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50 Words or Less

The Strike Plan is a video series by Adam Young that focuses on the #1 skill in golf: hitting the ball solidly.


From David Leadbetter’s The A Swing to Stack and Tilt there are literally hundreds of books and videos that will teach you to “rebuild” your golf swing.  The Strike Plan is different.  In this video series, Adam Young gives you simple, effective tools to significantly improve your ball striking with the swing you currently have.

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Lesson Content & Presentation

The Strike Plan is organized into six modules –  Face Strike, Low Point, Arc Height, Combinations, Shallowing, and Driving.  Each of these modules contains a video on Concepts, Techniques, and Drills.  The Concept videos are short, 5 minutes or less, and the Technique and Drill videos are mostly around 10 minutes.

One of the big takeaways from The Strike Plan is that you need to develop skill, not techniques.  Adam Young does a great job breaking down the techniques that will, for example, shallow your downswing, but he’s more interested in giving you drills so that you can steepen and shallow on command.  As you implement these drills, you’ll find, as I have, that they’re not only more helpful than technique-based drills, they’re more fun.

Adam Young’s content in The Strike Plan is excellent, and the organization and the succinctness of the delivery enhance its power.  There are excellent images, the videos clearly illustrate the concepts, and there are no wasted words.  Every video is crammed with practical, impactful information.

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Becoming a member of The Strike Plan costs just under $60.  For this, you receive permanent access to all the videos currently in the plan, and whatever else Adam Young adds to The Strike Plan in the future.  As you can probably tell, I think this is a great value.  Because of the length of the videos and their wonderful organization, it’s very likely that you’ll go back to them time and again to sharpen your swing.

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From the hacker digging trenches on the range to the top earner on the PGA Tour, everyone wants to hit the ball a little (or a lot) better.  In The Strike Plan, Adam Young concisely lays out the concepts required for better ball striking and concrete plans to help you implement them.  The Strike Plan has helped me improve my ball striking, and it gets my full endorsement as a purchase that will help you improve your game.

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  1. Randal Semeniuk

    Thank you for the assistance.

  2. I bought The Strike Plan, on Matt’s recommendation. It’s a beautiful distillation of ball striking.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much effortless power you get when you have center-face contact, a square face at impact, and a good swing arc bottom.

    Until you have that, you can flail and swing and hit and pivot and twist and cock and punch and hold and release and snap and roll all you want — you ain’t getting any better at golf.

    98% of the golf advice out there is just another rabbit hole.

    The Strike Plan takes you back to the fundamentals of ball striking — therein lies the game.

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  5. Patrick Sisti

    I was wondering if Adam Youngs strike plan has a money back guarantee if you decide its not for you

  6. Randy Siedschlag

    How does this compare to Rebellion Golf videos by Monte? Less technique focus and more tailored on what works for you?

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