Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Irons Review

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 irons offer high end forgiveness at a bargain basement price.  Ideal for the new golfer or anyone seeking more high, straight shots.

Check out the new Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 irons HERE


Some golfers believe that the joy of the game is in the struggle.  If that describes you, you’re probably going to want to stop reading.  However, if you’re the kind of golfer who wants to hit more high, pretty shots, read on to learn how the Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 irons can help.


I tested the Hot Launch E522 irons alongside the C522 irons [full review HERE], and the first thing I noticed was that the top line of the E522 is actually a bit thinner than that of the C522 in the short irons.  However, as you move into the long irons, the topline gets wider.  Overall I would regard the top line as medium-thick.  Both irons have a substantial amount of offset.

The big difference between the two set is that the E522 is a larger, hollow body hybrid-iron.  In the higher lofted clubs, the black part that sticks out beyond the top line is very well hidden.  In the long irons, that “extra” really stands out.  Obviously traditionalists are not going to vibe with this design, but players that find confidence in a larger profile will love it.

Finally, each iron in the Hot Launch E522 set comes with a sock-style headcover, as shown above.  While they are technically iron covers, I think they’re a lot better looking than the black neoprene thing that most of us think of when we hear that term.

Sound & Feel

The large, hollow body of the Hot Launch E522 irons produces an impact sound that’s fairly loud and medium-high pitched.  Impact gets a little louder in the long irons with good strikes sounding like gunshots.  That sound is accompanied by a feel that is fairly fast but not springy.

For a head this large, I was surprised by how precisely I was able to feel the impact location.  The sound didn’t change dramatically from pure shots to mishits, but my hands told the truth about strike quality.


Tour Edge designed the Hot Launch E522 irons with ease of play as the number one goal.  To that end, they used a shallow face design and their Houdini Sole to create a super low center of gravity so that every shot gets airborne.  If you struggle to elevate the ball, these irons are going to be a godsend.

The other thing that makes these irons so much fun to play is the forgiveness.  The large, hollow body allows for extreme perimeter weighting and tremendous stability.  That means that the ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates barely change from shot to shot.  These are some of the most consistent irons I’ve ever tested.

One thing that should be noted is that the lofts of the E522 irons are much weaker than those of the C522.  This helps with getting the ball airborne and may create longer carry distances for some players in the long irons.  However, if you’re testing the two irons side by side, don’t be surprised if the C522 is longer, particularly in the short and mid irons.

Finally, Tour Edge offers the Hot Launch E522 with two stock shaft options.  If you want steel, there’s the KBS Max 80, a fairly light weight option.  For players seeking to cut even more weight, the graphite option is the Mitsubishi Fubuki HL.  Depending on the flex, this shaft weighs between 50 and 60 grams.


For the new golfer or those who simply want to get on the course and hit some high, straight shots, I can’t recommend the Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 irons enough.  These irons are fun and easy to hit and extremely consistent.  Add in the fantastic value, and you have an all-around winner.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Hi Matt – any significant difference between the E522s and the previous gen E521 irons? They look very similar to me. Almost exactly the same.

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t get to review the E521, so I can’t speak to the differences.



      • Hi i think the c522s would be my pick if choosen as i am very new to this game that i can not get away from maybe it help me with my worm burners that im prone to hit. When playing my horrible brother inlaw for getting me started in this new hobby. Lol thanks

  2. This is the first review I’ve seen of these and I’ve been waiting for one. Thank you, good read.

  3. I see in this article that these irons come with covers. I bought a set at the PGA store and they didn’t give me a set of covers.

  4. Wendell Welch

    I am excited to see in person.

  5. I’ve been hitting the E- 522 Irons for nine months, 5 thru P.W. W ith Graft
    . Shafts.I have gain 15 to 25 yards depending on the Iron. Absolutely love them. They say they will launch high & THEY DO.

  6. Saw them in shop for the first time last night. They looked a little less bulky than previous versions to my eye. I’m not sure if they did slim them down or if using black makes them look slimmer, but the 6i I was holding at address didn’t look like it had as much junk in the trunk.

  7. Pretty good looking. Might grab a set for my dad. Could definitely use the help getting it airborne.

  8. George Grimaldi

    A great club for sure! I need these at 60. They do everything well.

  9. I like the E522’s

  10. Francis Steffler

    Nice looking. They look like the type of clubs that would help me make better contact. Would look pretty sharp in my bag too!

  11. Raymond R Petronchak

    luv to try them

  12. Chris Farley

    I think the E522 would be a perfect addition as I still struggle getting the loft I need especially as I get closer to the green!
    Thanks for the review!

  13. David J. Daubert

    Thanks for the review Matt. Looks like my kind of irons that will go well with my Exotics woods and hybrid already in the bag.

  14. Would like to try game improvement clubs.

  15. Spencer Douglas

    I’ve had my eyes on these clubs for awhile now. These would definitely help improve my game!

  16. Might be just what this senior player needs to get back on track. Shots are getting shorter, handicap is going up, golf hasn’t been as much fun. E522 s May be the way to go!

  17. Paul Joelson

    As an older golfer whose short game is still pretty good, my main concern is distance. I hit the ball pretty straight but distance is my main concern. I like traditional iron shapes . Which model would you suggest?

    I have been using Taylormade RBZ irons with Steel Fiber i70 shafts.

  18. I love my Tour Edge Extreme driver. Maybe time to try the E522 irons.

  19. Charlotte Demos

    If the short and mid irons are longer in the c522 irons even though weaker lofted, I would opt for the C522. We play a lot of elevated greens and the extra height will definitely be a plus!

  20. Donnie McCathie

    These look like the exact clubs to help me improve ( mind you i dont have any clubs just now)

  21. Would like the C522 irons*

  22. Beautiful clubs! After reviewing both, I feel the E522 would be a great fit for me.

  23. Marvin Champlin

    E522 FOR ME!

  24. I would like a set of these please

  25. I need these.

  26. I’m in my 50’s and am fortunate enough to still play with my father. If the E522s make it more fun to play, I’m in. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the great reviews. Always love seeing them in my inbox.*

  27. At 77 years old my iron game is not too good. Woods are great and short game is good. Just can’t hit an iron period! Love to have the E 521 ironwoods.

  28. Ben Wiltfong

    Been looking at hybrid irons lately. I think I would choose this E522 set instead of the C522 set.

  29. Donald Lewis

    As a 75 year old with a 10 handicap I’m beginning to feel the need for more forgiveness in my iron shots. The E522 irons look like they are the type of clubs I should be using. Have them on my to buy list at present but would love to receive a set to try out and then recommend to friends.*

  30. Rick Williams

    Hot launch irons please

  31. David Underwood

    I would go for the E522 set

  32. Getting a little long in the tooth. Would like to try E522. Keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading your reviews. Especially with a foot of snow out there.

  33. Joseph Lavery

    Would love to try the Tour Edge Hot Launch E22…High, straight and long are what I am looking for in a set of new irons…

  34. E522, could possibility fit my game! I’m older golfer, I’m needing club that offers forgiveness and added distance. Would love to give set a try.

  35. Kieran Kelly

    The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 irons for me please.

  36. I think the E522 would be a better fit for me. Would love to try!*

  37. The E522 irons look like they would be perfect for a new player. A lady friend of mine is taking her first lessons soon, and these would be wonderful for her!

  38. Would love a set of the e522 irons!

  39. I purchased the E522 driver and love it. The ball goes straight and far. I own a 2018 Hot Launch Tour Edge clubs but the new E irons would really complete the older set to a newer one. Other golfers ask me what I’m hitting when they hear that driver work off the tee!!

  40. Mike DelGais

    The c522’s look great. Like the distance aspect and consistency. I would choose the c522 irons over the e522

  41. Would love the c522. Am a 12 handicap and ready to enhance my game while realizing I’m still an amateur. This was on my list, so thanks!!

  42. I’m thinking the E522 irons are better suited to my game…. send them along!

  43. Bruce Laycraft

    The E522 irons (regular graphite shaft) would interest me. I currently play an older set of graphite-shafted Adams with the 4, 5 & 6 irons being hybrids and I find them very easy to hit. The E522 looks similar and, as I purchased a Tour Exotics driver almost three years ago and am extremely pleased with it, a full set of Tour Exotics would really be appreciated. (I bought the driver based on your review and one of my playing partners bought a full set of Tour Exotics after trying my driver.)

  44. Dan Shepherd

    I struggle to hit traditional irons. I have a largely hybrid set of clubs. This seems like something that could help my game. Love the innovation, and judging by the comments in this thread, they perform. Hope I win!

  45. Steve DeMond

    I’d love to put these in my bag!

  46. The E522 have a hybrid look that I like.*

  47. E522 are my choice; good review!

  48. Darrell Hook

    Definitely Interested in this set. Any help I can get with mishits would be a godsend!*

  49. As an older golfer, I have trouble getting the ball airborne and the E522 would be the solution, as well as the forgiveness that these irons would provide. Would love to be the recipient of these great looking sticks.

  50. Although I am far from a novice golfer from what I reading in the reviews and how I honestly assess where my game is at I think E522’s might be more suitable for me at this time.*

  51. Very interesting looking set of irons and the sock-covers are intriguing…don’t believe I could get used to the look. Please consider outfitting my bag this year with a set of C522 irons. I already pack Tour Edge Exotic fairways…Thanks..


    80 yrs young. would like to move to new technology as my irons are almost as old as me!*

  53. R. V. Prokopchuk

    Interesting review as an older golfer hybrid clubs should be the best for myself.

  54. I would love to consistently hit my irons in the air, I usually hit them so the ball rolls down the fairway. Very frustrating. I go to the range 2-3 times a week & play 2 rounds per week & I still suck. I love the game & wont stop playing. These clubs seem to be the answer I’ve been looking for. Hope they work as described.

  55. My sister does not like irons so these look like they would be a great for her.

  56. Good review of C522 and E522!

  57. Mark Thompson

    I think these irons could even help lower handicap players. Straight and high launching is nice for everyone. I will play with anything that makes the game for fun and I’d love to try them.

  58. If you’re an older golfer, get real. I mean, who are we kidding? Hybrids rule. Advance it out of the rough. From the fairway, high and straight. From around the green, you could chip with any of them and get it close. Thank you.

  59. Clark (Mike) Dunlap

    For an older golfer, these would be ideal in graphite shafts. This is a great review of those clubs. Would love to get fitted for them and get a set.*

  60. Looking to try out an all hybrid set. These look great.

  61. Wow, the C522 sounds like it would help me greatly with my game. The C522 with graphite shafts would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  62. Robert W Paxson

    would like the C522’s

  63. The E522 appeal to me.*

  64. Would love to have these E522’s in my bag!

  65. Richard Duffy

    Great review, as always. As I’m losing speed and getting older, I’d love a set of these.

  66. Patrick Fitzmaurice

    C522 with Mitsubishi shafts will do the trick. Love to try them. I need the help.

  67. william rollins

    as a LEFT HANDED 65 year old who has played for a year and a half with mostly hybrids, i see the E522 regular /graphite shaft resembles clubs i could learn to use. I just broke 100 with a 93 score last week, playing three times a week, and the E522 clubs would enhance my game.

  68. James Kesterson

    I would like the E522 set.

  69. these look like irons that can only help the way the game is played!

  70. I’d like a set of the E522 irons. Tour edge has always tried to make the game enjoyable for the average golfer.

  71. The c522 graphite shaft should be the set for me.
    I need a game changing set.
    Let this be the it.

  72. Spencer Hicks

    It would be great to have the E522’s in my bag.

  73. I would luv the E522 set!

  74. I definitely would prefer the E522 set. It much better suits my game. I currently play a Tour Edge driver and also have several of their fairways woods and hybrids. They have always performed well for me..

  75. would love to play the 2022 season with the E522 irons!

  76. My ball flight is not as high as I would like so this design with graphite shafts would definitely help. Hitting shots more consistently is a great benefit as well.

  77. Hi,
    Enjoyed the reviews of the latest irons from Tour Edge. I’m in the market for new clubs and will seek an opportunity to test drive both models. I think the E522 iron set may be the correct set for me to help launch shots higher and longer. Thanks for the thorough reviews.

  78. I would love to try these!

  79. Ted O’Neill

    I did a test drive on the E522 a few week ago at Morton Golf @ Haggin Oaks Golf. Very impressed, realistic about my handicap index, these clubs are the Game Improvement I need!! Thank you.

  80. Darryle Kenyon Kenyon

    They look good and i will be trying them out to see if they will help with my iron play

  81. E522 steel….left handed. Probably not in the cards. Southpaws should be entitled to nice things also and these are gorgeous!

  82. Graham Thompson

    great clubs I already have a couple of the hybrid type plus a hybrid sand wedge just love this one

  83. Graham Thompson

    would love e522 thank you

  84. Jerry Bozenda

    Those E522s look great. A set of these would be a fantastic addition!
    I like the look of the C522s, too. I just began golfing last season. Based on the loft differences, do you think the C522 might require an extra wedge or the E522 would need an additional long club?

  85. As an older guy with a very bad back I think these would be a really good style of club for me. I’d very much like to win these.

  86. Not a fan of hybrids and run with a 4wood and 7 wood. Thinking this could be a good 4 iron/5 hybrid after my 7 wood. What do you think? More iron like.

  87. Michael Cole

    I’ve never had a really good new set of irons. These look like they would be great.

  88. The E522 seems like a better choice for a more casual golfer like myself.

  89. Few years ago I was shooting under par every course and back problems. These clubs get the ball up and are forgiving and right spin and displacement (accurate). I look at the club face not what’s behind it. This company is on the right track and cant endorse them enough.

  90. Also…I can draw or fade these at will. Started using them after I got back problems. And they are at a decent price too. Very impressed guys !!!!

  91. jerry avlonittis

    Would these be comparable to the Cleveland Halo XL hybrids? THX

  92. I recently purchased the Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 iron/woods with steel shaft and was wondering what the swing weight was on these. I prefer a heavier head weight (D2 at least) and these clubs feel a little lighter. I cannot find anything on the Tour Edge website that can answer this question so any help would be appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest taking your clubs to a builder to have them measured and adjusted if you don’t like the feel.



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