522i rons. As I’m getting older, I’m not ready to LET THE OLD MAN IN! No offense towards anyone choosing the E522 irons, but I’m not quite ready to give up any extra distance if I can still gain distance from my irons. Great review!

  143. David Harvey

    Have the tour edge pro woods and are fantastic, these would round my bag out nicely! Great to see so many reviews

  144. Brett Zilahi

    522s look very interesting

  145. I like the look of these. I suspect the feel would be excellent.

  146. George Christie

    The C522 ‘s appeal to me. I think these equipped with graphite shafts would be just the ticket for an aging golfer like myself. Would love to give them a try.

  147. Robert Battle

    I would love to win the c522 irons. They look like a good fit

  148. The C522’s look the business, would love to take them out for a round.

  149. I am currently looking for a new set of irons to replace my old Adams. Tour Edge was one of the manufacturers that I was considering. After reading your review I could really see myself playing a set of C522’s. I think it’s great that they can offer a quality product at a reasonable price.

  150. Matt, your review has me wanting to demo these irons badly. They seem to be just what would fit my game–need more forgiveness and distance–being a “Super Senior”. Sadly, there is no demo scheduled for anywhere near the Florida panhandle and the C522 isn’t yet available on Tour Edge’s Trial program. But, it’s still early in the season, so I have hope.

  151. William Nettleton

    C522 would work well for me.

  152. I am a senior golfer who took up the game late in life. The C522 irons would help me improve even more and maybe shoot lower scores, which would be great. I would be the envy of my golfing buddies if I won these irons.

  153. Kevin Gregory

    I’d like the E522 irons

  154. If I am lucky enough to win a beautiful set of Tour Edge irons, I would like the C522’s

  155. David J Sell

    Always been curious about the Tour Edge offerings, but have never had a chance to try them out. If I were fortunate to be chosen, I believe the appropriate set would be the C522 set with the graphite shaft stiff configuration, standard lie and length.
    Thanks for creating the opportunity for a lucky individual, and keep up the great work you all do, as always !

  156. I would like the tour edge e522 set.

  157. Keith Laguaite

    The C522 look and sound like an awesome iron. I’m sure these would be a real stroke shaver from the get go!

  158. Kent Franklin

    If love a set of the C522’s to help senior gain back some consistency…

  159. Joseph Homick

    Can’t believe how strong the lofts are getting. I’d love to have the C522s

  160. Geoff Lockwood

    I would love to win a set of the C522. Thanks!

  161. Mike Stewart

    C522 would be the ones that would fit my game

  162. C522! 7 handicap currently gaming Titleist 718 AP1’s. Play a Tour Edge 5 wood. Only club that never gets changed out. Could use a little more distance, but for sure more height. Thanks!

  163. I vote for the C522 . I have been learning with the Tour Edge H3 and HL4. I think the C522 could help me be a little longer. I hit the HL3 TourEdge 7 a very high 150 yds. I really want to try the new driver to see if I can get more yardage off the tee.

  164. The older I get the more I like Tour Edge clubs, C522’s please.

  165. Matthew Malahy

    I would enjoy playing the C522’s with the KBS max80 shaft. The clubs sound like a blessing for a trench digger.

  166. My steel shaft EXS may need to give way to some graphite shaft c522, more forgiveness, higher launch, longer and better for my aging hands and wrists… I love Tour Edge!

  167. Frank Mandato

    I’d love to have the C522 iron in my bag. Those look like they’d produce a ton of confidence at address.

  168. Presently, I use Ping G400 irons and have been considering the C522 irons to improve my distance and control. At 75 years old much distance and control has been lost. Of all the new iron sets for a high/mid handicapper, the C522 irons would greatly improve my game. Thank you for considering my request!!!

  169. Senior graphite shafts would be the best for my slower swing speed.

  170. great review as usual, have the TEE hybrid and love it. c522’s please

  171. Tour edge please. My game needs a boost lol

  172. Jonathan Compton

    The c522 sounds promising, especially because you noted the distance and spin gain from your seven iron versus eight iron shot. It sounds like a year 522 is a more forgiving clubhead. Think I’m past that. Thank you. Oh, and if you would like to ship the clubs to me this weekend I’d be happy to take them, lol.

  173. Bob Wilkinson

    The C522 certainly sound like the clubs I need to improve my game especially with the lighter graphite shafts.
    Without doubt these would look great in my bag and even better in my hands.

  174. Fritz Flokstra

    I’d like to see how the C522 with graphite shafts would help my game.

  175. C522 would be my choice

  176. I would love to win the Tour Edge C522 irons with graphite regular shafts, I am 74 with a high handicap. I play the short to medium holes in Dothan, Alabama. I have never bought a new set of irons.
    Tour Edge is an excellent brand.

  177. I’d love to try the C522’s

  178. The C522 look great. Have had Touredge fairways for years. Would love these irons in senior flex.

  179. Not only are these good looking, the engineering premise fits a duffer like me.

  180. Landis Boyer

    I currently use the Tour Edge Exotic irons (2017?). Would like a full set of C522s. Might look at the C722’s @ a later date. 78 and still trying.

    • I recently purchased a set of C522 irons with the Mitsubishi Fubuki Senior Flex shaft. When I received the clubs, I was surprised the shafts were white. Is this unusual?

  181. Look great! Where can I try them?

  182. Lynda Tesney

    I am just now getting into golf and have been playing with my husbands former clubs, I can’t even remember what they are, but he just purchased the C522 ladies irons, 5-PW plus AW and a hybrid. I have been able to hit his clubs but have not perfected them.

    I am hoping these are going to help me improve my game.

  183. Jeff Smith

    Are these all female clubs?

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