Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons Review

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The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons are seriously forgiving, high launching and straight.  Hollow progressive shaping and unique HiBore profile.


Recording our 2019 year end podcast [listen HERE], Matt Saternus and I agreed Cleveland Golf has been producing high quality clubs at attractive price points – something most golfers appreciate.  Having found noteworthy forgiveness across the Launcher products I had tested, this declaration from Cleveland really caught my attention:  “Launcher HB Turbo Irons are big, fast, and forgiving as forgiveness gets.”


I appreciate that Cleveland Golf didn’t shy away from stating the irons are big in the quote above, and for golfers in the SGI category, that size may offer you an air of confidence.  That said, there’s no denying the topline is thick, but the mix of polished and matte chrome finish keeps it from feeling overwhelming.

As a progressive shaped set, the size of the distinctive HiBore Crown diminishes as the loft goes up.  The sole has a similar look to its predecessor with simple branding and clean lines that break up the large surface.

Sound & Feel

Although the Launcher HB Turbo Iron head has a bulky look, the club had a well balanced feel with only a hint of head weight.  At impact, the solid feel in my hands matched the deep thwack my ears heard.  It took an enormous mishit to feel any significant feedback.


True to the bold forgiveness declaration from Cleveland, the Launcher HB Turbo irons are indeed super forgiving.  Any decent contact sent the ball high and straight.  This can be attributed in a large part to the HiBore profile which, along with being hollow, positions weight low and deep in the head.

With low spin and modest offset, the irons are also well suited to golfers trying to alleviate a slice.  Although the irons share the Turbo moniker with other clubs in the Launcher family, I did not find the face “hot” or “explosive”.  Distances were very consistent, but not attention grabbing.


The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons make it easy to keep the ball in play.  Golfers with slower swing speeds will enjoy getting the ball high in the air no matter how solid the strike.  The wide soles offer versatility for the non-tour conditions we all face on a routine basis.  Very, very forgiving.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Can you do a comparison of the Turbo driver compared with the previous Launcher HB?

  2. I want.

  3. How do these compare to Cobra T rail hybird irons .

  4. What is the difference(s) between the original hb launcher and the new turbo irons? Is it worth the $300 difference to buy the newer model?

    • Matt Meeker

      You can glean the differences by reading both reviews Gary. “Worth it” is always a difficult question to answer – so many personal variables. My best advice would be, if you have the extra $300 to spend, go for the latest version.

      – Meeks

  5. I have taylormade m2 irons…would you consider the Cleveland irons an upgrade, downgrade or lateral?

    • Matt Meeker

      That depends on your basis for the comparison Joe. Distance, forgiveness, workability, looks…. Fundamentally you are asking about changing from game improvement to super game improvement. If that’s what your game needs, then sounds like an upgrade.

      – Meeks

  6. Jerry Thompson

    Which is the better buy ? cleveland HB Turbo or the new Ping G 710 I know the ping is $$ It is down to those 2 or a knock off which I am not leaning to ? Low ball hitter trouble getting ball in air slow swing speed i am 65 good shape

    • Matt Meeker

      That’s a question only you can truly answer Jerry. ‘Better buy’ gets into cost vs performance. I strongly recommend you hit them both and let performance be your guide.

      – Meeks

  7. I m in the same boat as Joe. Have just bought the m2 / with 4-5 hybrids and was torn between them and the launchers I actually really liked the feel of the launchers but never hit them. Are you saying the Cleveland’s are a better way to go? I don’t have a problem getting ball in the air but really trying to find a bit more distance. I’m 66 yrs old and lost yardages. What do you think about steel vs graphite? Thank you

    • Matt Meeker

      I’m not sure if you are asking PIG or Joe, but going with graphite is typically required for lighter shafts which is often beneficial for golfers as they age (including me).

      – Meeks

  8. I was asking if you felt that the launchers are a better club then the M2 ‘s. I ve asked a lot of the golf shop guys and they say oh their both great I think so they don’t push one way or other but I’m really trying to go the best way. I hit both the other day and seemed like launchers were a bit easier but I think I was hitting 7 iron about the same distance. I’m 66 and don’t know if I should go the launchers with also doing the graphite thing. The guy at golf store said I should only go graphite if I struggle getting ball in the air which I don’t. I appreciate any input from you Thanks again

    • Matt Meeker

      I have not hit the M2s, so I can’t offer a comparison. You tested both models, but seem reluctant to trust the observations and how they feel to you. The only way to answer the steel v graphite dilemma is to try them. I don’t agree with the statement you relayed about graphite and I’ve proven many times myself that generalities aren’t absolutes. For peace of mind and optimized clubs, you truly need to spend time with a qualified club fitter.

      – Meeks

  9. Roger Anderson

    A buddy gave me a Cleveland Hibore XLi 5-iron to use as a hybrid. When I hit it, I was shocked at how solid, how high, and how straight my shots were. Being that the XLi’s are from a number of years ago, I decided to check out the current iteration of Cleveland’s offering.

    This brought me to the Cleveland HB Turbo. At age 63 (and getting older), I have determined that virtually anything that I can do that will help my game is worth reviewing. I have all but given up on my 4 and 5 irons, going with hybrids in their place. I even have a 7-hybrid for when the 150 yard shot MUST go 150 instead of the occasional 140 that my 7-iron flies!

    I went to the store and hit the Turbo’s and virtually never hit a bad shot. Every shot that I hit felt solid, travelled straight, and went further than my irons do. I don’t like to get too excited when hitting indoors as a person can get a good result when hitting fat (the club merely bounces into the ball and generates a still-decent set of numbers). But, I was sold EXCEPT for the $1,028 price tag that was on the graphite shaft sticks!

    I went home without buying. While talking to some co-workers, it came to light that one of them had just won a set in some raffle and wanted to unload them! Unhit and in obvious perfect condition, he sold them to me for $600.

    I went to the driving range and took a ton of whacks with these sticks. They are spectacular. Great feel, superb distance, manageable height (a little concerned on the spin rate that might do something bad into the wind). It seemed like the easier I swung, the further it went! I am one happy camper.

  10. Hi, I’m looking to buy new irons that offer high forgiveness, good distance and consistency. I’m hesitating between the Cleveland HB Launcher Pro and the Callaway Mavrik Max.

    What do you recommend ?
    Thank you :)

    • Matt Saternus


      We always recommend getting a fitting to find what works best for your swing.



    • Like Saternus stated, to evaluate on performance you’ll need to get on a launch monitor. If they perform similarly for you, then go with what looks and feels better. Both are solid choices. Enjoy the process and embrace which ever you decide on.

      – Meeks

  11. I am buying the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Hybrid Iron set today at Golf Galaxy in Berwyn, Pa. I believe the set includes the 4-iron to the sand wedge. I already bought the CBX wedges last year and they are practically brand new. Do I trade the gap wedge and sand wedge in today since they’re included in the set.

    • Matt Saternus


      You could, but I’m not sure how much value you would get for them. I would probably suggest keeping them and seeing if the performance of the set wedges is better for you than the CBX.



  12. Matt, have you been able to make a comparison between the 2020 Tour Edge Hot Launch 4-PW Iron Wood set vs the Callaway Launcher HB Turbo Iron’s set? I’m in Honolulu and there is no Tour Edge store here to check them out but I have tried the Launcher and they seem to be fine for me. Of course, there is a great price difference between the two. Thanks for your insight.

    • I have not hit the 2020 Hot Launch irons Larry. I’d always recommend going with something you’ve actually tried and had success with over an opinion – whether mine or not.

      – Meeks

  13. Peter Kelly

    Brilliant review! This website has become my favourite of 2021. The reviews are detailed and informative but simple enough that the Average joe can understand and benefit from them. I am really impressed.

    On these irons would a 12 Hcap (me) suit them? I only play twice a month (work, family etc) and my irons are always the thing that suffers most. Certainly my 6/7/8 and even 9 irons. Fat shots and bad strikes.

    These irons look like a real winner for me and my game but I worry my swing speed may be to high for them (95mph driver) – most reviews mentioned these are suited to seniors or beginners?!

    Be interested to hear your thoughts.



    • Matt Meeker

      Like many irons, these are available with shafts of different flexes. As far as seniors and beginners, that is applicable because of the forgiveness and easy launchability.

      – Meeks

  14. Peter Kelly

    A final query – did you guys like the feel of the 8/9/pw of the launcher? All I see reviewed is the 7. I did read somewhere that the 9/pw Especially are not as good and may be best having the UHX in lieu for these irons?

    • Matt Meeker

      Check the photos again Peter and I think you’ll see a 6. If not, something mysterious is happening with the wire across the big pond. That’s the only club I was able to hit for this review.


      – Meeks

  15. I have a tendency to hit irons too far into the heel or hozel area causing a shank or tow. Would the Cleveland Turbo irons reduce that possibility as it appears that the hozel area is somewhat set away from the shaft ?

    • Matt Meeker

      John – the hosel is where the shaft connects to the club head. These clubs are forgiving so off-center strikes will be less penal. But what you describe is typically a function of your stance – standing to close to the ball. Try to purposely hit off the toe and see what happens.

      – Meeks

  16. Roger Schock

    How much distance should you be getting with the hb turbo four iron. It seems that my max distance is between 160 to 180

    • Matt Meeker

      That’s totally dependent on your swing speed Roger. The question is how does it compare with the 5 iron and whatever club (iron or hybrid or fairway) you play on the other side of the 4. As long as 160 – 180 fits a gap, don’t worry about what the club “should” do.

      – Meeks

  17. I bought the Launcher HB Turbo in Reg graphite, found them a bit firm for me at 71, so I pulled all the shafts and installed the 5 iron shaft in the 7 iron etc and butt trimmed to length using 62gm oversize grip at D1. Just for good measure I also spined the shafts, also agree the slower the swing the better they go, especially with 3/4 swing…think Paul Azinger.

  18. Don Rettman

    Matt I’ve bought a set of the turbo launchers and I don’t know the proper way to hit them, should I play them like an iron or should you play like a hybridt

    • Matt Saternus


      I truly don’t mean this to be dismissive, but my answer is don’t think about it. Take them out, play around, find a swing that works for these clubs. What you perceive as a “hybrid swing” might work but what I perceive as the same might not.



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