Titleist Vokey TVD Wedge Review

Vokey TVD (12)

50 Word or Less

Slick looks, good feel, and easy to hit.  The K grind improves playability in a variety of situations.  “Da Voke” delivers more custom options so that regular guys can get their wedges tricked out like tour pros.

Recommended For:

Players looking for a versatile wedge.  “Diggers.”


Titleist has spent the last couple years trying to build Vokey Wedgeworks into the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop of the wedge world. Through Wedgeworks, you can have your favorite Vokeys restored into fighting shape or custom order a special wedge made to your exact specs.  This year, with their TVD line, Wedgeworks has really gained momentum.  I picked up a 56° Vokey TVD-K in Graphite Ion finish to see what all the fuss was about.

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Vokey TVD (9)


One of the first things you notice with any wedge from the Titleist Vokey TVD line is how nice they look.  I chose the Graphite Ion finish, and it just looked mean right out of the box.

From address, the wedge looks pretty basic, just like any other Vokey wedge.  For me, it addresses the ball nicely and is the perfect size and shape. When you’re looking down at the club behind the ball, it’s not too big or too small; it’s just right.

The sole on a TVD-K is a little wider than the SM4 that most are used to, but this is by design and for a specific reason (I’ll come back to this later).

It’s worth noting that if you expect the Graphite Ion finish to last, you will be disappointed. This finish will wear off down to a raw finish the same as an Oil Can finish does (you can see this wear in the pictures).   I have no problems with, but those who need to keep the “fresh out of the box” look will want to pick a different finish.

Vokey TVD (11)

Vokey TVD (13)

Sound & Feel

Before switching to the Vokey TVD-K, I played an Oil Can Vokey SM4.  The transition has been easy because the sound and feel is very similar. The Graphite Ion finish on the TVD is similar to the Oil Can in that it’s a finish applied over a raw head with an oxidation process. This means you get a more responsive and natural feel of the ball off the face of the club. The sound is little more “clicky” and a little less muted.

The other sound I have heard more of is that nice “thump” of a well-played bunker shot.  I think it’s the sole of the TVD that makes it easier to get that nice thump out of a bunker. Call me crazy, but this certainly has helped me develop a little more confidence in the sand traps because all I have to do is think about recreating that beloved thump sound.

Vokey TVD (4)

Vokey TVD (3)


The sand wedge has always been my “Swiss Army Knife.”  I find it to be a club that lends itself to creative shots and working your way out of all sorts of different trouble.  I’m happy to report that the 56° Vokey TVD-K has filled this role nicely.

“The TVD-K features a wider, more cambered sole than any of the wedges available in the Vokey Design SM4 lineup. The wide sole of the TVD-K makes it very easy to use out of the bunker but still playable for a variety of shots from the fairway and around the green.” -Bob Vokey

This sole design is exactly what I was looking for.  Rather than digging deep into the ground, or sliding across the top of the turf for the dreaded blade shot, this wedge sets itself into a nice shallow divot and gives you a great chance at making your desired impact.  It makes shots out of the rough and the bunkers a breeze.  In the sand, the wider sole seems to do the work for you and helps the club work through the sand effortlessly.

My biggest concern prior to selecting the TVD-K was how it would perform on full shots and chips on tighter lies.  After doing some research, I found that Adam Scott uses the K grind.  If he can make it work, I can, too, right?  Once I got used to the new sole, I found the K grind to be about the same as the SM4, if not easier to use, on tight lies and full swings.  The sole feels more predictable at impact and seems a little more stable as opposed to the SM4 feeling like it has the ability to wiggle or “twist” at impact with the turf.  The K grind has helped my ability to control my spin, and shot type, even on tight lies.

Vokey TVD (6)

Vokey TVD (5)


The Titleist Vokey TVD-K wedge is certainly a great wedge.  I wouldn’t call it revolutionary by any means, but that’s perfectly fine with me.  In fact, I might argue that I don’t want something revolutionary in my wedge.  I want something classic, reliable, and versatile.  When I wear it out, I can find a new one to replace exactly what I loved.

I have found that this wedge gives me more confidence in a variety of shots on the course.  I know what to expect from the wedge in every scenario and it delivers for me every time.  When they day comes to replace this wedge, I would be hard-pressed to believe that I wouldn’t want to buy the exact same thing all over again.

Price, Specs & Manufacturer Notes

The Vokey TVD retails for $160.00


Left Handed



Swing Weight

 56° Y 35.25″  12° D5
 58° Y 35″  10° D5
 60° Y 35″  10° D5

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  1. Mike Callahan

    Hi Bill. Do not know if you have heard of F2 Golf.
    Also, do not know if they are still in business.
    I like the idea of the hosel being higher up so you will not shank the ball.
    Your opinion would be very helpful. thanks, Mike C.

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