Titleist TSi2 Fairway Review

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With powerful ball speed and loads of forgiveness, the Titleist TSi2 fairway delivers strong, reliable results.  Super looks add to the club’s appeal.


Like so many golfers, I’ve never been in love with my 3 wood.  I assumed it was because I hit the club so infrequently, whether during play or practice, that I never gained confidence with it.  Turns out my bad relationship was more of a fitting issue – I needed more loft.  Working with a certified Titleist professional was both eye opening and rewarding.  When my TSi2 16.5° fairway arrived I couldn’t wait to begin testing.


The Titleist TSi2 fairway has eye appeal from every angle.  The sole has a clean, contemporary look that’s in harmony with its big sibling, the TSi2 driver [review HERE].  A simple weight port centered at the rear elicits thoughts of easy launch while the Active Recoil Channel (ARC) at the front edge suggests power.

Setting up wonderfully square at address, the white paint fill on the face frames the golf ball nicely.  The size of the round, gloss black crown will appeal to both better players and mid-handicap golfers.  Other than the simple “TSi” alignment aid that replaced the triangle on the TS2 fairway [review HERE], there’s no discernible difference between the two generations at address.

Sound & Feel

With a sound that has depth beyond a “crack,” the TSi2 fairway is more attune to a healthy “thwack” at impact.  Fairly consistent between the white lines on the face, the moderate level sound matched the solid feel.  Noteworthy was how good hits felt low on the face.  Strikes that wandered towards the heel or toe sounded duller and felt muddled.


Reviewing my launch monitor data with Jay Marino at Club Champion, his first comment was “ultra consistent.”  That matched my observations after each hit of the virtual ball flight powering down the center of the screen.  Even with my swing in a fall funk, the TSi2 produced strong ball speeds and a nice tight dispersion.

I’m certain the forged carpenter 465 VFT face is a major factor in the impressive balls speed, but the fourth generation ARC deserves special credit for the consistency.  Hitting off a tight lie on a mat, it’s easy to catch the ball thin, and the face flex of the ARC performs as designed.  I had similar excellent results hitting off dry, tight turf outside.  When the grass was a bit thicker with fresh rye overseed growth, the TSi2 fairway glided through the impact zone with ease and stability.

Titleist offers four high quality stock shafts along with three premium stock options.  If you desire something different, your Titleist professional has access to an extensive catalog of shafts.  To really get your fit dialed in, the TSi2 fairway also features Titleist’s SureFit Hosel with 16 loft and lie settings.


The Titleist TSi2 fairway offers a great combination of distance and forgiveness that’s worthy of consideration by golfers across the handicap spectrum.  I found the consistent performance confidence building and the looks tough to beat.  If you’re in a 3 wood rut, explore other lofts with your local Titleist fitter and get ready to embrace your fairway wood.

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Titleist TSi2 Driver Price & Specs


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  1. Curious which shaft and flex you used for the data shown.

  2. Thanks Matt,

    Is the 16.5 a 4 wood? Did you try the Tensei Raw Blue 55 shaft as well?



    • Matt Meeker

      As you can imagine Rick, loft vs number can vary between companies. But yes, I’d consider the 16.5 TSi2 fairway a 4 wood. I took a couple swings with the Tensei during my Titleist fitting but it didn’t perform as well for me.

      – Meeks

  3. Never was a big 3 wood fan either until I got an F9 Cobra fitted with a Tensei CK Blue regular flex. Now I love it

  4. Kurtis Thrasher

    I just bought the TSi2 3 wood and I like it but am totally confused on the hosel setting. I haven’t changed the settings and I am fading the ball and want a slight draw. Can you help here?

    Thank you
    Confused in San Diego

  5. Matt Forst

    Looking at a 5-wood – in part to hit long par 3s without rolling over the back, and for fairway shots. TSi2 or Cobra Radspeed?? I could do either as I have the TSi2 Driver and Radspeed hybrids.


    • Matt Meeker

      The true answer lies in hitting them both and seeing which best fits your needs. Both are great options. You can see which way I went in my WITB <LINK>.

      – Meeks

  6. Matt, your review was spot on and I now have the 16.5 TSi2 w/Tensei 65 stiff shaft in my bag! The past several years my 3w went away for some reason and it cost me too many shots, so much so that I didn’t carry one and just accepted the gap between driver and 3h. My main need is for less than driver off the tee, I’ve tried many but nothing felt comfortable or gave me the confidence until I used this, the ball launches like a missile, straight and high when I put a decent to good swing on it! The three times I used it on course last Saturday it landed where I was hitting it to, next step is to the range and hit it off the ground so it’s there when I need it.


  7. Matt, is the TSi2 better (easier to hit) than the previous model TS2?

    • Matt Meeker

      I didn’t test the TS2 fairway Greg. I do play both hybrids, and the TSi is marginally easier to hit if that’s of any help.

      – Meeks

  8. Todd Lizotte

    Is there a difference between the TS 21 degree and TSi 21 degree? I am in need of a 7 wood and hit the TSi 21 degree and loved it. Looking to buy used to start and can only find the TS 21 degree. Thoughts?

    Thank You
    Todd Lizotte

    • Matt Meeker

      As you can imagine Todd, there are modest improvements made with every Titleist release. With the TS being the only option for you at the moment, I’d jump on it. Then you’ll have a good baseline for whatever replaces the TSi regardless.

      – Meeks

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